As 2017 wraps up, the eurozone’s latest economic data look smashing. 

The Global Economy Keeps on Growing


Q3 GDP data show a global economy on firm footing.



Not much has changed from a year ago, except more clarity Brexit doom-mongers are wrong.

Fun Fact Friday, GDP Edition


In which we get down with some data.

Market Insights: GDP Doesn’t Predict Stocks


In this Market Insights video, we discuss the relationship between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and stocks. Or, more specifically, the lack thereof.

GDP Underestimates Economy’s Amazingness


Economists struggle to pinpoint growth, but stocks figured it out long ago.

The Eurozone Economy Needs a Better Publicist


Comparing reactions to US, UK and eurozone growth shows sentiment towards Europe still lags.

Chart of the Day: Which Indicator Is Actually at Now Now?


What should investors draw from the latest nowcasts? 

The GDP Lightning Round


Quick hits on GDP reports around the world.

Meanwhile, in Non-Politics …


While the media focuses on everything Trump, the global economy is expanding.

A Short Pacific Theater Investment Tour


Disappointing Q3 GDP growth in Australia and Japan highlights their unattractiveness.

Golly Gee Whiz Willikers, It’s Q3 GDP!


We looked at the second estimate of Q3 US GDP so you didn’t have to.

Don’t Fret Low Productivity


Slow productivity growth is no reason for investors to worry.

Q3 GDP Shows More Growth for US and UK


The UK defies post-Brexit slowdown fears one more time, and US growth figures get a touch overhyped.

Checking in on US Growth


Recent data suggest the US economy gained speed in Q2.

The Global Economy Is Growing at Now, Now


May’s data show a blooming world economy. 

Quick Hit: A Few Bullet Points to Shoot Down Lingering Eurozone Fears


The eurozone economy is on much more solid footing than is widely appreciated.

The ‘Retail Recession’ Label Doesn’t Fit


Department stores’ recent woes aren’t a sign the US economy is headed for recession.   

Don’t Fret the Q1 US GDP Slowdown


While growth was slow in Q1, it isn’t a harbinger of worse to come.

Strong Services Sustain Britain


Another UK GDP report, another round of worrying about the allegedly unbalanced UK economy.

Tapped-Out Britain?


The UK economy isn’t overstretched, built on sand or any other similar cliché.

Drilling Down On Energy’s GDP Impact


State-level GDP data provide more evidence Energy’s woes bear the most responsibility for any apparent US economic weakness.

Growth Makes the World Go Round


The global economy is in better shape than most folks think.

Drilling Deep: How Did Energy Influence US Q4 GDP’s Slowdown?


Digging into US Q4 2015 GDP growth.

A Dose of (Mostly) Growthy Data


Most recent economic data run counter to widespread global recession fears.

Beneath US GDP’s Surface-Level Sharp Slowdown, Healthy Growth


US GDP slowed sharply, but a look at components show this is a function of volatility in one volatile component.

1997 and 2015: History Rhymes, But Doesn’t Exactly Repeat


Today’s Emerging Markets resembles that of the 1997/1998 Asian currency crisis, but the differences make an exact repeat unlikely.

How Real Is China’s GDP?


Whether or not China’s 6.9% y/y Q3 growth estimate is artificially high, the country should still contribute just fine to global GDP.

Global Economy: Look Beyond Manufacturing


There is more to an economy than just building stuff.

Nine Straight Quarters of Eurozone Growth


Despite rampant fretting, the eurozone has now grown for over two straight years.

Four Growthy GDP Reports


Recent GDP reports show fundamental support for stocks.

China Hits the Target


Chinese GDP growth matched the official target in Q2, but some fear struggling mainland stocks will soon take an economic toll.

Not All Soft GDP Reports Are the Same


We have to dig beneath the surface to see what weak GDP reports really mean.

US GDP: Statisticians Will Replace Fuzzy Math With Different Fuzzy Math


Whether or not US GDP’s Q1 contraction is eventually revised away, nothing here bodes ill for the economy.

Eight Straight and Counting: The Eurozone’s Underappreciated Growth Streak


The eurozone grew for the eighth straight quarter in Q1, but most pundits are only now noticing.

Why US Q1 GDP’s Potential Negative Flip Is Positive


Trade surged in March, triggering confused growth fears.

