Alternative Investments

Non-Traded REITs Are No Treat


Want real estate exposure? These are your worst option. 

Why Preferred Stocks Quite Simply Aren’t


Preferred stocks are trendy right now, but they aren’t viable bond alternatives.

Low Yields Do Not Equal Low Returns


Even with bond yields near historic lows, investors needn’t flock to exotic alternatives to find a decent return.

A Companion to Your 2015 Investment Product Catalogue


On an oft-overlooked but critical point regarding mutual funds. 

Targeting the Wrong Objective


While the SEC mulls whether target-date funds require more disclosure, there is a much bigger flaw in these investments.

The Perils of Non-Traded REITs


Before jumping into non-traded REITs, we’d suggest investors do their due diligence.

What Does VIX^2 Equal?


The CBOE introduced a new benchmark index Tuesday—is it the silver bullet investors have been waiting for?

The 411 on ETFs

ETFs can be a useful tool, but investors still need to do their due diligence.

An Uphill Battle

German politicians recently banned naked short-selling of sovereign debt and bank shares.

Bonds in Red

Bonds can lose value too. 2009 was an example.

Touch of Fear

MLPs are being touted as the answer to investor woes--but without proper due diligence, they can represent significant risks to long-term investors.

Rare Earths

Materials and Emerging Markets are two equity categories likely to lead market recovery. Rare earths, a small subset of Materials, show us why.

Don’t Stifle the Prudent!

Pervasive misunderstanding of derivatives markets is fueling fears of financial instability. In fact, the role of derivatives is just the opposite.

Free to Give

To kick off the holiday week, we're taking a look at the "New Philanthropy".

Deriving Stable Markets

We hear a lot of irrational worries about the derivatives market.

Markets Do Just Fine Regulating Markets

We've been listening to the media get it wrong for so long, we almost missed it when someone actually got it right.

I'm OK, You're OK (and We're Both US Consumers)

Psychologist Thomas Harris wrote a book called I'm OK, You're OK in 1976 explaining his theory on how we perceive ourselves and others.


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