Emerging Markets

How Emerging Markets Fit in a Global Portfolio


Emerging Markets have been hot this year—how should investors play the broad category?

Chinese Stocks’ Symbolic Emergence


The addition of some Chinese stocks to a popular Emerging Markets index doesn’t make China a better choice for investors.

China’s False Choice


Addressing financial sector risks needn’t imperil Chinese growth.

Brazil’s Temer Gets Hosed in Car Wash


What does the latest Brazilian political scandal mean for investors?

A Korean Soap Opera Comes to an End


Korea has a new president: another example of falling uncertainty in 2017. 

Emerging Market Developments


As in the developed world, falling political uncertainty is lifting some Emerging Markets.

The Return of a Chinese Ghost Story


Worries about Chinese bond markets are all part of the same ol’ yarn.

Investing Lessons From India’s Currency Kerfuffle


What’s the best move when a sudden reform in an otherwise healthy market looks like it’s going badly?

Brazil’s Impending Impeachment Hangover


Brazilian markets seem at risk of suffering from weak oil prices and political disillusionment.

Around the World in Lots of Data


Little-noticed developing economies are contributing nicely to global growth.

Manufacturers Made Some Stuff in July


Global manufacturing seems to be picking up.

Turkey’s Failed Coup in Broader Perspective: Statista's Infographic


A new infographic puts the recent failed coup in Turkey in historical perspective.

India’s Advance


Despite some political squabbles, India is making solid reform progress.

Some Things Are Happening in Brazil


With political intrigue and a putrid economy, why are Brazilian stocks up in 2016? 

Growth Makes the World Go Round


The global economy is in better shape than most folks think.

The Debt Mountain and Other Chinese Ghost Stories


The current spate of China fears are the same as the past ones. 

Rounding Up Start-of-Year Fears


A look at the various factors most pundits allege are behind this week’s volatility.

Fed Rate Hike: Emerging Markets Edition


Rumors of the Fed’s impact on Emerging Markets are greatly exaggerated.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Buenos Aires?


Investors are hot to trot for Argentina after Sunday’s election, but markets move most on the gap between reality and expectations, and the new President has a tough road ahead.

Presidential Politics and America’s Economic Relationship With China


Political rhetoric on China doesn’t overlap much with reality.

1997 and 2015: History Rhymes, But Doesn’t Exactly Repeat


Today’s Emerging Markets resembles that of the 1997/1998 Asian currency crisis, but the differences make an exact repeat unlikely.

How Real Is China’s GDP?


Whether or not China’s 6.9% y/y Q3 growth estimate is artificially high, the country should still contribute just fine to global GDP.

China’s Growth: Slower, But Not Slumping


Chinese economic data continue to be in line with longstanding trends, contrary to fears of a sharp slowdown.

Seeing Through the China-Slowdown Smog


Despite some widely reported weakness in China and elsewhere in Asia, global manufacturing remains in the black.

Corporate America’s View of China


A roundup of unfiltered US corporate leaders’ comments on China from earnings conference calls in the last week.

China Devalues the Yuan


The yuan’s depreciation doesn’t spell doom for the world.

China Hits the Target


Chinese GDP growth matched the official target in Q2, but some fear struggling mainland stocks will soon take an economic toll.

About China …


Domestic Chinese stocks’ wild ride should hold little risk for global investors.

Greek Government Theatrics and Other Reruns


Greece has a new anti-austerity government, but a disorderly euro exit is as unlikely as ever.

China's Great Miss?


Is a missed growth target a troubling sign for the world’s second largest economy?   

Icarus, Grexit and Other Greek Mythology


Four years in, Greece fears are still false—and false fears are bullish.

Some Solace From a Quantum of Fear


Some say the stronger dollar will cause big problems for Emerging Markets. Are they right?

All Aboard the Through Train?


China's long-awaited "through train" finally leaves the station Monday, giving foreign investors broader access to mainland stocks. Here are some things you should keep in mind if you're deciding whether to climb aboard.

The Li Keqiang Put


What does China’s latest monetary policy move mean for investors?

Are the Reds in the Red?


 Will China’s high debt lead to problems for the global economy?

When the Growing Gets Tough


China’s recent trade data sparked hard-landing fears among investors. But is fundamental weakness really to blame?

China’s Great Wall of Worry


Fears of a Chinese hard landing have circulated for years—do recent data suggest they’re merited?

Meanwhile, Outside of Ukraine…


While the world focused on the Ukraine and other political happenings globally, free trade talks took a step back.

Q(E) the Contagion? I Think Not


Did the Fed cause an Emerging Markets currency contagion?

Giving Credit Where It’s Due


China’s private manufacturing gauge contracted in January, but it wasn’t the only number that’s crunched recently.