Britain’s Balance


The UK economy doesn’t need its politicians’ help.

US Q1 2015 GDP: A Widely Expected One-Off Slowdown


Q1’s GDP report reveals what everyone already knew: Winter weather was nasty, oil drillers cut back, and dockworkers struck.

Pundits Already Lowering Expectations Bar for Q1


Q4 GDP was revised again Friday, but the real story here is analysts' low expectations for Q1.

A Second Glance at Growth


Data confirm growth around the world.  



Eurozone growth defies the skeptics. Again.

The Eurozone’s Underappreciated Improvement


The eurozone economy has several little-noticed positives.

Global Growth Hasn’t Run Dry


Actually, new data suggest it’s still plenty hot.

US Q4 2014 GDP: About That So-Called Slowdown


While headline growth slowed in Q4’s preliminary read, we would suggest the underlying data confirm the US private sector is quite healthy, indeed.

Economic Growth Seems Plenty Durable


Do recent US and UK economic data show weakening growth?  

China's Great Miss?


Is a missed growth target a troubling sign for the world’s second largest economy?   

Do Investors Fear Faster Growth?


An apparent freakout over the World Bank’s reduced economic forecast overlooks the elephant in the room.

This Week in Arbitrary Milestones


The media reaction to some recent, largely meaningless milestones, seems like a sign of improved sentiment.

No, China Is Not Number One.


What to make of recent IMF estimates that show, by one measure, China’s economy will be larger than America’s this year.  

Thankful the World Over


There is much to be thankful for, not just in the US, but globally too.  

Sinking Fortunes in the Land of the Rising Sun


Not even a recession can dent investors’ optimism for Japan. That’s a problem.

The Eurozone’s Emerging Market Emerges, and Other Fun Q3 GDP Factoids


The common reaction to eurozone Q3 growth is a sign of the times, sentiment-wise.

US Q3 GDP Solid, Media Take Largely Skeptical


The advance estimate of US GDP showed growth exceeded analysts’ estimates and continued at a respectable clip—yet media skepticism was easy to find.

The Dismal Art


It’s unlikely you’d see many headlines touting the fact US GDP growth has been above average in three of the last four quarters. 

The Eurozone’s Not-So-Flashy ‘Flash’ GDP


Does eurozone GDP’s Q2 stall portend a protracted slump?

Frozen: This Is Not a Kids' Movie


Q1’s final GDP revision was worse than expected. What does this mean for investors going forward?

On GDP, Fed Forecasts and Tapering Tapering


The downward revision to Q4 US GDP growth had a big silver lining, but how will the Fed see it?

Dissecting Germany’s GDP


How should we interpret Germany’s Q4 2013 GDP?

Zero Sum Sentiment


As seen after GDP’s release Thursday, sentiment is still stuck between skepticism and optimism—for every positive, folks can find a negative.

No Devil in These Details


US GDP was revised up strongly. But the beat didn’t satisfy dour investors—who tried looking under the hood for something to fret about.

Gross Domestic Problem-Solving


Good GDP growth is bad news—at least as most see it these days. But we found more positives than problems in Q3’s report.

China’s Reacceleration


Chinese GDP reaccelerated in Q3, providing more evidence of a faster-growing world economy.

One Quadrillion and Counting


What should investors make of the news Japan’s gross public debt passed one quadrillion yen in Q2?  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?


The latest buzz about US GDP seems to be concentrating on the distant past rather than the impact on the present.

Sentimental About GDP


Thursday’s downward revision of US GDP likely tells us more about changing sentiment than fundamentals.

US GDP—Better Beneath the Surface


US Q1 2013 GDP was better than many may presume if focusing on headline growth.

Chinese Checkers


Chinese GDP slowed a bit in Q1, but the economy should still do fine overall in 2013.

A Little Bit Faster Now


Fourth quarter GDP was revised higher, which is nice but presages little for the economy or markets moving forward.

Dodging the Dip


Q4 2012 GDP growth was revised up Thursday, but what impact might the sequester have on future growth and the market?

It’s the (Multi-Speed) Global Economy, Cupid


Japan and the eurozone rang in Valentine’s Day with data showing economic contraction, but overall global growth likely continues as the stronger bits pull the weaker along in the world’s multi-speed economy.

