Technology: Coming for Your Job Since John Kay


People have feared job-destroying robots for longer than you might think.

Everything I Need to Know About Investing I Learned From Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Three timeless lessons from my favorite stake-wielding heroine and her pals.

Our (Typically) Tumultuous Times


When bad news overwhelms, consider history.

Happy Birthday, Internet!


Investment lessons from the Internet’s first quarter century.

Terror Will Never Succeed


Free societies and markets are too resilient for terrorism to materially impact them.

Moore’s Law Gets a New Lease on Life


Chipmakers announced a huge breakthrough Thursday, adding years to one of the most powerful technological trends in history.

Upside Risks Are the Riskiest


For long-term investors, upside market risk has forever been the most dangerous risk.

Upside Risks Are the Riskiest


For long-term investors, upside market risk has forever been the most dangerous risk. 

Book Review: Business Adventures Is Better With Age


After decades out of print, John Brooks' Business Adventures reveals itself an accessible and worthwhile classic.

There Is Nothing About Terror to Fear But Fear Itself


As we remember the events of September 11, 2001, we take a look back at how terrorism has historically impacted stocks.

Grabbing the Third Rail: Income Inequality and Stocks


Is growing income inequality an economic and stock market risk, as some say?

Innovations Through Generations


Thanks to the power of profit motive, parents like me have helpful products to make our most important job a little bit easier.

Rwanda, 19 Years Later


A look at recent economic progress in Rwanda, which issued its first-ever dollar-denominated bond last week.

We Are Boston


Capitalism, markets and the people who make them up are simply stronger than terrorists. 

On the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher


As the world mourns Margaret Thatcher, a look at her legacy and the lessons she taught the world.

The Milkman Cometh


If the US falls off the “dairy cliff,” will milk prices double?

How Capitalism Saved Christmas


The story of how West German capitalism saved Germany's nutcracker industry during the Cold War.

The (French) Revolution Will Not Be Televised


France is seemingly finding socialism in practice is a little trickier than in theory.

‘Doing Business’ With the World Bank


The World Bank’s 2013 “Doing Business” report shows how some nations have—and haven’t—improved competitiveness over the past year.

Trade Tussle


The US and China’s trade relationship got a bit frostier Monday, but minor spats between the two haven’t much impacted bilateral trade over the past decade.

How to Succeed in Business ...


The World Economic Forum’s most recent competitiveness rankings have some interesting lessons for all.

A Trying, Yet Worthwhile, Transition


European carmakers recently balked at heightened competition from their South Korean counterparts. Though possibly uncomfortable in the interim, the economic benefits that ultimately result from the competition are worthwhile.

A Private Post and a Practical Partnership


Some interesting, free-market oriented developments in Japan may be afoot.

Handicapping Energy


Handicapping the likely primary future source(s) of global energy—in light of solar panel manufacturers’ recent acquisition of a new handicap … er, tariff.

The Grass Is Greener Than Many Think


Friday’s US Q4 2011 GDP report showed growth continued—and accelerated for the third quarter in a row.

Talking Tokyo


Japan’s been quite busy the last few days—here’s a quick rundown of some primary stories.

Darkness and Light


Lessons from the markedly different lives of Kim Jong Il and Vaclav Havel.

Midweek Mash-up


Euro politics dominated headlines again Tuesday, but eurozone musical chairs wasn’t the only story. Here’s a look at what news caught our eye.

On Steve Jobs and Capitalism


Steve Jobs’s contributions to society extend beyond computers and technology. A true capitalist, he helped create societal wealth and good—something oft forgotten.

Half Full or Half Empty?


Debt ceiling dramatics came to a conclusion Tuesday, leaving many frustrated in its wake. Here’s a look around the news at what’s poking that frustration—and largely unnoticed remedies.

Fisher Investments on Rising Commodity Capital Expenditures


Rising demand from Emerging Markets consumers has had downstream effects on agricultural commodities. This bodes well for commodity capital expenditures.

Make a Trade for Trade


Pending FTAs with Panama, Colombia and South Korea are caught in yet another political battle.

Capital Wanted: Invest Within


Chinese investment abroad seems set to rise in the coming decade, bringing desirable capital—and undeserved fear.

A Torrent of Free Trade


The recent destruction of trade barriers, which seems poised to continue, is a move we heartily applaud.

