Don’t Let the House’s Tax Plan Tax Your Nerves


A firsthand look at how even tax cuts create winners and losers—a big reason tax changes lack meaningful market impact.

Market Insights: Tax Reform and Stocks


In this Market Insights video, we discuss the relationship—or lack thereof—between US tax policy changes and US stock performance.

Got Gold? Bitcoin? Tax Considerations for Nontraditional Investments


Want to invest in more than just stocks and bonds? Your tax situation may get much trickier.

Time to Talk About Tax Reform


With tax reform next on Washington’s docket, what should investors expect?

Ken Fisher in USA Today


Ken Fisher's latest article covers what is quietly the most important part of a potential Trump tax cut.

Trump Releases Tax Plan


Hold your horses, though: A one-page list of tax policy priorities is a starting point only. 

Tax Reform Gridlock


Many believe this rally is based on tax cut excitement. We disagree. Here is why.

Year-End Guide 2016: Things to Consider Before the Ball Drops


A year-end to-do list with a particular focus on taxes.

Why You Shouldn’t Overrate the 2016 Election’s Tax Policy Debate


All the presidential candidates want to tinker with your taxes. What does it mean for stocks?

Why You Shouldn’t Overrate the 2016 Election’s Tax Policy Debate


All the presidential candidates want to tinker with your taxes. What does it mean for stocks?

The Treasury Creeps on Corporate Inversions


The Treasury’s latest corporate inversion rules may do more harm than good. 

The US Government Did Something … and It Isn’t Awful!


The US government passed and signed spending and tax legislation Friday and it was surprisingly good.

Mutually Beneficial?


Mutual funds have benefits, but investors should consider the drawbacks as well.

Midweek Potpourri: Fund Flows, Tax Cuts and Budget Brinksmanship


Some highlights from Wednesday’s financial headlines.

A Presidential Candidate Has Thoughts on Capital Gains


We take a look at one presidential hopeful’s plan to address “quarterly capitalism.”

Reason #529 Why Stocks Love Gridlock


President Obama's decision to scrap plans to tax 529 savings plan distributions probably won't have a direct market impact, but it illustrates why stocks like gridlock. 

A Companion to Your 2015 Investment Product Catalogue


On an oft-overlooked but critical point regarding mutual funds. 

The UK Might Do Some Things to Taxes and Spending


The UK’s latest tax and spending plans are about as “austere” as the last five years—and likely have little net economic impact.

Can Korea Tax Its Way to Business Investment?


Korea’s plans to goose business spending by taxing the cash on corporate balance sheets probably won’t work out so well.

Economic Patriotism or Protectionism?


What does the Obama administration’s recent push to ban certain M&A deals mean for investors?

Another ACA Delay


The latest delay of the employer mandate stole headlines from something more impactful for investors: the new tax on investment income.

Tracking the Third Arrow


While Japanese policymakers and headlines debate a forthcoming sales tax increase, Abenomics’ Third Arrow has seemingly gone by the wayside.

One Quadrillion and Counting


What should investors make of the news Japan’s gross public debt passed one quadrillion yen in Q2?  

MRRTs From A to Z


Zimbabwe seems to think its proposed mineral resources rent tax will boost public revenues—but Australia’s experience suggests otherwise.

Tax Shenaniganery


The latest on some rather misguided tax proposals in the US and EU.

Mulling a Mulligan on the Tobin Tax


After French and Italian debt chiefs recently found themselves unwittingly in the Tobin Tax’s crosshairs, it’s likely other eurozone officials might be considering a mulligan on the measure too.

Inside the Payroll Tax Hike


While many presume the payroll tax hike will weigh on household spending, January’s strong retail sales suggest consumers are rather resilient.

Pease Takes a Piece


Charitably-minded folks may want to plan ahead this year: Charitable donations made in 2013 (and thereafter) may no longer be deductible.

Tax Follies in the EU


The latest on the EU’s financial transaction and carbon tax follies. 

Do You Hear the People Sing?


Thanks to France’s Constitutional Council, incomes over €1 million won’t be taxed at 75% in 2013, but President François Hollande may try again for 2014.

The Mayan Cliff


While the US’s budget debate is much more real than the (now passed) Mayan doomsday, it’s also highly overstated.

The Affordable Care Act’s Affordability: Taxes


The US election results seemingly have given rise to heated rhetoric over the Affordable Care Act’s implementation. Let’s analyze the likely economic and market impact.

Fiscal Cliff, Meet Fiscal Norm


Much US rhetoric is focused squarely on the fiscal cliff—which we’d suggest is actually much more the fiscal norm.

Hollande Taketh, Hollande Giveth


France’s seemingly conflicting moves recently highlight the balancing act President François Hollande’s been performing—balancing budget-clearing austerity with economic competiveness-boosting reform.

The Dingo Ate Yo’ Tax Revenues


Australian politicians learned first-hand the lesson of “tax something and you’ll get less of it,” after the country’s much-debated Minerals Resource Rent Tax raised exactly zero revenue in its first three months.

The Tariff Tango


Despite notable progress in free trade in recent years, protectionism isn’t dead. Investors would be well served to stay apprised of developments.

