November 2017

About That High Yield Selloff

October 2017

Meanwhile, Outside Catalonia

Making Sense of Catalonia

Market Insights Podcast: Natural Disasters And Market Impact – October 2017

September 2017

The Curious Case of Japan’s Stealth QE Taper

Is China Experiencing the World's Biggest Credit Bubble?

August 2017

Market Insights Podcast: North Korea Update – August 2017

June 2017

Market Insights Podcast Emerging Markets Update-June 2017

Victory to En Marche!

Market Insights Podcast: Energy Sector - June 2017

May 2017

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April 2017

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March 2017

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February 2017

Market Insights Podcast: Talking Trump and Trade

January 2017

2017: The Year of Falling European Political Uncertainty

Infrastructure Isn’t Always Industrial Grade

Market Insights Podcast: How to Read the Modern Financial News

December 2016

MarketMinder Podcast: November 2016 – Assessing Global Macro Drivers

MarketMinder Podcast: November 2016 – Energy Update

A Political Update From Korea

What Does OPEC’s Production Cut Mean for Oil?

November 2016

Italian Referendum

Should Bond Holders Expect Poor Long-Term Returns?

October 2016

Energy Still Isn’t a Fit

MarketMinder Podcast - Brexit and a European Update

MarketMinder Podcast - Emerging Markets Update

September 2016

Fear and Loathing and European Politics

March 2016

Four False Financials Fears

February 2016

Illusions of Bond ETF Illiquidity

The Bank of Neverland

December 2015

The Unexpected China Offset

September 2015

Prescription Drug Price Politics and Pharmaceuticals/Biotech Stocks

Why Bond Market Liquidity Fears Don’t Hold Much Water

August 2015

Greek Contagion Risk Is Minimal

March 2015

Quick Hit: ‘Corporate Profits Recession’ and Stocks—There Is No ‘There!’ There

May 2014

European Parliament Elections—Setting Expectations

March 2014

FATCA Follies

December 2013

Wholesale Skeptics

Happy Birthday, QE

November 2013

Heating Up—A Look at UK Housing

MLPs and Your Portfolio

Inside Indian Taper Terror

October 2013

Why This Bull Market Has Room to Run

Let’s Call It FARRP

September 2013

Chinese Fundamentals: Likely Fine, Not Falling

August 2013

The Definition of Surprise Power

Chart Flash: US Petroleum Imports

German Election Preview

July 2013

China Removes The Floor on Its Bank Lending Rate

Will Emerging Markets Throw a Taper Tantrum?

June 2013 US Retail Sales Update

Portuguese Politicking

June 2013

May 2013 Japanese Trade Update

Labor Reform—The Elixir for the Eurozone’s Woes?

May 2013

What to Expect From Italy’s New Government

April 2013

Slovenia: Ripe for Disappointment

March 2013 Japanese Trade Update

A Look at Japan’s Energy Reforms

March 2013

Italian Election Update—Coalition Talks Stall

Deflating Chinese Housing Bubble Fears

February 2013

Mechanics of an Italian Election

Industry Watch: The Growing Diabetes Risk

November 2012

China’s 18th Party Congress

October 2012

Japan: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

“Austerity,” Lending and the UK Economy

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results

September 2012

Geopolitics and Markets - Israel and Iran

August 2012

Volatility and Mind Tricks

July 2012

A Closer Look at US Payrolls and Jobless Claims

A Closer Look at the Fiscal Cliff

US ISM Manufacturing and Factory Orders

June 2012

A Maturing Bull Market Likely Favors Big Growth

May 2012

US Durable Goods Orders Up Slightly

US Economic News—Existing Home Sales

US Economic News—Existing Home Sales

Spanish Trials

China’s Private Lending Steps Out of the Shadows

April 2012

US Energy Update—Rig Count

A Closer Look at Financials

March 2012

A Fresh Look at Mobile Computing

Resource Nationalism

February 2012

Impact of Economic Growth Trends on Equity Returns over the Long Term

A Discussion of Health Care Reform’s Impact on Health Care Stocks

Elastic Health Care Demand?

January 2012

Oil’s Next Act

December 2011

In Emerging Markets, Don’t Forget Indonesia

In Depth: PIIGS Debt

Six Indicators of Underappreciated Economic Strength

If Europe Faces Recession, Can the US Economy Still Continue to Grow?

Flash Update: October Japanese Data

November 2011

A Look at Iron Ore Prices

Sector Flash: Pharmaceuticals

Japan Enters Trans-Pacific Partnership Conversations

October 2011

US Manufacturing—Alive and Well

US GDP Growth Accelerates in Q3

US Economic Update

September 2011

Research Flash: European Bank Funding Markets

Don’t Be Tempted By India

Research Flash: An Employment Snapshot

August 2011

A Discussion on Consumer Credit Trends

How Will the Election Year Impact Your Portfolio?

Country Flash: Tension in Turkey

China’s Election Cycle - Planning for 2012

July 2011

US Q2 2011 GDP and a Word on Revisions

A Global Overview of AAA-Rated Sovereign Debt Securities

Weighing Two Drivers for Pharmaceutical Stocks

Fisher Investments Research: Why You Should Be Thankful China’s Currency Isn’t Rising

June 2011

US Q1 2011 GDP – A Depiction in Four Charts

International Air Traffic and the Commercial Aerospace Industry

Greek Exposure in the US Banking System

China: Bank Bailout Rumor

May 2011

Preliminary Q1 Eurozone GDP Beats Estimates

Oil Prices and the US Economy

April 2011

Unconventional Drilling Techniques’ Impact on Energy Markets

Libyan Oil Disruption Duration

March 2011

Research Flash—US Inflation

Commentary on the WTI – Brent Differential

Sector Flash: Financials—US Bank Health Continues Improving

A Q&A on China's (Semi-) Command Economy

December 2010

The Eurozone in Perspective

Q&A on QE2

November 2010

PIIGS Yields Up, Maybe Permanently

June 2010

Does the Decline in M3 Signal Imminent Economic Peril?

May 2010

European Debt Issues