Looking for Safety in All the Wrong Places


Despite what terms like “risk assets” and “safe havens” imply, there is no such thing as a riskless investment.

A Whole Latte Nonsense About the Dollar


Coffee is one of the most useful substances on earth, but it is not a gauge of currency values.

No, IMFcoin Won’t Rule Them All


US dollars aren’t about to be replaced as the world’s reserve currency—by IMFcoin or anything else.

Weak Theories About the Weak Dollar


Not too long ago pundits sweated a strong dollar; fretting the opposite now still isn’t compelling.

Currency Fluctuations Don’t Offset Global Investing’s Benefits


Currency fluctuations occasionally boost or weigh on returns outside your home country. But don't let this distract you from global investing's much more important benefits.

Pssssst—Stocks Don’t Care About the Dollar


If stocks leave a St. Louis train station at 3 pm and the dollar leaves at 6 …

Dennis Rodman and Bitcoin Walk Into a Dutch Coffee Shop


On cryptocurrencies’ big boom and hazy future. 

Will Inflation Pound UK Growth?


Looking past the headlines, the UK economy appears healthier than many think.

Investing Lessons From India’s Currency Kerfuffle


What’s the best move when a sudden reform in an otherwise healthy market looks like it’s going badly?

Don’t Yield to Pound Paranoia


The falling pound and rising Gilt yields don’t threaten UK growth.

Meet the New Reserve Currency


Stocks aren’t bothered by the yuan’s admission to the IMF's reserve currency basket—investors shouldn’t be either.

The Yuan’s Symbolic Ascent


The IMF adding the yuan to the SDR will not dethrone the dollar as the world’s preferred reserve currency.

On “Currency Manipulation,” US Trade and Stocks


Currency moves just don’t have much influence on trade. 

Will the Fed Hike the Dollar Higher?


An initial Fed rate hike doesn’t automatically mean a stronger dollar.

Presidential Politics and America’s Economic Relationship With China


Political rhetoric on China doesn’t overlap much with reality.

1997 and 2015: History Rhymes, But Doesn’t Exactly Repeat


Today’s Emerging Markets resembles that of the 1997/1998 Asian currency crisis, but the differences make an exact repeat unlikely.

China Devalues the Yuan


The yuan’s depreciation doesn’t spell doom for the world.

The Common Currency: Cure or Curse?


The euro gets a bad rap, but it isn’t an economic straitjacket.

The Yuan’s Rise Doesn’t Doom the Dollar


The dollar’s status as the world’s primary reserve currency is neither in jeopardy nor is it the benefit many folks think.

Earnings 1, Strong Dollar Doom Mongers 0


Q1 earnings defied the strong-dollar doomsayers.

3 Reasons the Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status Shouldn’t Worry You—in Charts!


Let’s reassess longstanding fears the dollar will lose its status as the world’s primary reserve currency.

As Goes Switzerland…?


How January’s sudden franc strengthening can add perspective to currency moves elsewhere.

Dollar Up, Costs Down?


While most attention paid to the rising dollar frets its potential impact on multinationals’ revenues, there is a benefit most aren’t noticing.

One-Two-Three-Four, Who Declares a Currency War?


Are we in a currency war today? 

Does a Strong Dollar Favor Smaller?


We investigate the claim that a strong dollar will kill large-cap US stocks.

What to Glean From Contradictory Coverage


When all news is bad, it's a sign stocks have more wall of worry to climb. 

The Swiss Miss: Media’s Take on the Franc’s Fallout


We sift through the latest on Switzerland so you don’t have to.

The Red Scare


What should investors make of the Russian ruble’s recent plunge?  

Some Solace From a Quantum of Fear


Some say the stronger dollar will cause big problems for Emerging Markets. Are they right?

Eight Charts to Show Why the Strong Dollar Won’t Knock Earnings


Headlines holler about the dollar, but for investors, it’s all just noise.

Bitcoin Goes Boom


Is Bitcoin a viable currency?

Book Review: ‘Get Them to Blink In Sequence’—James Rickards' Currency Wars


James Rickards' Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis is ambitious but falls far short of adding material value for investors.

Latvia Likes the Euro (Lats)


This summer, Latvia hopes to cash in its lats for euros. But after all of the euro’s bad press lately, couldn’t this currency conversion end badly for the Baltics?

Youkoso, Kuroda-san?


Word has leaked Japanese Prime Minister plans to nominate Asian Development Bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda to steer the Bank of Japan. What can we expect from the likely new chief?

