Will a Possible Trump Steel Tariff Corrode Stocks?


Talk of tariffs stokes fear of a trade war and economic downturn but are these fears overblown?

Trump’s Tariff Tiff


Will a tariff on Canadian lumber lead to a broader trade war? Not in our view.

Checking In on Trump and Trade


The Trump administration has seemingly softened its anti-trade stance.

Trade Pacts Are Mercantilist


Contrary to widespread belief, trade agreements and free trade aren’t necessarily equivalent.

Trade Deficits Are Great for America


If it helps, just think of them as investment surpluses.

Trump Executes TPP


While the Trans-Pacific Partnership officially lost the US Monday, it is premature to fear a new era of protectionism.

More Green Shoots in Global Trade


Emerging Asia provides more signs of rebounding world trade.

The Art of the Free Trade Deal


Can President Trump make good on all his trade threats?

Green Shoots in Global Goods Trade


It’s early days, but there is some evidence global trade is staging a comeback.

The EU’s Taxing Behavior


The EU’s recent actions highlight the increasingly hostile reaction to free trade.

30 Years of Trade Deficit Fears


How a trip to the library gutted a certain economic myth.

Trade Trumps Protectionism


Contrary to Presidential candidates’ and pundits’ claims, a trade war likely would wreak economic havoc.

The Yuan’s Symbolic Ascent


The IMF adding the yuan to the SDR will not dethrone the dollar as the world’s preferred reserve currency.

On “Currency Manipulation,” US Trade and Stocks


Currency moves just don’t have much influence on trade. 

Pacific-Rim Politicians Play ‘Let’s Make a Deal’


Trade negotiators finalized the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Sunday, but hurdles still remain.

So Long, TPP?


If the Trans-Pacific Partnership bites the dust, will other big trade deals falter, too?

Japan: Rising Sun or False Dawn?


Rekindled optimism over Japanese stocks seems premature.

It’s the Slow Lane for TPP


So-called fast-track Trade-Promotion Authority legislation hit the skids Friday, when the House rejected a related bill, hampering US involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Why US Q1 GDP’s Potential Negative Flip Is Positive


Trade surged in March, triggering confused growth fears.

Will Free Trade Ring the Pacific?


Should investors hold their breath for a sealed deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

A Slightly Less Bumpy US / China Trade Relationship?


We believe the biggest news out of China this week wasn’t more mini-stimulus or margin crackdown.

Gauging the Global Economy in August


A slew of global economic data alludes to growth continuing nicely as the summer wound down.

A Slightly Refined, But Still Crude Export Ban


Do recent rulings allowing US oil producers to export lightly refined crude mean the ban on US crude oil exports is about to go bye-bye?

Meanwhile, Outside of Ukraine…


While the world focused on the Ukraine and other political happenings globally, free trade talks took a step back.

We Are the World


In Bali, 159 countries reached a global agreement seeking freer trade. A noble objective, but such broad agreements are generally less workable and effective than narrower, more specific and actionable deals.

China’s Reacceleration


Chinese GDP reaccelerated in Q3, providing more evidence of a faster-growing world economy.

Shanghai’s Fascinating Free-Trade Zone


China’s newly implemented free-trade zone will open Tuesday, but only time will tell whether it contributes to the country’s growth. 

Trade Winds


For many investors, July’s trade report may fuel worries of slowing growth. But in our view, it paints a healthier picture.

Chinese Trade Chatter


Chinese July trade data pleasantly surprised many investors by trouncing expectations and June’s figures—but is there more to the story?

Trading Up?


June’s trade report is getting applause, but not for the reasons it should.

China’s Trade Blues


Chinese trade data disappointed in June, but a closer look suggests a hard landing remains unlikely.

Free Trade!


New/pending China-Switzerland and US-EU free trade deals aren’t instant economic fixes, but they should be longer-term positives and tailwinds for global stocks.

How Do You Protect Free Trade?


