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How to Break the Brexit Blues


Dour sentiment toward the UK isn’t warranted, in our view. 

Eurozone Stocks Don’t Need an Ever Closer Union


The last four and a half years prove the eurozone’s cyclical drivers swamp structural issues. 



Not much has changed from a year ago, except more clarity Brexit doom-mongers are wrong.

Chart of the Day: The Eurozone’s Journey From the Abyss


July PMI data show how far the eurozone has come since its recession’s end.  

Wimbledon, Markets, Bad Analogies and You


Two investing lessons from The Championship.

Brexit: One Year Later


A review of what has come to pass after the UK voted to leave the EU a year ago. 

Europe’s Bank Bail-In Roadmap Yields Two Routes


The bail-in of Spain’s Banco Popular is a near-term success story for eurozone regulators, but longer term, questions remain.

Stray Thoughts on the UK Election


On gridlock, Scotland, Brexit and more.

Is This Theresa’s Month of May or Oopsy Daisy?


Exit polls show a hung Parliament, but that could change as results come in.

What’s Really at Stake in the UK General Election?


Recent poll results are stirring angst over UK elections, but this obscures the vote’s most important factor for stocks: how easily the resulting government can pass new laws.

Et Tu, Italy?


What should investors make of recent early Italian election chatter?

Eurozone Earnings Are Soaring


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s MSCI EMU earnings!

Your Last Investing Lesson From France’s Election


French elections show stocks price in likely outcomes swiftly, often leaving hesitant investors behind.

The Unbearable Lightness of ECBeing


It’ll be nice when the ECB finally retires QE; eurozone stocks should still do great in the meantime.

And Then There Were Two


Sunday’s vote resolved much of the uncertainty over France’s election, making markets happy.

May Wants to Vote in June


What should investors make of the UK's call for a snap election?

Market Insights: 2017 European Elections


This Market Insights video examines the 2017 European elections and what they might mean for the market moving forward.

Are Stocks Headed Into Foreign Territory?


What should investors make of non-US stocks’ outperformance year-to-date?

Europe’s Falling Uncertainty: Dutch Edition


Next week’s Dutch parliamentary election is first in line to clear up political uncertainty in the Continent.  

British Consumers Carry On


A revised GDP report shows more consumption-led growth, sparking more handwringing that it can’t last.

A Possible Leadership Rotation in 2017?


Warmer sentiment toward US stocks could tee up a rotation to non-US leadership this year.

The UK’s Brexit Wish List


What does Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent speech mean for Brexit?

The Ghost of a Banking Crisis Past Visits Italy


Recent Italian financial turmoil echoes euro crisis banking troubles—but this expansion should charge ahead anyway.

Eight Charts That Deflate UK Inflation Fears


Rising prices in the UK don’t portend future struggles. 

Italian Referendum Fails, Stocks Smile


Once again, a major political event didn’t roil markets.

Bad Banks, Bail-ins, and the Importance of Following Plans


The recent wind-down of a failed Austrian bank was a big test for EU bank resolution rules.

People Still Want to Invest in the UK


So much for Brexit scaring off investment.

More Reasons Than Usual to Doubt UK Consumer Confidence Data


British consumer confidence plunged post-Brexit, but you should approach these data skeptically.

More Reasons Than Usual to Doubt UK Consumer Confidence Data


British consumer confidence plunged post-Brexit, but you should approach these data skeptically.

Think Global, Invest Global


Despite recent US outperformance, a global strategy still provides many benefits.

Think Global, Invest Global


Despite recent US outperformance, a global strategy still provides many benefits.

Adiós to the EU?


What does Brexit signal about future European elections?   

A Deep Dive Into Brexit Polls


Hype over recent polls showing more momentum for the Leave campaign seems a bit misplaced.

MarketMinder Minute - Assessing the Brexit Referendum


This MarketMinder Minute evaluates the pending Brexit referendum and what it means for global stocks.

Brexit, and the Creative Art of Misinformation


In the heated debate over the UK's referendum on EU membership, the economic impact is commonly overstated.

Really, the UK Unemployment Report Wasn’t Bad


Brexit risk didn’t take a bite out of UK job markets.

Fact-Checking the Brexit Debate


Here are some facts to help you sift through all the Brexit noise.

Brexit or No, People Are Buying UK Bonds


The record-high current account and Brexit dread were supposed to destroy demand for UK gilts. Someone forgot to tell the market.

Tapped-Out Britain?


The UK economy isn’t overstretched, built on sand or any other similar cliché.

Autumn Statement Ends Age of Alleged Austerity


Pundits greeted the UK Autumn Statement like it signals a radical shift in plans, but it actually extends long running trends.

Terror Will Never Succeed


Free societies and markets are too resilient for terrorism to materially impact them.

Will Britain Leave Europe?


It is far too early to start gaming the ramifications of a potential “Brexit.”

Will Britain Leave Europe?


It is far too early to start gaming the ramifications of a potential “Brexit.”

The ECB’s Punch Bowl Has No Punch


More quantitative easing would sedate the eurozone, not stimulate it.

Nine Straight Quarters of Eurozone Growth


Despite rampant fretting, the eurozone has now grown for over two straight years.

Super Thursday Was Ordinary


The Bank of England served up more data, but rate hikes remain impossible to forecast.

Serving Up Growth


The global economy keeps growing.

Britain’s Boom Can Still Zoom


Don’t overthink the disconnect between strong UK GDP and wobbly UK stocks. Economic fundamentals should win out.

