Into Perspective

About That High Yield Selloff


Recent volatility appears to be a short-term selloff, not the start of something worse.

Making Sense of Catalonia


As tensions settle in Catalonia, investors’ uncertainty should fade.

Is China Experiencing the World's Biggest Credit Bubble?


Nope—and here is why.

Market Insights Podcast Emerging Markets Update-June 2017


In this podcast, Communications Group Manager Naj Srinivas speaks with Research Analyst Scott Botterman about recent developments within Emerging Markets and our current outlook.

Victory to En Marche!


The passing of Sunday’s French parliamentary elections adds to Europe’s streak of falling political uncertainty.  

Market Insights Podcast: Energy Sector - June 2017


In this podcast, Communications Group Manager Naj Srinivas talks to Research Analysts Luis Casian and Brad Rotolo about the Energy sector’s recent developments and our current outlook.

Market Insights Podcast: Market Update - May 2017


In this podcast, we talk to US Private Client Services Vice President Erik Renaud about some recent client questions on the market and our current outlook.

Market Insights Podcast: A Re-Introduction to The Ten Roads to Riches


In this podcast, we talk to Content Analyst Elisabeth Dellinger about the recently released second edition of The Ten Roads to Riches.


Market Insights Podcast: Adviser’s Corner - April 2017


In this podcast, Fisher Investments' Vice President of Private Client Services K.C. Ellis discusses our clients’ common questions from around the country, including retirement planning, homegrown dividends and dollar cost averaging.

Market Insights Podcast: 2017 Market Outlook


In this podcast, Fisher Investments’ Investment Policy Committee discusses their views on capital markets and the economy in 2017.

2017: The Year of Falling European Political Uncertainty


As elections come and go across Europe, political uncertainty should fall.

Market Insights Podcast: How to Read the Modern Financial News


In this podcast, we talk to Content Group Manager Todd Bliman on how investors can navigate the modern financial news media.

MarketMinder Podcast: November 2016 – Assessing Global Macro Drivers


MarketMinder’s editorial staff sits down with Fisher Investments Capital Markets Analyst Brad Pyles. (Recorded 11/17/2016)

MarketMinder Podcast: November 2016 – Energy Update


MarketMinder’s editorial staff sits down with Fisher Investments Capital Markets Analyst Brad Rotolo. (Recorded 11/3/2016)

A Political Update From Korea


Korean President Park Geun-hye’s fall from power shouldn’t override the country’s other positive drivers.

Italian Referendum


In a year of political upheaval, Italy’s forthcoming referendum hardly rates.

Should Bond Holders Expect Poor Long-Term Returns?


What fixed income investors should weigh when considering rising interest rates.

MarketMinder Podcast - Brexit and a European Update


MarketMinder’s editorial staff sits down with Fisher Investments Capital Markets Analyst Scott Botterman.

MarketMinder Podcast - Emerging Markets Update


MarketMinder’s editorial staff sits down with Fisher Investments Capital Markets Analyst Austin Fraser.

Fear and Loathing and European Politics


Investors needn’t fear recent political developments on the Continent. 

Four False Financials Fears


Financials are in better shape than most presume.

Illusions of Bond ETF Illiquidity


Longstanding fears surrounding high-yield bond ETF liquidity are detached from the data.

The Unexpected China Offset


Slowing Chinese economic growth is being offset by an ignored-but-accelerating eurozone.

Prescription Drug Price Politics and Pharmaceuticals/Biotech Stocks


Capping prescription drug prices would be a negative for the industry, but even if the idea became legislation, it isn’t likely to pass through the political gauntlet.

Why Bond Market Liquidity Fears Don’t Hold Much Water


Bond market liquidity is a hot topic, but fears seem overblown.

Greek Contagion Risk Is Minimal


Seven charts show Greece’s problems are contained.

European Parliament Elections—Setting Expectations


A peek at the ongoing European Parliamentary election.

