Deflating Fears With Higher Inflation


Energy prices can make a big one-off impact on headline inflation.

Infatuated With Inflation


There is no mystery behind persistently low inflation readings.

The Fed’s Fascinating Footnotes


What Janet Yellen didn’t say was more interesting than what she did. 

Deflating Inflation Stats’ Importance


Due to oil prices’ rocky year, annual inflation rates will likely look quite odd for the next several months.

No Asterisks Required


Stock indexes that aren’t adjusted for inflation don’t need asterisks.

Deflation Fears Are Over-Inflated


The Bank for International Settlements released a study that is a breath of fresh air on deflation.



Do February data indicate inflation will soon be on the rise?

Data-Dependent Forward Guidance


How central bankers say they’ll act on economic data won’t tell you when the next rate hike is coming.   

Read Past the Headline


December’s eurozone prices posted their first annual decline since 2009. But this deflation doesn’t look like bad deflation when you look beneath the surface.

Why We Don’t Fear Deflationary Doom Is Here


Fears of deflation doom seem like typical correction ghost stories. 

Hot Air, Cool Inflation


Inflation talk has made a comeback, but that doesn’t mean prices are running away.

Should the Fed Hike Rates to Make It Rain?


It’s likely you and the Fed have different objectives in assessing changing prices.

Under (Inflationary) Pressure


With April’s inflation report nearly out, folks are debating how the economy (and the Fed) may respond to pressure from rising prices.

Inflating Eurozone Deflation Concerns


Quantitative easing would likely create—not stop—deflation in the eurozone.

Sentiment’s Goldi-Lockdown


Global growth is accelerating, and inflation isn’t. Investors used to appreciate this, but today’s skeptical crowd sees low inflation as a grizzly prospect.

The Fed’s Deflated Logic


Fed bond buying isn’t a solution for disinflation—it’s the cause.

Inflation Nation?


Consumer prices ticked up in February, but inflation’s still tame—and likely remains so awhile.

A Break in the Regulatory Clouds


Central bank chiefs eased a key provision of the Basel III banking standards, which should help ease ongoing regulatory uncertainty.

Deflating Chinese Inflation Concerns


Chinese inflation notched a 29-month low in June, renewing hard-landing jitters—but officials’ pro-growth efforts should keep the economy afloat.  

Update on Brazil: Unexpected Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus


Brazil’s latest moves provide investors with an excellent reminder of the importance of thinking globally.

Half Full or Half Empty?


Debt ceiling dramatics came to a conclusion Tuesday, leaving many frustrated in its wake. Here’s a look around the news at what’s poking that frustration—and largely unnoticed remedies.

Fearing Foodflation


Recent food price increases have many fearing inflation. But foodflation and inflation aren't necessarily one and the same.

New Lunar Year, Same Rising Inflation


China increased interest rates again in its ongoing battle with rising inflation.

Distribution or Inflation?


Sharp food price swings are stoking inflation in some countries, but monetary policy likely isn't the answer.

Chinese Inflation Conundrum


China's attempt to avoid overheating without imperiling growth is a timely reminder of the diversity of Emerging Markets countries.

Eyeing the Exit

Inflation was up in 2010, but 2011 shouldn't bring materially higher prices.

Reap What You Sow

The latest data shows the Chinese government is still trying to find the right balance between growth and too-fast growth.

China’s Not Choking

Amid continued strong economic growth and rising inflation, it's no surprise China is tightening economic policy—but choking growth doesn't appear to be on the agenda.

A Flight from Safety?

Recent bond yield bumps allude to investors wanting more bang for their bucks.

The Rising Cost of a Chinese Big Mac

Will Chinese price controls curb global growth?

Dear Chancellor

The BoE has some explaining to do, but inflation is not a global worry yet.

Little Inflation in Big China

Does an April uptick in Chinese inflation mean its explosive growth is unsustainable? Not just yet.

Taming of the Shrill

Cries proclaiming imminent rampant inflation have little economic support.

The Monetary Punch

Inflation's absence tells us the Fed's monetary punch is mixed just right. 

Juggling Hats

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke detailed current and future monetary policy in congressional testimony and a Wall Street Journal editorial Tuesday.

Goldilocks and the Inflation Bugaboo

Investors should differentiate budget deficits from inflation.

Chucking Darts

Don't fret the recent rise in long-term US Treasury yields.

Cost Consumed

Higher production costs aren't necessarily directly passed on to the consumer.

It’s All Relative

When it comes to future inflation, it's not current prices, but price movement, that counts.

CPI : Rotten to the Core

While CPI has ticked up of late, rekindling inflation fears, global long-term interest rates, a better indication for the market's expectation of inflation, remain benign.

Don’t Fear the Fed

The Federal Reserve left rates unchanged yesterday, but hinted at a potential shift in policy in the months ahead. Regardless, incremental rate changes don't matter much to long-term investors.

Global Inflation Conflagration

Don't fret inflation shock stories—global inflation remains benign.

Slow Road, No Inflation?

Economies will grow, and economies will contract—but their movement in either direction has no bearing on inflation.

Grain’s Gains

As food prices soar, fear of a global calamity elevates. But are rising prices a harbinger of doom or simply another sign of increasing global prosperity?

Two Roads Diverged

Global central bank activity abounded yesterday. While worth noting, such small moves don't matter much.

It’s a Materials World

Don't let higher Materials prices spook you. The price trend in Materials isn't a symptom of inflation but of growing global demand.

Disco, Stagflation, and Other ‘70s Horrors

Journalists have reawakened the specter of stagflation. But comparing today's economy to the disco heyday is flat wrong.

Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just About Right?

Folks generally associate steep yield curves with inflation—should they?

Chinese Inflation

China's inflation rate is soaring. While that's unlikely to derail China's economy in the near term or infect the global economy with higher prices, the problem underscores a still fragile and developing nation fraught with peril for investors.

“Just Doing Our Job, Ma’am”

Investor confusion abounds over what's routine and what's truly a worry for the Fed.


The investing worry du jour is the arrival of global inflation.

Talk is Cheap

Apparently, inflation has returned.

Inflating Wages

One of our favorite pastimes is delivering bad news to the bears in times we believe it's a bull market (like now).

The Media's Message on the Bond Market is Right…Sort Of

The media has largely attributed the current US bond market rally—10-year Treasury yields have fallen 65 basis points since the end of June—to two factors: an oncoming recession and reduced inflationary pressures.


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