China’s Reacceleration


Chinese GDP reaccelerated in Q3, providing more evidence of a faster-growing world economy.

Let Them In(dia)!


QE seems an easy scapegoat for India’s rather crunchy liquidity—but we suspect the country’s weakness is more locally sourced.

Shanghai’s Fascinating Free-Trade Zone


China’s newly implemented free-trade zone will open Tuesday, but only time will tell whether it contributes to the country’s growth. 



It’s widely held ending QE will have global repercussions—we agree! But in our view, taper contagion likely has more positive implications than many fear.

Moderating in the Middle (Kingdom)


China’s new stimulus plan may not spark an era of gangbusters growth, but its ultimate implications could mean even better things for China.

Cracks in the China?


Global stocks should look past China’s slowing growth rate.

China’s Liquidity Finger Trap


China’s had a rough road lately, but the country’s financial growing pains and market wobbles appear unlikely to end the global bull market.

Chinese Checkers


Chinese GDP slowed a bit in Q1, but the economy should still do fine overall in 2013.

Losing Monopoly


In Hasbro’s Monopoly, players win by creating monopolies and driving others bankrupt—poor macroeconomic advice, in our view. Luckily, Mexico seems to agree.

Energy in the Spotlight


From the US to Asia, a look at the latest developments in global energy markets.

North Korea Nuked … North Korea


North Korea staged its third nuclear test. Now what?

‘Doing Business’ With the World Bank


The World Bank’s 2013 “Doing Business” report shows how some nations have—and haven’t—improved competitiveness over the past year.

India’s Foreign Retail Ping Pong


India’s government announced sensible economic reforms Friday. But it remains to be seen whether they’ll go into effect.

Deflating Chinese Inflation Concerns


Chinese inflation notched a 29-month low in June, renewing hard-landing jitters—but officials’ pro-growth efforts should keep the economy afloat.  

Checking Up on China


Slowing Chinese growth fears continue to surface. But recent actions show Chinese officials are seemingly acting to boost growth.

A Look at China’s Political Process


China has shown a historical tendency to goose growth during party transition years. Here’s a look at why that’s unlikely to be a mere coincidence.

Reasons to Be Bullish on China


A look at reasons to be bullish on China in 2012.

China’s Confounding Trade Data


Chinese import growth decelerated and widely missed estimates Tuesday, yet Chinese equity markets showed little negative influence.

Update on Brazil: Unexpected Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus


Brazil’s latest moves provide investors with an excellent reminder of the importance of thinking globally.

A Retail Pop


Amid steep market volatility, it’s important to recognize the widely discussed negatives but also to balance them against material economic positives to get a clearer view.

Corrective Action


Understanding and separating the negatives from the positive realities can help guide your investing decisions.

Fisher Investments MarketMinder: On Chinese Consumer Behavior


There are many differences between the economies of China and the United States. But a cursory review of consumer behavior shows some striking similarities.

Fisher Investments on China’s Three Pillars


China is likely poised to avoid a hard landing and continue growing, but that doesn’t mean Chinese stocks are set to soar.  

As the World Changes (Or Not)


The world isn’t likely to get any less globalized, so shift your investment focus to global first and local second.



Fears of China’s fast economic growth—which continued in Q1—are misplaced

The Totality of Trade


China reported a trade deficit in Q1 2011, but despite that, both Chinese imports and exports rose—a desirable overall increase in trade.

Another Five-Year Plan


China recently revealed the blueprint of its economic policies and objectives for the next five years.

Dollar on the Decline?


Neither the yuan—nor any other currency—will upstage dollar dominance anytime soon.

Egyptian Flip-Flop


Unrest in Egypt continues, but don't overestimate its potential to impact global markets.

New Lunar Year, Same Rising Inflation


China increased interest rates again in its ongoing battle with rising inflation.

Chinese Inflation Conundrum


China's attempt to avoid overheating without imperiling growth is a timely reminder of the diversity of Emerging Markets countries.

Reap What You Sow

The latest data shows the Chinese government is still trying to find the right balance between growth and too-fast growth.

On an Up Note

2010 looks to have ended on an economic up note.

Indian Infrastructure

China continued tightening economic policy Monday. But Chinese growth should continue even as other Emerging Markets increasingly realize their potential.

China’s Not Choking

Amid continued strong economic growth and rising inflation, it's no surprise China is tightening economic policy—but choking growth doesn't appear to be on the agenda.

Revealing a Non-Secret

Little attention seems to be paid to expanding manufacturing activity globally—and that could be good news for investors.

The Rising Cost of a Chinese Big Mac

Will Chinese price controls curb global growth?

Surge of the Emerging

It seems investors have taken note of Emerging Markets' current growth and growth prospects.

Energizing Global Growth

A new report shows China consumed more energy than the US last year.

