Scott Botterman
Into Perspective

Fear and Loathing and European Politics

By, 09/15/2016

Investors needn’t fear recent political developments on the Continent. 

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Christo Barker

Four False Financials Fears

By, 03/28/2016

Financials are in better shape than most presume.

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Pete Michel
Into Perspective

Illusions of Bond ETF Illiquidity

By, 02/11/2016

Longstanding fears surrounding high-yield bond ETF liquidity are detached from the data.

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Timothy Schluter
Monetary Policy

The Bank of Neverland

By, 02/10/2016

The Bank of Japan’s latest attempt at stimulus probably won’t do much.

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Timothy Schluter
Into Perspective

The Unexpected China Offset

By, 12/22/2015

Slowing Chinese economic growth is being offset by an ignored-but-accelerating eurozone.

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