This One Goes to 11


Eleven eurozone nations agreed to pursue a financial transactions tax—a misguided endeavor, in our view.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It


France released its 2013 budget, including a new 75% tax on those making over €1 million a year and various other moves that seem, to us, solutions in search of problems.

If You Love Me, Let Me Go


No doubt to politicians’ confusion, it seems manufacturers primarily want one thing: increased freedom from overly complex corporate taxes.

Noda’s Potentially Pyrrhic Policy Victory


Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda won a costly victory Friday, but it’s one that might yet turn to political defeat.

Weighing Tuesday’s Follies


A roundup of Tuesday’s more head-scratching developments.

Tackling Trade Tiffs


Various trade tiffs featured in headlines recently. Here’s a brief roundup of the main storylines.

Solar Eclipse 2012?


Government policy towards solar energy firms seems to be guiding them straight into the dark.

Questioning the Transaction Tax


What does the EU parliament’s passage of a financial transaction tax really mean?

Consistently Taxing


A look at some historical facts in honor of 2012’s tax day.

Handicapping Energy


Handicapping the likely primary future source(s) of global energy—in light of solar panel manufacturers’ recent acquisition of a new handicap … er, tariff.

Hard Lessons in Regulation


In an intriguing confluence of events, the UK and France may separately enact legislation that overall does more harm than good—another hard-learned lesson of regulation’s common unintended consequences.

Distilling the Dross From the Din


The administration announced Wednesday its corporate tax plan, generating predictable noise from both sides of the aisle—but what do markets most likely distill from the din?

All Over the Map on Taxes


Recent news and plans on taxes show politicians globally seem to misunderstand some pretty basic concepts. 

A Confused Attempt at Compromise


European leaders, attempting to win Britain’s backing, are discussing revising their planned financial transaction tax.

Taxation and Competitiveness 101


Tobin Tax rhetoric heated up between Germany and Britain Wednesday—a debate that’s a bit of a head-scratcher, in our view.

Midweek Mash-up


Euro politics dominated headlines again Tuesday, but eurozone musical chairs wasn’t the only story. Here’s a look at what news caught our eye.

Trifling With Transaction Taxes


European officials announced a proposal Wednesday that would implement an EU-wide financial transaction tax. While ill-advised in our view, if implemented, it’s an incremental negative markets likely overcome.

Half Full or Half Empty?


Debt ceiling dramatics came to a conclusion Tuesday, leaving many frustrated in its wake. Here’s a look around the news at what’s poking that frustration—and largely unnoticed remedies.

Fisher Investments MarketMinder: On Chinese Consumer Behavior


There are many differences between the economies of China and the United States. But a cursory review of consumer behavior shows some striking similarities.

What’s Up Is Up, What’s Down Is…Up


While Q1 GDP was unchanged, dueling headlines said corporate profits both rose and fell.

’Tis the Season


Politicians are duking it out in a timely battle over taxes, debts, and deficits. But what will be the market impact when a winner emerges?

Politically Taxing Our Ears

The tax rate extension compromise is now law. And predictably, there's both undeserved criticism and unwarranted lauding of the deal.

Uncle Sam’s Payday

There's much talk about raising taxes, but whether or not taxes go higher likely has little effect on the bull market.

There's a Pill for That

The House of Representatives passed the Senate health care bill Sunday night—what does this mean for stock markets?

Taxing TARP

Besides death and taxes, the only other certainty is the government can be counted on to cook up goofy remedies to problems of its own making.

Bonus Brawl: Round Two

The UK's 50% banker bonus tax is causing a stir among the industry's biggest firms.

Touch of Fear

MLPs are being touted as the answer to investor woes--but without proper due diligence, they can represent significant risks to long-term investors.

Don’t Mess With Taxes

Concerns about higher taxes abound, but stock investors likely needn't fear the effects.

The Taxman May Cometh

The government's looking overseas for extra tax revenue.

To the Tax Mobile

Tax Day 2009 is nigh and change is in the air—some of which may not seem great for investors, but taxes aren't the sole driver of market movement.

California Dreamin’


Is California's once-golden economy now tarnished by years of anti-competitive regulation and taxes?


Get Us the President

With the 2008 presidential election in full swing, taxes are a hot topic. What impact might tax policy changes have on markets?

Our Robin Hood Government

No one profits much from high corporate tax rates.

Some Taxing Facts

April 15 is a day most Americans loathe—tax day.

Empty Calories

Today's announced "stimulus” package from the beltway is little more than empty calories for the economy.

Hail to the Tax Cuts

Big proposed tax changes and political turmoil in Britain may turn out to be a tempest in a teapot. A simpler tax system may be in the cards for Britain, but British politicians have a long time to foul up positive proposals.

French Fries Redux

There are two countries about to enact new laws.

Pass on the Patch


Ah . . . Spring. That magical time when crocuses poke their timid heads out to greet longer days, tender shoots of green remake the world anew, everything smells fresh and clean, and you discover you owe the U.S. government another 8 grand because you got nailed by the @#$%-ing AMT.

Death and Taxes…and Economic Growth

Ben Franklin said: "Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Japanese Businesses (Finally) Pay the Taxman

The Japanese government is going to have a fat wallet.


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