Capitalist Corner

Merry Capitalism!


This holiday season, it’s time to celebrate what others innovate.

Resurrecting Capitalism in the Killing Fields


History has numerous examples of the benefits of capitalism and free markets—and Cambodia is one example.

Hungary’s Crossroads


Could Hungary’s bailout need save its people from proto-fascist authoritarianism?

Fiat Lux


Things look a little brighter for consumers and free markets this holiday season since government gave them an early present in the form of a reprieve.

Zuccotti Park’s Modern-Day Pilgrims


Though Occupy Wall Street was recently evicted from Zuccotti Park, there are still important lessons to be learned—and they’re particularly relevant at Thanksgiving. 

Supply-Side Schooling from Shale


Some recent developments in shale gas production speak powerfully to the invisible hand’s ability to solve even some of what seem to be the trickiest problems.

The Trouble With Taxes


As election season heats up, a plethora of pundits and politicians—both incumbents and candidates—are resurrecting the ever-popular debate over taxes. But what are investors to make of the hoopla and hyperbole?

A Taxing Situation

Imposing new or higher taxes seems an easy way to generate money—but it can backfire.

Cracks in the Fortune Cookie

China's pretty much leading the global economic recovery, so why is the Shanghai Stock Exchange technically in bear market territory?

Hoopla Over Pay

The closest I've been to $42.9 million (the total pay received by Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein in 2008) is in newspaper print. But I'm not appalled, aggrieved, or angered.

Let the Bad Times Roll

Bad times feel bad. Really bad. Like there's so much bad, anything good seems impossible.

An Open Letter to Bill Gates

Dear Mr. Gates, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in trouble. And you can help.


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