The Long March

The Long March is legendary in modern Chinese history—but perhaps the reference should now change to reference the ongoing journey of rapid economic development.

Lit Crit 101

The IMF's latest outlook, while laced with pessimism, has plenty of good news.

Still a Yuan for US Debt

China still desires US debt—despite the easing of the yuan-dollar peg.

A Chicken Little Sort of Day?

Is the sky really falling, or are other forces playing a role in stocks' recent pullback?

Improvements for the Average João

While not a brand new story, rapid Emerging Markets growth is as current as ever.

PIIGS and Chips

Spain's credit was downgraded on Friday, but that shouldn't overshadow positive developments elsewhere, like US manufacturing.

Little Inflation in Big China

Does an April uptick in Chinese inflation mean its explosive growth is unsustainable? Not just yet.

A Tale of Two Bonds

Recent US-dollar bond offerings by Russia and Greece illustrate the uneven nature of economic recovery.

Bull in a China Shop

China's growth prospects look good, but remember, investing in Emerging Markets can be more volatile than in developed countries.

Whose Side Are Yuan?

Is all the fuss over China's currency policy warranted?

Russian Roulette

Russia's economic outlook may not look as red-hot as other Emerging Markets'.

Underdogs Victorious

The US and most Emerging Markets beating Q4 GDP expectations signals the global economy is alive and well.

A Race We All Win

It's easy to think the developed nations make the world go round—but don't discount the up-and-comers.

Submerging Market

Emerging markets are leading the global economic recovery, but events in Venezuela show not all emerging markets are equal.

Country Matters

Emerging markets are fueling global growth, and China's surge bodes well for the world.

Skip the Double-Dip

The future's never certain, but a double-dip recession seems unlikely.

Futures Ahead

China's aiming to further develop its futures exchanges—potentially opening a window to this important end market.

Rare Earths

Materials and Emerging Markets are two equity categories likely to lead market recovery. Rare earths, a small subset of Materials, show us why.

Reading Rainbows

Positive manufacturing readings across the globe are welcome signs.

Lights, Camera, Renminbi

The Chinese renminbi is starring in a new role: Trade settlement currency.

Emerging Optimism

Unbeknownst to many investors, emerging market stocks have been on a tear recently.

China’s Economic Game Plan

Regardless of what was or not said, Premier Wen's speech reaffirmed the Chinese government's commitment to support economic growth.

Eastern European Finger Trap

Pressure is tightening on Western European banks as investors pull capital out of Eastern Europe.

Pipeline Politics

Pipeline politics are leaving Eurasia and Europe in the cold.

The Four Corners

What should investors be vigilant of now? Look abroad.

Global Inflation Conflagration

Don't fret inflation shock stories—global inflation remains benign.

Oh! You Pretty Things

China is gearing up for her Olympic coming out party, but a labor shortage in India tells us more about China's real economic prospects.

A Seemingly Cruel Mistress

China's recently roaring returns have given way to a sharp correction—a lesson in the benefits of Emerging Markets diversification.

Bare Necessities…Big Opportunities

We forget how good we've got it—the goods we consider bare necessities are seeing booming demand in developing regions. That makes for great investing opportunities abroad.

The Industrials Evolution

Industrials are among the unsung heroes of today's global economy.

It’s a Materials World

Don't let higher Materials prices spook you. The price trend in Materials isn't a symptom of inflation but of growing global demand.

Hugo’s Gambit

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is boasting of checkmating the US by cutting off oil trade, but his strategy is flawed from the start.

Propped Up

A burgeoning belief among investors that foreign countries are "propping up” US markets today is pure mythology.

China's Fabulous Moolah

China's historic bull market run-up probably has further to climb, but investors should use extreme caution before making a foray into Chinese equities.

Chinese Inflation

China's inflation rate is soaring. While that's unlikely to derail China's economy in the near term or infect the global economy with higher prices, the problem underscores a still fragile and developing nation fraught with peril for investors.

Triangulation Reformation

Economics and free market efficiency are universal.

Comrade Yeltsin

Even recent history suffers from rewrites.

A Different Kind of Debt

We've written in the past about the positive structural forces at work in emerging markets.

From Russia With Love

As the New Year turned, Russia again showered its love upon one of its Eastern European neighbors.

Caveat Emptor

The siren song of Chinese equities has proved too hard to resist.

Re-Emerging Emerging Markets

Perma-bears lauded the seeming implosion of Emerging Markets stocks when the market correction began in the spring.

Emerging Market Contagion?

If you read the newspaper in the past several weeks, you would think emerging economies were on the brink of imploding: a coup in Thailand, an assassination of a central banker in Russia, a budget fiasco and rioting in Hungary and a political maverick in Mexico declaring his own government after losing an election fair and square.


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