FATCA Follies


2010’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is being implemented. While it likely does affect Americans abroad, markets likely see little impact.

Wholesale Skeptics


A quick look at October inventory data may add valuable perspective to the debate over US GDP growth’s sustainability.

Heating Up—A Look at UK Housing


UK housing has seen rapid price increases recently. But before calling a bubble, consider: Could one area be skewing the average?

Chinese Fundamentals: Likely Fine, Not Falling


Investors may be pleasantly surprised by China’s improving economic data.

The Definition of Surprise Power


Because US involvement in Syria is being weighed publicly the world over, it is unlikely to carry enough shock or surprise power to materially affect stocks.

German Election Preview


Four potential outcomes of Germany's elections next month.

Will Emerging Markets Throw a Taper Tantrum?


Evidence suggests Emerging Markets can hold up just fine once quantitative easing ends.

May 2013 Japanese Trade Update


An increase in Japanese export values doesn’t mean Japan’s quantitative easing program (QE) is working.  

Labor Reform—The Elixir for the Eurozone’s Woes?


Could France, Spain and Italy benefit from labor reforms as much as Germany did a decade ago?

What to Expect From Italy’s New Government


A look at Italy’s new government and its likely policy agenda.

March 2013 Japanese Trade Update


Perhaps the weakened yen’s stimulative impact is pending, but there are few signs of it in March trade data.

A Look at Japan’s Energy Reforms


Yen weakness and expensive energy imports may be the catalyst for energy market deregulation in Japan—an important step to regaining economic competitiveness.

Deflating Chinese Housing Bubble Fears


Chinese housing bubble fears have seemingly surfaced again. However, such fears fail to recognize the unique characteristics of the Chinese property market, make too-direct comparisons to US housing and underestimate the Communist government’s resolve to prevent a housing market bubble from bursting.

Industry Watch: The Growing Diabetes Risk


Firms that can meet a growing global health risk are poised to benefit.

China’s 18th Party Congress


China’s power transition this week is an important event, but it’s unlikely to surprise markets or mean much in the way of change ahead.

Japan: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


America isn’t the only nation that makes political hay over budgetary stalemates.

“Austerity,” Lending and the UK Economy


Spending cuts are often blamed for the UK’s recession, but data suggest regulatory uncertainty plays a much bigger role.

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results


Investors’ would be well-served to focus on the future rather than drive by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Geopolitics and Markets - Israel and Iran


Putting concerns over Middle Eastern geopolitical tensions in context.

A Maturing Bull Market Likely Favors Big Growth


The bull market looks likely to continue, but with changed leadership.

US Durable Goods Orders Up Slightly


What do slowing durable goods orders mean for the US economy?

China’s Private Lending Steps Out of the Shadows


China’s incremental financial system reforms are small steps in the right direction, but there’s much further to go.

A Closer Look at Financials


A brief look at Financials’ performance since the 2009 bear-market bottom and some considerations in forming forward-looking expectations.

A Fresh Look at Mobile Computing


Smartphones and tablets aren’t the only way to participate in mobile computing opportunities.

A Discussion of Health Care Reform’s Impact on Health Care Stocks


Love or hate the Affordable Care Act, it may influence Health Care stocks less than you think.

Elastic Health Care Demand?


In the past few years, it seems many patients deferred procedures as a result of economic hardship. Improving macroeconomic conditions should drive patient utilization rates higher.

Oil’s Next Act


Oil production has never been an easy exercise. But the increasing importance of deep water and shale production has introduced new challenges—and opportunities.

In Emerging Markets, Don’t Forget Indonesia


Is Indonesia an overlooked Tiger?

If Europe Faces Recession, Can the US Economy Still Continue to Grow?


Troubles in Europe have raised the question, “If Europe faces a recession, can the US economy still continue to grow?” Recent data suggest it can.

Flash Update: October Japanese Data


Economic releases over the last few days showed broad improvements in Japan’s economy in October.

