"Stock market bubbles don't grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception."
- George Soros
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Dec. 31, 2010 MarketMinder Weekly Digest
In this issue, you will find a re-cap of this week's commentary and news highlights.


Winter Credit Thaw, 12/31/2010
US bank lending to smaller and medium-sized firms is on the rise.

Cutting the Cord, 12/29/2010
China cut rare earth export quotas again, but the reduction does not appear particularly spiteful.

Indian Infrastructure, 12/28/2010
China continued tightening economic policy Monday. But Chinese growth should continue even as other Emerging Markets increasingly realize their potential.

The Many Gifts of Capitalism, 12/24/2010
This holiday season, we'd like to say thanks to corporate America for gifts given all year--and their gifts are the kind that keep on giving.

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  Column of the Week


In Depth: The Eurozone in Perspective, 12/29/2010
By Akash Patel, Fisher Investments
The recent highly publicized struggles of the euro notwithstanding, a euro collapse remains unlikely in the next two years.

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Sensible Stories:

Fear of China's Missiles (and Money) Is Overblown, 12/30/2010
By Rana Foroohar, Time
MarketMinder's View: China has inarguably become an important player in global political and economic discussions and decisions. But it's important to keep in mind they still have a long way to go--nearly any way you slice it.

Crash Points, 12/30/2010
By R.A., The Economist
MarketMinder's View: The housing market continues to recover despite recent distortions created by the tax credit. While unlikely to lead the way, housing's improved health is nonetheless a positive sign that recovery continues across economic sectors.

US Stocks Rise, Extending Biggest December Rally Since 1991, 12/29/2010
By Elizabeth Stanton, Bloomberg
MarketMinder's View: US and global stocks are firmly in positive territory for 2010.

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Market Misperceptions:

Investors Look Back on a Decade of Grim Stock Returns
, 12/30/2010
By John Waggoner, USA TODAY
MarketMinder's View: Yes, the period from 2001-2010 has been a volatile one for the markets--as have many other 10-year periods throughout history. But one could just as easily find many 10-year periods where stocks have done very well. Unless you only plan to invest for 10 years beginning the first year of a new decade, analyses such as these seem fairly meaningless and overblown.

A Short Cut for the Undecided Investor, 12/30/2010
By David Prosser, The Independent
MarketMinder's View: Such indicators as the "rule of 20" are overly simplistic and misleading in implying a direct cause-and-effect relationship between their movement and that of the market.

Eight Contrarian Signs That Call a 2011 Stock Rally Into Doubt, 12/27/2010
By Charles Hugh Smith, Daily Finance
MarketMinder's View: Some of the indicators on this list are dubious at best (like sentiment indicators and oil prices). But individually or collectively, these eight signs likely won't halt the recovery.

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