Repeatable History

Fun With Fun Facts


Quirky market trivia are fun but meaningless for investors.

Greek Debt Talks Start With a Shocking Twist


Everyone left “emergency” talks happy and optimistic, but don’t hold your breath just yet.

The US Election and Stocks: Beware Your Bias


While politics are an input for stocks, bias can exaggerate the degree of importance.

1997 and 2015: History Rhymes, But Doesn’t Exactly Repeat


Today’s Emerging Markets resembles that of the 1997/1998 Asian currency crisis, but the differences make an exact repeat unlikely.

Gumby, Greek Politicians and Other Bendy Things


Greek and eurozone leaders said some things and made some plans.

The Perils of Price Controls—A History Lesson for the UK


A prominent UK politico has pledged to freeze energy prices if his party wins the 2015 election—something history shows is dangerous for stocks.

The Bull Market Drama Continues


While few investors enjoy volatility, it’s commonplace amid bull markets—don’t let short-term swings scare you out of markets.

Eyes on Syria and Turkey


Ongoing violence in Syria and protests in Turkey have heightened tensions in the Middle East, but history shows these situations, while unfortunate, have fleeting impact on stocks.

Now and Yen


Will the weakening yen cause a repeat of 1998’s Asian Contagion?

Can the EU Save Hungary?


Hungary's proto-fascist government has once again threatened the rule of law, but EU officials can help restore freedom.

History, Probability, and Thomas Bayes


Each day is unique and different from that which preceded it. But the only way that’s clear is through understanding the past.

It’s (Not Really Much) Different This Time


As election season kicks off, cries it’s different this time are increasingly heard—but is it really all that different?

Through Failure, We Grow Stronger

The credit cycle can be hazardous if not properly navigated. Those strong enough to endure the downside will be even stronger as the cycle turns—and it is starting to turn.

What the Tweet Is a Blog?

If not on paper, where will we find news and information, particularly concerning investments? An avalanche of content has already moved to "blogs.”

Craig Newmark Stole Your Morning Paper

Did the newspaper stop arriving at your doorstep? If you live in Denver, Baltimore, Cincinnati, or Albuquerque, a major local newspaper has shut its doors over the last three years. Seattle, Detroit, Mesa, and Flint readers still receive a physical local paper—but only a few days a week. Content is delivered solely online other days.

Barry Zito the Bum CEO

Why today's CEOs are just like sports star free agents.

The Bill Gates Secret: How to Awaken a Sleepy US Economy

Bill Gates battles Congress on the scariest deficit you've never heard of.

Thanks, Ayn

On the 50th anniversary of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, we should give thanks for our individual liberties.

California Hates the Poor

Punitive and perverse tax structures are punishing California's lower income citizens, and driving precious tax revenue out of the state.

You Could Be a Part-Time Model

It's a bull market folks, and things could scarcely be better for stocks. Never mind this bull market actually began in 2003, now your portfolio is really gaining steam and you've finally taken notice.

Economic Evolution

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something.

Wealth Misconceptions

Wealth disparity is accelerating in the United States.

Bad Backward-Looking Logic

Economic slowdown?!?! Head for the hills! One of the media's favorite reasons to be dour this year has been the incremental slowing of US GDP numbers.


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