A Look at Iron Ore Prices


A look at what iron ore prices can tell us about the economy.

Sector Flash: Pharmaceuticals


Looming patent expirations, legislative uncertainty and disappointing R&D results have long weighed on Pharmaceuticals stocks. But while those fears help explain the past, focusing on them exclusively can blind your view of the future.

Japan Enters Trans-Pacific Partnership Conversations


Japan takes a step toward joining the Pacific Rim free trade zone.  

US Manufacturing—Alive and Well


Here’s a graphical illustration of the fact US manufacturing is far from dead.

US GDP Growth Accelerates in Q3


US Q3 GDP growth accelerated in Q3, contradicting dour economic sentiment.

US Economic Update


A smattering of August and September data demonstrates fears of a US recession immediately ahead are likely overdone.

Research Flash: European Bank Funding Markets


For several months, many have said European banks are having issues with US dollar-based funding. And to an extent, they’ve been right, but that’s not the whole story.

Don’t Be Tempted By India


India’s a temptress (capital markets-wise). Don’t be seduced—at least not for the balance of 2011.

Research Flash: An Employment Snapshot


New reports from the BLS suggest today’s net job creation is on pace with past recoveries.

A Discussion on Consumer Credit Trends


The US consumer is in better shape than many believe.

How Will the Election Year Impact Your Portfolio?


Many investors miss a powerful pattern tied to a regular phenomenon: US presidential terms.

Country Flash: Tension in Turkey


A look at the political changes Turkish stocks are contending with.

China’s Election Cycle - Planning for 2012


Over half way through 2011, China looks unlikely to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. However, 2012 may be a different story.

US Q2 2011 GDP and a Word on Revisions


The US Bureau of Economic Analysis announced its first estimate of US Q2 2011 GDP Friday and its revisions to prior data.

Weighing Two Drivers for Pharmaceutical Stocks


Weighing two important drivers for Pharmaceutical stocks shows one widely known negative and one widely underappreciated positive.

Fisher Investments Research: Why You Should Be Thankful China’s Currency Isn’t Rising


Many decry China’s yuan as artificially undervalued—but China’s currency rising radically would pose far more problems than it would solve.

US Q1 2011 GDP – A Depiction in Four Charts


The third estimate of US Q1 2011 GDP was released Friday. Here are four of many possible looks at the data.

International Air Traffic and the Commercial Aerospace Industry


Increasing globalization provides a potential tailwind for the commercial aerospace industry.

China: Bank Bailout Rumor


A recent report suggests China may recapitalize its banking system. While the report is unverified, it also wouldn’t be an unprecedented act.

Preliminary Q1 Eurozone GDP Beats Estimates


The preliminary reading of Q1 eurozone GDP released Friday beat estimates.

Oil Prices and the US Economy


Three charts help put rising oil prices into economic perspective.

Unconventional Drilling Techniques’ Impact on Energy Markets


The combination of two technologies and an old resource has created a US natural gas production boom.

Libyan Oil Disruption Duration


History provides some context for expectations regarding the duration of Libyan oil production’s interruption.

Research Flash—US Inflation


With recent concern about increasing US inflation levels, it’s worth taking a closer look at the actual recent data to determine whether the concern is warranted at present.

Commentary on the WTI – Brent Differential


An unprecedented phenomenon is currently afoot in the Energy sector—the price differential between West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude oil hit an all-time discount. Here's a look at what's driving this gap.

Sector Flash: Financials—US Bank Health Continues Improving


Banks are much healthier than they were just a few years ago and shouldn’t pose a serious threat to economic growth moving forward.

A Q&A on China's (Semi-) Command Economy


China isn’t likely to sacrifice growth in the name of inflation fighting. Here’s why.

The Eurozone in Perspective


The recent highly publicized struggles of the euro notwithstanding, a euro collapse remains unlikely in the next two years.


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