In theory and in practice, protectionism limits trade and growth—so for best global economic results, we suggest limiting protectionism and protecting free trade.

Solar Wars: A (Un)Renewable Hope?


Over the last few years, it seems governments have been putting more energy into protecting the solar panel industry than the panels themselves produce.

The Ken Fisher Perspective on NAFTA’s 19 Years


In honor of NAFTA’s 19th birthday, a brief look at the myriad benefits of free trade.

The Tie That Binds


At this week’s ASEAN and East Asian summits, free trade talks trump territorial disputes.

Japan and China’s Island Tug-of-War


Japan and China’s land dispute may have some short-term economic impact, but it shouldn’t derail global growth.

Trade Tussle


The US and China’s trade relationship got a bit frostier Monday, but minor spats between the two haven’t much impacted bilateral trade over the past decade.

A Trade Tiff and Wine Whine


China, the US and the EU took to finger-pointing over subsidies and protectionism on Tuesday.

Protectionism, Patriotism and Politicking


Recently heightened protectionist rhetoric is worth watching—though commonly prompted by politicians and patriotism, as opposed to well-reasoned economic logic.

Trading in Myths


Wednesday’s US international trade report provides data contradicting a few widely held myths.

Weighing Tuesday’s Follies


A roundup of Tuesday’s more head-scratching developments.

A Broader Perspective on Trade


The US trade report showed monthly dips in both imports and exports. Let’s add some perspective to the data.

Debatable Data Doldrums


US revised GDP was released Thursday to some consternation. And a brief update on US energy industry developments.

Bogotá Beginnings


Tuesday marked the beginning of a new era in US–Colombia trade relations—one that likely benefits both sides.

A Trying, Yet Worthwhile, Transition


European carmakers recently balked at heightened competition from their South Korean counterparts. Though possibly uncomfortable in the interim, the economic benefits that ultimately result from the competition are worthwhile.

Another Step on Kashmir’s Silk Road


Recent trade talks between Pakistan and India seem to be bearing fruit in ways unimaginable just a decade ago.

Around the World in Manufacturing


As global manufacturing continues expanding broadly, regional reports highlight some interesting happenings around the world.

Around the World in Manufacturing


As global manufacturing continues expanding broadly, regional reports highlight some interesting happenings around the world.

A Private Post and a Practical Partnership


Some interesting, free-market oriented developments in Japan may be afoot.

Today’s Beef With Government Regulation


Tuesday’s news review revealed some interesting—if frustrating—global government regulations.

The Politics of Preferential Purchasing


Despite some protectionist politicking, EU trade is getting freer.

A Surplus of Deficient Thinking


Trade data rolled in from many parts of the world globally. And they were met with typical deficit-and-surplus rhetoric.

Talking Tokyo


Japan’s been quite busy the last few days—here’s a quick rundown of some primary stories.

The Grinch Who Stole Free Trade


Tuesday, South American leaders did their best to mar what had so far been a pretty stellar year for free trade—but are they likely to achieve their aim?

Revving the Trade Engines


China announced new tariffs on US-made cars Wednesday—in our view, an incremental step in the wrong direction for all involved parties but not likely terribly impactful.

Korean Kerfuffle


After a classic parliamentary brawl, South Korea’s National Assembly ratified the US-Korea free trade agreement.

Racing Towards Zero


Last week, slow developments on US free trade gave way to action—on more than one front.

Freeing Trade


Long-stalled free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama appear set to move forward—an incremental positive for the US.

Trade Deficit Trifles


Ignore trade deficit rhetoric. Total trade is a better way to view the strength of the growing economy.

The Politics of Fear


White-hot, fear-based rhetoric is flying around the debt ceiling as politicians try to sell their positions. And, some links.

Fisher Investments Perspective: The Yin and Yang of Chinese Trade


Some criticize Chinese yuan policy as a contributor to our trade deficit. But let’s review the underlying assumptions.

