You Might Be Near a Crypto-Top If …


Signs of the bitpocalypse?

Got Gold? Bitcoin? Tax Considerations for Nontraditional Investments


Want to invest in more than just stocks and bonds? Your tax situation may get much trickier.

Gold Zoom, Copper Boom!


Metals are metals, and stocks are stocks.

OPECs’ Biggest Problem—in Two Charts


OPEC faces internal struggles to cutting back production, but the biggest complication is beyond the cartel's control.

Oil Drum Doldrums


The oil bear resumes with longstanding oversupply issues unresolved.

Budget 2018: Trump’s Oil Dump?


A look at Trump’s first budget, and in particular, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 

Oil Well Supplied


Vaunted oil cartel production cuts have failed to stem global supply, keeping a lid on prices and Energy sector performance.

Coal’s Trump Card a Bust


The new administration wants to save American coal—but natural gas may stand in the way.

OPEC Plays ‘Let’s Make a Deal’


OPEC reached a deal aiming to reduce oil output, but it has many asterisks and caveats.

Oil Supply Glut Still Saps Energy Earnings


Energy firms are more productive and competitive than ever—but don’t count on surging profits.

There Is Nothing Inherently Special About Gold


Gold is just a commodity, and a volatile one at that.

What Most Miss About Steel


As the UK’s steel industry takes another body blow, a look at why tariffs won’t help. 

Will Oil’s Bounce Boom or Bust?


What to make of oil’s recent rally.

See Through the Oily Haze Skewing Economic Data


Oil’s big drop since 2014 seems to have clouded investors’ view of the US economy.

Bully for Bullion?


Investors seem too hot to trot for gold.

Behind the Baltic Drop


A widely watched gauge of global shipping costs hit a record low Monday. Here is some quick-hitting perspective.

Oil and Stocks, Hand in Hand?


How meaningful is oil and stocks’ recently high correlation?

Rounding Up Start-of-Year Fears


A look at the various factors most pundits allege are behind this week’s volatility.



Some high-profile dividend cuts illustrate the danger of chasing yield.

Junk Bonds’ Funk Does Not Mean Stocks Are Sunk


Recent weakness in high-yield bonds doesn’t necessarily mean stocks are destined for a fall.

Understanding MLPs


Though pitched as stable, high-yielding investments, master limited partnerships face tough sledding as oil tumbles.

Dr. Copper’s Dubious Diagnoses


Dr. Copper’s price is no more predictive of the economy’s direction than Dr. Pepper’s.

One Very Bad Reason to Hold Gold


Gold isn’t a reliable buffer during times of uncertainty. 

Canadians Were Ready to Vote


Monday, Canadian voters hit the polls and delivered a new leader a surprise majority. But the broad headwinds facing Canadian stocks and its economy aren’t likely to change soon.

Thoughts on the Oil Bounce


Oil markets appeared to make too much of two small news items Monday.

Energy Stocks Are Running on Empty


Fundamentals point to continued low oil prices.

How Silver Lost Its Shine


With 2011’s bubble long since popped, silver doesn’t seem so sterling anymore.

Gold: The Pyrrhic Hedge


What are you willing to pay for this mythological hedge?

Assessing the Iran Deal’s Investment Impact


The Iran nuclear deal doesn’t diminish Energy stocks’ many headwinds.

OPEC Still Won’t Support Energy Sector Returns


Diving into Energy stocks still seems premature.

Don’t Gush Over Oil Stocks


Considering diving into Energy stocks? Better check the water’s depth.

All George Strait’s Exes Live in Texas, but America’s Jobs Don’t


The oil & gas industry is in a rough patch, but job layoffs there aren't a threat to the bull market or US expansion. 

Drilling Deep for Oil Stocks?


How are oil producers reacting to lower prices?

Safe Haven, Found! It’s in the Fiction Aisle


The hunt for a new safe haven to replace those just proven unsafe is on again.  

What to Glean From Contradictory Coverage


When all news is bad, it's a sign stocks have more wall of worry to climb. 

Blinded by Shiny Objects?


Is this time different for gold and silver?

Dissecting Three Media Themes on Oil


Here is your user guide for oil-related hyperbolic news stories.

Debunking the Junk Funk


Is the high yield bond market giving clues about stocks' future?

OPEC Stays Put—Will US Shale Take a Hit?


Will OPEC’s decision not to reduce its output negatively impact US shale producers?

Falling Oil Prices: Consumers’ Boon, Producers’ Bust?


Working through some misperceptions surrounding lower oil prices.  

About Those Falling Commodity Prices


Some say falling oil and metals prices are a sign global demand is sinking, but a closer look suggests the truth is much brighter.

