Portuguese Politicking


Inside Portugal’s ongoing political upheaval.

Italian Election Update—Coalition Talks Stall


Political progress is at a standstill in Italy as leaders have yet to reach a consensus on forming a coalition.

Mechanics of an Italian Election


This weekend’s Italian election is garnering a great deal of media attention. Here’s a look at how the mechanics of Italy’s electoral system can play a big role in determining the outcome.

Spanish Trials


Widespread fear Spain’s the next eurozone domino to fall is largely overwrought—as indicated by some overlooked positives.

In Depth: PIIGS Debt


One way to sift through the volume of data on PIIGS debt is to look at debt due in 2012.

PIIGS Yields Up, Maybe Permanently


PIIGS yields are currently elevated on renewed sovereign debt fears, but proposed restructuring legislation could lead to permanently higher yields.


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