Mutually Assured Devaluation?


Talk of competitive devaluations and currency wars seem to be en vogue lately. Let’s take a closer look at recent history and the underlying theory.

The Lowdown on Dollar Swaps


Recent central bank action provides much-needed respite from heightened lending risk in Europe, although ongoing PIIGS debt issues remain.

Golden Years


As the free-floating dollar turns 40, we survey the web’s reaction.

Fisher Investments Perspective: The Yin and Yang of Chinese Trade


Some criticize Chinese yuan policy as a contributor to our trade deficit. But let’s review the underlying assumptions.

Fisher Investments on China’s Three Pillars


China is likely poised to avoid a hard landing and continue growing, but that doesn’t mean Chinese stocks are set to soar.  

Top Dollar


Despite the US dollar recently weakening relative to other major currencies, there’s no imminent dollar demise.



Lost amid the headlines, eurozone officials made positive strides in overhauling bailout fund terms—but there’s still plenty of work to do.

Dollar on the Decline?


Neither the yuan—nor any other currency—will upstage dollar dominance anytime soon.

Reap What You Sow

The latest data shows the Chinese government is still trying to find the right balance between growth and too-fast growth.

Currency “Clash”

The G-20 came to a vague agreement over the weekend regarding currency valuations.

The Great Monetary Wall

China surprised investors by hiking interest rates Tuesday. 


Japan intervened in currency markets to help its exporters—but will intervention have the desired results?

Still a Yuan for US Debt

China still desires US debt—despite the easing of the yuan-dollar peg.

Whose Side Are Yuan?

Is all the fuss over China's currency policy warranted?

Don't Holler About the Dollar

The latest IMF data show the US dollar accounted for over 62% of global reserve assets in Q4 2009, up from the previous quarter.

Long Live the King?

Cash is corporate king currently, and that bodes well for stocks looking forward.


The European economy overall continues to show signs of recovery.

Submerging Market

Emerging markets are leading the global economic recovery, but events in Venezuela show not all emerging markets are equal.

Battle of the Buck

Don't fret a weakening dollar.

Monetary Mantras

Though some central banks are raising interest rates, stimulative global monetary policy remains en vogue.

The Dollar’s Doom Looms?

Rumors are flying that a few countries want to stop pricing oil in US dollars, raising fears about the dollar as the world's dominant currency.

A Perplexing Peg

The Chinese yuan appears to be re-pegged to the US dollar—more evidence recent anti-dollar rhetoric is more talk than action.

Lights, Camera, Renminbi

The Chinese renminbi is starring in a new role: Trade settlement currency.

Short One Alien Invasion

Chinese officials continued their anti-dollar rhetoric Tuesday.

Carried Away

Currency carry trades are unwinding across the globe.

Debunking the Ms

A record drop in US money supply as recorded by M3 is stoking the fire of existing economic worries. But the "Ms” aren't the indicators they once were.

The Dollar and You

There's lots of hubbub surrounding the US dollar's recent rally against other major currencies. What should investors know when it comes to currency movement?

Hedging What?

Investors fearing a falling dollar are increasingly turning to currency hedging. Is this necessary?

Mint Dollar Chip

The dollar hitting new lows isn't a symptom of economic or market weakness.

What Dollar Story?

2007 was a year of hand-wringing about the dollar's demise. With just a few days left in the year, it turns out the dollar wasn't so weak after all.

Dollar Doldrums Don’t Mean Diddly for Stocks

Headlines fretting over the falling dollar are both overblown and lack power to curtail the bull market in stocks.

The Only Dollar Story

You thought the dollar was going to tank this year, didn't you? Admit it. We're not going to name any names or single you out, but you know who you are. Dollar-doomsdayers and greenback-naysayers have been unusually mum so far this year, despite their fire and brimstone predictions at 2007's outset.

Currency Pegging Pedantics

Just about everyday, in some form or another, we rant about the importance of free markets.

Pound of Flesh

Tough luck for any American planning a visit to Ye Olde England—as of today, one pound sterling costs two American dollars.

Carry Trading Tirade

Today we discuss the reason du jour for the recent stock market weakness: The Big Bet That Could Melt Wall Street: A look at the 'Yen Carry Trade' and Why so Many Investors Are Starting to Worry it Might UnravelBy Grace Wong, CNNMoney

Look Out Below!

The dollar is falling! And the sky, too! At least that's what the media has likely led you to believe.


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