Unconventional Wisdom

All the News That’s Fit for Markets


Why doesn’t some news move markets? 

Everything I Need to Know About Investing I Learned From Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Three timeless lessons from my favorite stake-wielding heroine and her pals.

Yellen About a Whole Lot of Nothing


Once again, the Fed’s Jackson Hole jawboning yielded no useful insight.

The BoE’s Monetary Bazooka is a Squirt Gun


The BoE’s recent measures intended to boost growth likely won’t do very much, but that’s okay.

Blue? Red? For Stocks, Election Years Are Typically Green


Falling uncertainty as elections approach tends to boost stock market returns.

Living Wills Are No Way for Banks to Die


Bank living wills likely won’t prevent future bailouts or make the next crisis less severe.

Who’s Too Big to Fail Now?


Recent developments suggest the “too big to fail” regulatory environment may be changing.

Book Review: The Lesson of the Snowball


Many mimic his investing style (or try), but the average investor only has a snowball's chance of repeating Warren Buffett's discipline. 

The Rise of Technocranalysis


Technocratic thinking is infesting economics—and enfeebling it.

Comic: Running of the Bulls


Comic: Racing Unemployment


Comic: Typical Job-Stealing Robot


Yet More Bull—Mega Style


With technical analysis, a unique interpretation is essential to gain advantage—and fundamentals are essential to that unique interpretation.

Simplicity Is the Next Great Investing Advantage


Complex theories often obscure investors’ view of the bigger, simpler forces that move markets most.

Don’t Go With the (Fund) Flow

Sticking with a long-term investment strategy can be tough during heightened volatility, but disciplined investors generally experience better returns in the long run.

Doubting Thomas Versus The Proverb

Assuming you agree March 9th marked the bear's bottom, we're eight months into a new bull and the S&P 500 is up roughly +60%—yet skepticism abounds.

A Sham for the Ages

Should something as important as your investment allocation be determined by age alone? If only investing were so simple.

Another Type of Bull

What do candlesticks, oscillators, and Elliot waves have in common? Give up? They're technical indicators—charting analysis recording past market activity used by some to predict future market direction. Rather than balance sheets and economic data, technical analysts use price, volume, and open interest as information sources.

Don’t Get So Defensive!

Defensive portfolio tactics are all the rage when stock markets hiccup. But they can get you into a lot of trouble.

Technical Paralysis

Relying on technical indicators alone for market forecasting is potentially treacherous. There is no pure technical method proven to deliver practical long-term value as a primary driver in portfolio management.


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