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By , Forbes.com, 02/13/2013

The Fed’s QE-infinity policy has raised concerns of an impending inflation spike. To know whether such fears are warranted, it’s important to understand what inflation is and what it is not.

By , Forbes.com, 01/29/2013

Last time, I wrote about four issues investors should remember in 2013. Now, here are three stories likely to hog headlines in 2013, but probably won’t have the big, negative impact many fear.

By , Forbes.com, 01/22/2013

Despite constant fears of a new recession, the US and global economies have grown for 13 straight quarters (likely 14, counting Q4). Not gangbusters, but growth is growth. And better-than-expected growth likely continues.

By , Forbes.com, 01/15/2013

The short-lived debate over whether minting trillion dollar platinum coins could solve America’s fiscal restraint (or, rather, lack thereof) appears to have ended—the Treasury and Fed have both declared “no way.”  Which clears the way for a fresh debate on raising the debt ceiling the traditional way (i.e. the way it’s been done 105 times before).

By , Forbes.com, 01/07/2013

How far must the S&P move to breach past highs?  It’s a trick question. The S&P 500 Total Return Index, with little fanfare, is now 5.3% above the 2007 high—surpassing the prior 2012 peak on the first trading day of 2013.


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