Spend and Trade


Though positive global developments are getting short shrift, they do exist today.

Below the Radar


If it’s risks you’re assessing, it’s a mistake to stop at headline news.

Make a Trade for Trade


Pending FTAs with Panama, Colombia and South Korea are caught in yet another political battle.

Capital Wanted: Invest Within


Chinese investment abroad seems set to rise in the coming decade, bringing desirable capital—and undeserved fear.

A Torrent of Free Trade


The recent destruction of trade barriers, which seems poised to continue, is a move we heartily applaud.



Fears of China’s fast economic growth—which continued in Q1—are misplaced

The Totality of Trade


China reported a trade deficit in Q1 2011, but despite that, both Chinese imports and exports rose—a desirable overall increase in trade.

A Triumph for Trade


Contrary to protectionists’ claims, free trade agreements give American companies a fighting chance in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

When 777.7% Doesn’t Equal Growth


Japanese protectionism plays a large role in the country's economic malaise. But reforms—including greater openness and free trade—could help buoy economic growth.

Egyptian Flip-Flop


Unrest in Egypt continues, but don't overestimate its potential to impact global markets.

Reap What You Sow

The latest data shows the Chinese government is still trying to find the right balance between growth and too-fast growth.

Cutting the Cord

China cut rare earth export quotas again, but the reduction does not appear particularly spiteful.

Creativity Counts

Protectionist measures endanger prosperity—and are often based on misleading official data. 

A Rising KORUS

The US and South Korea finalized a renegotiation of their 2007 trade agreement last Friday.

A Round of Thanks

MarketMinder is thankful for a quite a few things this year.

Trade Talks

The G-20 summit in Seoul isn't until Wednesday, but the political back-and-forth has already begun.

Protectionist Hot Air

This year's wave of free trade agreements shows cooperation among nations is increasing, despite recent protectionist headlines. 


Japan intervened in currency markets to help its exporters—but will intervention have the desired results?

Trading Up

Trade up a focus on the trade balance for one on overall trade levels.

Lopsided Trade

Concerns about the US-China trade imbalance are overwrought. Historically, trade deficits haven't held back the US economy and stock market—and likely won't now.

Minor in the Key of Kerfuffle

Scaled historically, today's trade kerfuffles are minor—but we like that so many are paying attention.

Lights, Camera, Renminbi

The Chinese renminbi is starring in a new role: Trade settlement currency.

Everything in Its Right Place

Many assign undue weight to the successes or failures of international organizations. But sovereign nations will do as they please, and failure to reach wide consensus doesn't mean globalization's end.

Don’t Demonize the Deficit

Earlier this week we noticed the re-emergence of a classic investing myth. Folks hailed the trade deficit shrinking on growing exports as good news.

Let the Games Begin!

On the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, it's a good time to reflect on the value of competition and trade—athletic and economic.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The annual Group of Eight summit will likely amount to little more than illusions.

Trade Liberalization Grudge Match, 2008

A showdown between Nicolas Sarkozy and Europe's trade commissioner threatens to turn world trade talks upside down.

Hello GMOs

Once foodstuff fodder, countries are suddenly turning to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) due to rising food prices concerns.

Free Love


Free trade spurs global growth and helps keep prices in check—both good things. Congress should remember that as they debate a free trade act with Colombia.

Imagine: The Gaia Economy

Globalization has made iconic baby-boomer utopian images of world unity closer to reality than ever.

Free Markets...Anyone? Anyone?

Would Ferris Bueller approve of Chinese tariffs? We think not.

Whoop Whoop Whoop

The incompetence of government-run systems cannot be overstated, and we cannot belabor that point enough.

More Connected Than It Looks

We've written often on this page about the importance of trade and the interconnectedness of the global economy, and how in turn these promote greater total economic growth.

Trade Deficits Pop Quiz

Pop-quiz time! (Don't worry, this won't go on your permanent record.


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