Greece Gets Some Euros


Greece got an EU bridge loan Friday, affording Athens time to negotiate bailout number three.

User’s Guide to a Critical Week for the Euro(TM)


Everything you need to know about Greece this week.

Greece Is Still the Word


Volatility is spiking as Greece’s latest deadline approaches, but the longer-term risks for global markets likely remain small.

The ECB’s FAQs on QE


The ECB’s press conference Q&A turned into Mario Draghi attempting the impossible: forecasting volatility.

A Spanish Uprising?


Should the rise of populist parties in Spain concern investors?

UK Election Results Surprise but Aren’t a Gamechanger


The UK election’s outcome hasn’t increased political risk for stocks.

Britain’s Balance


The UK economy doesn’t need its politicians’ help.

QuitE Wrong


The eurozone has been doing fine without the ECB’s QE.

British Gridlock Isn’t Bearish


Those warning a hung Parliament in Britain risks repeating 1974’s UK stock market plunge overlook several key points. 

A Greece-y State of Affairs


Is the eurozone at risk of a Greek contagion?

British Retirees Are Now Free to Choose


What can UK pensioners expect now that many reforms are officially in effect?

UK Politicians Want Some Votes


The 2015 Budget marks the kick-off of UK election season.

The ECB Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today


Will the ECB find enough bonds to meet its quantitative easing targets?



Eurozone growth defies the skeptics. Again.

The Eurozone’s Underappreciated Improvement


The eurozone economy has several little-noticed positives.

Economic Growth Seems Plenty Durable


Do recent US and UK economic data show weakening growth?  

The ECB Will Buy Some Bonds


ECB QE is a thing and we expect similar results as the US, UK and Japanese versions: Misperceptions galore and little economic stimulus.

The Eurozone’s Emerging Market Emerges, and Other Fun Q3 GDP Factoids


The common reaction to eurozone Q3 growth is a sign of the times, sentiment-wise.

ECB Says 25 Banks Were Undercapitalized 10 Months Ago


We dissect the ECB’s stress test results so you don’t have to.

Return of the Euro Crisis’ Ghosts


Should investors be concerned about the recent spate of scary eurozone headlines?  

The Eurozone’s Not-So-Flashy ‘Flash’ GDP


Does eurozone GDP’s Q2 stall portend a protracted slump?

Should the ECB Go Big?


Is the ECB sleepwalking its way into a deflationary spiral?

Super Mario Strikes Again?


ECB President Mario Draghi threw out a slew of measures aimed at boosting eurozone growth and inflation Thursday—but landed far from the target in our view.

Draghi’s Deleveraging Dilemma


Monetary gimmicks can’t fix one of the Eurozone’s primary headwinds: banks’ shrinking balance sheets.

Open for Business?


European politicians’ stance on foreign investment? It’s complicated.

Inflating Eurozone Deflation Concerns


Quantitative easing would likely create—not stop—deflation in the eurozone.



European Parliament elections are quickly approaching—is a bigger euroskeptic movement nearing, too?

New Laws for the Old Country


What impact will new legislation passed by the European Parliament have on investors?

Retiring the Annuity Requirement


What does one new rule change mean for UK pensioners?

Deleverage or Deregulate


Eurozone private sector lending fell again. Will it drag the rest of the economy down with it?

A Consuming Recovery


The UK’s consumption-led growth has some questioning the sustainability of its recovery—but are concerns warranted?

French Dip, Irish Cream


While headlines focused on iffy data from France, good news from Ireland and throughout the eurozone flew under the radar.

Berlusconi Out, German Government In


Eurozone politics got a little clearer on Wednesday.

The Eurozone’s Rolling Hills of Economic Improvement


Watching eurozone economic data and news—with all its ups and downs—may leave investors feeling motion-sick. We suggest focusing on the broader picture instead of the peaks and valleys.

Growth Versus Guidance


The UK LEI’s 1.5% rise in September is just the latest evidence the end of quantitative easing is good for growth—likely to the surprise of most investors.

Britain's Secret Stimulus


The only QE left in Britain is Queen Elizabeth, and it seems their economy is better off for it.

Banking on the ECB?


The ECB is closer to being the eurozone banking regulator, though we wouldn’t bank on the benefits of a European banking union just yet.

The EU-turn on Banks


EU finance ministers are rewriting the roadmap to bank bailouts.

Bonding Over Eurobonds?


Keeping with recent tradition, EU leaders’ latest summit didn’t amount to much.

An Often Overlooked, Yet Obvious Point on UK Trade


As a source of export demand, the eurozone in aggregate is significant to the UK. But this total view doesn’t tell the full story.

Decouple from Decoupling

Like King Canute and with global investors as witnesses, the American economy will prove it is neither almighty nor does it have the ability to single-handedly stem the tide of global economic expansion.

Europe’s Unintended Brown Thumb

With ever-increasing global competition, environmental targets that are too expensive and difficult to achieve could drive more of Europe's manufacturing base to browner pastures—creating economic and ecological net losses in the process.

Globalization Is Friend, Not Foe

The recent metaphor and rock-hurling exhibitions in Germany during the G8 Summit highlight a surge in anti-globalization campaigning. Globalization is becoming an increasingly popular scapegoat for everything from poverty to numerous social ills to Paris Hilton's recall to jail. Personally, I don't buy the last one. Come to think of it, blaming the other two on globalization isn't very sensible either.


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