Let’s All Say on Pay


US firms are beginning to allow investors to “say on pay,” a popular Dodd-Frank provision that likely does little to prevent future disasters.

’Tis the Season


Politicians are duking it out in a timely battle over taxes, debts, and deficits. But what will be the market impact when a winner emerges?

A Lesson in the Law of Unintended Consequences


Legislation that interferes with free markets can and frequently does have completely unintended consequences—sometimes undermining the very purpose of the legislation.

Indicator Acrophobia


Investors should take a cue from stock markets and ignore when indexes hover at round number thresholds.

Ich Bin Ein NYSE Berliner


Acquisitions of American icons by foreign competitors shouldn't be viewed with patriotic disdain—consolidation is a normal and necessary part of success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Vaguely Reforming Their Fannie


Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presented three proposals for reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Friday.

More With Less


Growth continues to surge in the US thanks to increasing productivity.

The Many Gifts of Capitalism

This holiday season, we'd like to say thanks to corporate America for gifts given all year—and their gifts are the kind that keep on giving.

Creativity Counts

Protectionist measures endanger prosperity—and are often based on misleading official data. 

Feelings and Other Tragedies

Most Americans feel like their portfolios haven't grown over the last year. But feelings are often completely wrong.

Banks and Capitalism

Likely mindful of a still-struggling banking industry and other economic vulnerabilities, Fed head Ben Bernanke emphasized the need for continued low interest rates on Wednesday.

The Good Life

After giving thanks for all we have, let's ponder just why we have so much. 

Sickness or Health

Innovation happens all the time—even during downturns.

Baby, You Can Drive My Volvo

America's auto industry is as American as strudel, sushi, and bangers and mash.

Extreme Makeover: Bank Edition

Last Thursday's failure of BankUnited was the largest bank failure of 2009, but there's no need to panic.

Fisher Investments MarketMinder: Shifted Balance

During crises, it's not surprising to see balance shift in favor of government over capitalism. But ultimately, capitalism, not government, drives most economic progress.

California Dreamin’


Is California's once-golden economy now tarnished by years of anti-competitive regulation and taxes?


Don’t Fear Failure

Investors fearing bank failures shouldn't—failures make way for progress.

The Paradox of Pursuit

For this year's celebration of independence, it's time to ask why we feel so bad while the world keeps getting better.


From legislature to soccer fields, protectionism is creeping up.

Resurrection in Rainbows

As old as myth and Mother Nature, creative destruction is essential to economic progress too.

That ‘70s Show

Proposed solutions to today's high gas prices are a bit short-sighted. Do we really want to voluntarily relive the 1970s?

Terza Rima

Today's investing environment isn't a new bear market, it's the poetry of capitalism.

The Bigger the Better

A big trade deficit isn't an economic negative requiring a government fix. Rather, it can be symptomatic of dynamic economic health. Developed nations running trade deficits have had better economic growth than surplus nations.

Free Trade Follies

No one wins in Congress's war on free trade.

Investing, the Government Way

Governments around the world are pouring trillions into "Sovereign Wealth Funds” to gain exposure to capital markets.

Mmm . . . Bacon

A possible story-line for the Simpsons: Homer travels to China with the sole aim of seeing China's strategic pork reserves.

Indra's Net

One of the great mythic images of the near eastern traditions is Indra's Net.

No Impact? No Thanks.

We like pretty much everything about Daylight Savings Time.

This Ain't a Scene…it's a (Cognitive) Arms Race

Why are free market-based systems the optimal framework for an economy? One way to understand it is through the brain's evolutionary composition.

Exponential Possibilities

One of the most interesting features of human intellectual history is that often the best ideas stem from simple observations.

Self Reliance

- Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.

Proud to be Liberal

Milton Friedman, the recently deceased economist and Nobel Laureate, once asked the public this simple question: "How do you make a pencil?" By appearance it's a simple object.

Capitalism and Freedom's Stalwart Defender

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman has died today at the age of 94.

Have a Market Mentality

Capital markets are all about innovation, technology, dynamic change, and the flow of information.

When Destruction is Good

Media empires are crumbling! Thousands of electronic products face obsolescence yearly! Large, well-established companies are being exterminated by leaner, more innovative competitors! How can the economy possibly survive amid continual danger to its products? Believe it or not, all this turmoil is positive.

In Defense of Global Capitalism

It's amazing to us, given the results of the 20th century, that capitalism still needs a staunch defense now and again.


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