Striking Gold?


What should long-term investors consider in the wake of gold’s worst quarter as a freely traded commodity?  

What a Gold Rush


What does gold’s recent fall mean for mongers’ precious metal?

The Milkman Cometh


If the US falls off the “dairy cliff,” will milk prices double?

Ken Fisher on the Harder to Discern Benefits of Natural Gas Exports


The US government’s study on natural gas exports seems to have reached a sensible conclusion, though perhaps for just the obvious reasons.

Gotta Have My Pops!


Rising food prices likely lack the power to pick consumers’ pocketbooks or derail the global economy.

Guzzling Government Gas


Why we don’t need the government to help direct a possible natural gas transition.

Global Energy Grab Bag


Tuesday was packed with news out of the Energy industry. Here’s a look around at some relevant headlines.

Golden Years


As the free-floating dollar turns 40, we survey the web’s reaction.

Fisher Investments on Rising Commodity Capital Expenditures


Rising demand from Emerging Markets consumers has had downstream effects on agricultural commodities. This bodes well for commodity capital expenditures.

An IEA Surprise


Oil prices dropped yesterday on a surprise increase in supply from emergency reserves—but fundamentals seem to point to oil prices remaining firm.

OPEC’s Oil Undulations


OPEC left oil production quotas unchanged Wednesday, but the impact on markets is likely minimal and short term in nature.

Not So Sterling Silver


Silver’s on a tear, but history suggests it’s both a poor inflation hedge and long-term investment.

Unrest at Oil's Door


Unrest in Libya could have a material impact on global energy supplies and prices.

Oil Oozing Up

Some are again concerned with the rising price of oil—but higher prices are mostly a reflection of a growing global economy.

Cause and Effect?

Gold and inflation may move in sympathy at times, but the relationship is more coincidental than causal.

Gold’s Safety Blanket Myth

Gold can be emotionally comforting when markets get volatile, but it boasts poor long-term returns compared to stocks.

Futures Ahead

China's aiming to further develop its futures exchanges—potentially opening a window to this important end market.

The Bling Fling

Even at $1,000 per ounce, gold isn't a harbinger of hyperinflation or financial panic…just a boring old commodity.

Fuel for the Fire

Oil's constricted supply, lengthy extraction process, and difficult distribution highlight the bullish prospects for the Energy sector.

Pipeline Politics

Pipeline politics are leaving Eurasia and Europe in the cold.

Oily Promises

Despite OPEC's pledge to cut oil production, some analysts are still predicting depressed oil prices for 2009. But such predictions typically don't hold water in the long run.

Immaterial Materials Blues

Despite a recent pullback in the Materials sector, supply and demand remains tight.

The Price Is Right

Falling oil prices have folks wondering if the long run for the energy sector is over. But prices remain high, and energy earnings are more resilient to lower prices than believed. 

Georgia on Our Minds

As tensions escalate in Georgia, the question is, beyond the human costs, should folks be concerned?

Cost Consumed

Higher production costs aren't necessarily directly passed on to the consumer.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Some folks fret lower oil and gas prices are a bad sign for Energy and the economy, but fundamentals still look nice.

It’s All Relative

When it comes to future inflation, it's not current prices, but price movement, that counts.

Demand or Speculate

Oil endured its second biggest drop on record Tuesday…and "blame” was finally attributed to supply and demand, not speculators.

There’s More Offshore

Record oil prices have intensified calls to expand offshore drilling in the US. But even if legislation is passed to allow it, drilling won't impact oil prices anytime soon.

Speculation Accusation

Speculation is being blamed for high oil prices, but it's largely a political scapegoat.

Brave New World

Some folks think a slowing global economy means less demand for energy and, eventually, lower oil prices. But slow economic growth is still growth, and the world will demand more oil, not less.


Investors panic over high oil, forgetting today's high oil is a symptom of a growing economy.

Hello GMOs

Once foodstuff fodder, countries are suddenly turning to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) due to rising food prices concerns.

Grain’s Gains

As food prices soar, fear of a global calamity elevates. But are rising prices a harbinger of doom or simply another sign of increasing global prosperity?

A Hundred Bucks a Barrel

Headlines are making much of oil's new milestone, but price milestones are meaningless and tell us nothing about the economy or market direction.


Gold is the great inflationary predictor, and holding gold is a superb hedge against rising prices, recession, and bear markets.

A Tale of Two Charts

What's really going on in the commodity markets? You'd be hard pressed to find a positive story on commodities lately, with pundits citing oil's decline, the lack of hurricane disaster, and calming tensions in Iran as reasons to turn bearish.


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