Some Perspective on the Dip


US GDP growth took a breather according to Wednesday’s advance report. But under the hood, signs of strength remain intact.

China’s Soft Liftoff


Recent Chinese data show the country isn’t without economic problems, but a hard landing doesn’t appear to be among them.

Third Time’s a Charm


US Q3 GDP was revised up on higher personal spending and a downturn in imports. To us, despite headwinds and concerns (which are nearly always present), it’s likely expansion continues ahead.

Three Charts on Q3 (US GDP, That Is)


US Q3 GDP accelerated in Friday’s report and, despite small fluctuations under the hood, the big picture seems similar to the recent past.

The Usual Suspects in Eurozone Weakness


Driven by what seem to be the usual weak spots the last few years, eurozone Q2 2012 GDP posted a slight contraction.

Three Views of US GDP


Friday’s US GDP report showed continued bifurcation between America’s public and private sectors.

Dousing the Flame?


Has the UK’s Olympic torch been put out before the games officially commence? By some media accounts, yes—but Wednesday’s GDP print merits further examination.

China—Choking or Choking Up?


China’s GDP release Friday caused consternation among some the global growth powerhouse is choking in the clutch—but what if it’s just choking up in advance of an accelerating second half?

Deflating Chinese Inflation Concerns


Chinese inflation notched a 29-month low in June, renewing hard-landing jitters—but officials’ pro-growth efforts should keep the economy afloat.  

Debatable Data Doldrums


US revised GDP was released Thursday to some consternation. And a brief update on US energy industry developments.

The EU’s Great Growth Debate


As Spain officially re-enters recession, EU leaders debate how to stoke growth.

’Tis But a Scratch


The UK released its first Q1 GDP reading Wednesday to some disappointment. 

British Pop


Recent data show plenty of pop in the British economy.  

Depictions of Growth


If it’s true a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many are these two worth?

Japan, One Year Later


One year after the Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese economy is displaying its resilience.

Slow Eurozone—No Surprise


Eurozone GDP for Q4 2011 came out Wednesday but probably surprised very few—thereby lessening the likelihood it surprises markets much either.

The Grass Is Greener Than Many Think


Friday’s US Q4 2011 GDP report showed growth continued—and accelerated for the third quarter in a row.

Transatlantic Economics Tuesday


In economic news Tuesday, eurozone GDP grew modestly, US wholesale inflation was tame and US retail sales grew again.

A Dash of Growth and a Pinch of a Plan


GDP was nicely positive, and the eurozone finally seems to have a plan.

Differentiating Europe’s Periphery


While peripheral Europe is often referred to collectively, this obscures the fact the issues confronted are different in magnitude, severity, potential resolutions and progress.

A Retail Pop


Amid steep market volatility, it’s important to recognize the widely discussed negatives but also to balance them against material economic positives to get a clearer view.

Half Full or Half Empty?


Debt ceiling dramatics came to a conclusion Tuesday, leaving many frustrated in its wake. Here’s a look around the news at what’s poking that frustration—and largely unnoticed remedies.

Across Shining Seas


Isolationism has no place in economics or investment strategy.

What’s Up Is Up, What’s Down Is…Up


While Q1 GDP was unchanged, dueling headlines said corporate profits both rose and fell.

A Bump in the Road


Individual countries may hit economic bumps in the road to recovery, but on the whole that shouldn’t stop the positive forces propelling the global economy forward.

Mending Lending


A new Fed survey shows banks are healthier and lending is improving, but profit margins may be squeezed awhile longer.

Not Running on Empty


Preliminary US Q1 2011 GDP came in below expectations, but varying speeds in a growth cycle are perfectly normal.

Another Five-Year Plan


China recently revealed the blueprint of its economic policies and objectives for the next five years.

When 777.7% Doesn’t Equal Growth


Japanese protectionism plays a large role in the country's economic malaise. But reforms—including greater openness and free trade—could help buoy economic growth.

More With Less


Growth continues to surge in the US thanks to increasing productivity.

Chinese Inflation Conundrum


China's attempt to avoid overheating without imperiling growth is a timely reminder of the diversity of Emerging Markets countries.

The Many Gifts of Capitalism

This holiday season, we'd like to say thanks to corporate America for gifts given all year—and their gifts are the kind that keep on giving.

Classic Divergence

The Fed remained cautious in their most recent policy statement even as retail sales confirmed continued economic recovery on the verge of renewed expansion.

Astonishingly Average


The eurozone is on track to post an average year of economic growth.

Five Spooky Fears Dispelled by US GDP

Fears are commonplace early in economic expansion—but a clear-minded review of US Q3 GDP shows many are simply ghost stories.

All Is Never Well

UK Q3 GDP doubled expectations and shows how even moderate growth can upset too-dour expectations.

An Import-Led Recovery

Friday's US GDP release provided an interesting look back at the second quarter—and a trip way back to revise dated data.

Improvements for the Average João

While not a brand new story, rapid Emerging Markets growth is as current as ever.

We’re Okay, Euro Okay

German industrial activity shows not all is bleak in the eurozone.

Third Time’s Also a Charm

The US economy expanded for the third consecutive quarter.

Underdogs Victorious

The US and most Emerging Markets beating Q4 GDP expectations signals the global economy is alive and well.

This. Is. Good. News.

As US GDP grew at its fastest pace in six years, the pessimism of disbelief finds reason to doubt.

A Race We All Win

It's easy to think the developed nations make the world go round—but don't discount the up-and-comers.

Data Drawbacks

Economic data—what's in those numbers?

Pacific Politics

Japan's new leadership continues to shake things up—leaving investors wondering what's next for the country's stock market.

London Fog

British GDP declined for the sixth straight quarter, fueling fears the UK may recover slower than most countries.

A Sign of Better Days to Come

US Q2 GDP was revised higher—but fears about the economy and consumer spending continue to weigh on many folks' minds.

Bye-Bye, Recession?

Recent talk of the end of the global recession isn't new news to investors.

A One-Two Punch

Stock prices dropped today on dour news from the banking and economic fronts.

Building the Wall of Worry

GDP dropped 3.8% for Q4 2008—a dismal end to the year. Economic news will likely get worse in 2009, but expect the market to improve before the economy.

Housing Wobble

The heavy emphasis on the latest housing data belies its light GDP weight.

Nothing’s Shocking

Thursday brought further global liquidity support and weak (though expected) preliminary third quarter GDP data.

What Recession?

US GDP was revised up from 1.9% to 3.3% for the second quarter, once again surpassing dour expectations.

Chi Non Saltare…

Italy's economy contracted a bit in the second quarter, but global results are far more important than any single country.


As second quarter 2008 GDP came in stronger than expected, headlines still find reason to be gloomy.

Long Train Runnin’

Investors looking for anecdotal evidence miss some hard data, like transports, which remain strong--unlikely to happen during recession.

Yes, But…

Economic growth continues positive to the tune of overly dour expectations.

Inconspicuous Consumption

Despite persistent fears to the contrary, consumers continue to spend.

Phantom Storms

The economy grew in the first quarter, but some still question whether the country is in a recession.

Still Growing

While some are swooning over the "worst economy in five years,” a sober analysis of preliminary US GDP figures released today shows an economy still on strong footing.

Housing Humdrum

Though bad news from the residential housing sector continues making headlines, it won't have the long-term economic or market impact investors fear.

Wag the Dog

Global stocks bounced around this week and fears emerged that problems in the US have finally spread to the rest of the world. But in the global economy, it's a mistake to assign too much power to any one country.

Nothing New

Stocks took a walloping today on widely expected news tied to Financials' health and mortgage-related asset write-downs.

Imagine: The Gaia Economy

Globalization has made iconic baby-boomer utopian images of world unity closer to reality than ever.

Vector Investing

Large and diverse economies (such as the US) require huge dislocations to impede economic growth—most concerns like subprime and new housing supply simply aren't big enough to matter.

Good Data, Bad Information

Corporate profits are beating expectations.

Dying of Old Age

Economies aren't like people.

Whoop Whoop Whoop

The incompetence of government-run systems cannot be overstated, and we cannot belabor that point enough.

The Flying Economy

We've written before about how investors latch on to metaphors, often erroneous ones, in order to better understand economic and market concepts.

More Connected Than It Looks

We've written often on this page about the importance of trade and the interconnectedness of the global economy, and how in turn these promote greater total economic growth.

Stocks Don't Look Back to the Future

It's official: US GDP growth slowed in the third quarter.

Four Growthy GDP Reports


Recent GDP reports show fundamental support for stocks.


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