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Happy Birthday, QE


What has five years of quantitative easing accomplished?

Inside Indian Taper Terror


Did Fed rumors roil India’s currency markets?

Chart Flash: US Petroleum Imports


The shale boom in action!

Will Emerging Markets Throw a Taper Tantrum?


Evidence suggests Emerging Markets can hold up just fine once quantitative easing ends.

“Austerity,” Lending and the UK Economy


Spending cuts are often blamed for the UK’s recession, but data suggest regulatory uncertainty plays a much bigger role.

What Arcade Tokens Can Teach Us About ICOs


If you wouldn’t invest in gift cards or arcade tokens, why would you spring for an initial coin offering? 

You Might Be Near a Crypto-Top If …


Signs of the bitpocalypse?

How Not to Measure Inflation: Turkey Edition


Gobble gobble.

A Whole Latte Nonsense About the Dollar


Coffee is one of the most useful substances on earth, but it is not a gauge of currency values.

The Obligatory Investing Lesson From Blade Runner


This title is not a joke.

Even in Virtual Currencies, 'Too Good to Be True' Is Reality


Investors who bought into a hifalutin bitcoin trading strategy promising super-high returns with no risk just found out the strategy was virtual.

Fun With Uncle Milty


As the Fed tackles the case of the missing inflation, the late, great Milton Friedman has the answer.

We Need to Talk About Harvey


Like all major hurricanes, Harvey won’t bring recession or economic stimulus. 

Gold Zoom, Copper Boom!


Metals are metals, and stocks are stocks.

This Is Not the Financial Crisis’s 10-Year Anniversary


The run on BNP Paribas’s hedge funds didn’t end the bull market—the death knell was the mark-to-market accounting rule’s taking effect later in 2007.

Happy Downgrade Day!


S&P downgrades US. World doesn’t end.

Wimbledon, Markets, Bad Analogies and You


Two investing lessons from The Championship.

Technology: Coming for Your Job Since John Kay


People have feared job-destroying robots for longer than you might think.

Dennis Rodman and Bitcoin Walk Into a Dutch Coffee Shop


On cryptocurrencies’ big boom and hazy future. 

The Indexing Fad


Market indexes now outnumber US stocks, complicating matters for would-be passive investors.

Ten Roads and the Eighth Wonder of the World


Compound growth can make you richer than you might imagine.

Everything I Need to Know About Investing I Learned From Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Three timeless lessons from my favorite stake-wielding heroine and her pals.

How to Analyze Alternative Facts and Ferret Out Fake News


Separating fact from fiction is an increasingly important skill for investors.

Beltway Politics Don’t Always Trump Local


National elections get the most headlines, but local races and ballot measures have just as much impact on everyday life and commerce.

Green Shoots in Global Goods Trade


It’s early days, but there is some evidence global trade is staging a comeback.

Clinton, Trump and … Linus Van Pelt?


Forget FOX, MSNBC, CNN, talk radio and all the rest: Everything investors need to know about this election, they can learn from Charlie Brown.

People Still Want to Invest in the UK


So much for Brexit scaring off investment.

Our (Typically) Tumultuous Times


When bad news overwhelms, consider history.

30 Years of Trade Deficit Fears


How a trip to the library gutted a certain economic myth.

Brexit or No, People Are Buying UK Bonds


The record-high current account and Brexit dread were supposed to destroy demand for UK gilts. Someone forgot to tell the market.

What Most Miss About Steel


As the UK’s steel industry takes another body blow, a look at why tariffs won’t help. 

Trade Trumps Protectionism


Contrary to Presidential candidates’ and pundits’ claims, a trade war likely would wreak economic havoc.

Negative Rates With a Small Positive Twist


The ECB offers an antidote to negative rate fears.

Disappearing Bonds and the Perils of Chasing Yield


There is no such thing as safe yield or risk-free return.

About Those European Banks


European bank stocks took a pounding, but Lehman comparisons miss the mark.

Sweden’s Central Bank Pushes Harder on String


Investors may be starting to notice central banks’ monetary gimmickry is misguided.

About That ‘Brexit’ Pounding


Making sense of doom-and-gloom Brexit warnings.

Fed Rate Hike: Emerging Markets Edition


Rumors of the Fed’s impact on Emerging Markets are greatly exaggerated.

On “Currency Manipulation,” US Trade and Stocks


Currency moves just don’t have much influence on trade. 

Presidential Politics and America’s Economic Relationship With China


Political rhetoric on China doesn’t overlap much with reality.

The Common Currency: Cure or Curse?


The euro gets a bad rap, but it isn’t an economic straitjacket.

Divestment and Rational Expectations


What happens when sociological issues and investment intersect?

Thank Some Angry English Barons for Your Portfolio


Happy birthday to the Magna Carta, the rule of law, and property rights!

Today’s M&A Is No Mania


Corporations aren’t masking weakness with flashy mergers.

Greece Has Some Loans to Repay


“Greece goes all Zambian,” and other misadventures as leaders try to hash out a deal with creditors by month’s end.

Friday Treat: Why 2015 Won’t Repeat the S&P 500’s Worst Year Ever


Why one freaky statistic shouldn't scare you.

Unfunded Liabilities, the Lockbox, and Other Social Security Myths


How Saturday Night Live contributed to an economic freak-out.

Fed People Write Words, Draw Dots


Once again, headlines read way too much into Fed communications. 

Congressmen Attempt to Invite Monetary Error, Fail


Has the Fed become politicized?

Big British Debt Saves the World, and Other Century-Old Stories


The story of three centuries' worth of UK debt shows why today's occasional debt doom-mongering is pretty far-fetched.

Six Years On, the Bull Stays Strong


Six years into the bull, stocks look set to keep clocking all-time highs.

America, the Liberated


It's fashionable to say America's economic system needs fixing if we want faster growth, but some simple facts don't support this. 

The ECB Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today


Will the ECB find enough bonds to meet its quantitative easing targets?

Considerable Wrangling Over Considerable Time


Did the Fed just tell you when short-term rates will rise?

Fun With Mark and Janet


The punditry has taken to diagramming central bank chiefs’ sentences to figure out their next move. We do the same to show you why it’s all poppycock.

Shinzo Abe Walks Into a Bar


Some investing lessons from a pub master and a Prime Minister.

One Fuzzy, Backward-Looking Series to Rule Them All


The Fed’s shiny new employment indicator isn’t as magical as they make it out to be.

Searching for Meaning in Bouncy Bonds


Why are 10-year US Treasury yields down this year?

Can Korea Tax Its Way to Business Investment?


Korea’s plans to goose business spending by taxing the cash on corporate balance sheets probably won’t work out so well.

Argentina Defaults. World Still Turns.


Global markets and Argentina had a bad day Thursday, but this coincidence doesn’t mean Argentina’s default is a significant global market risk.

Macroprudential Regulation: A New Way the Fed Can Fail


If only the Fed were a lot more boring.

Hot Air, Cool Inflation


Inflation talk has made a comeback, but that doesn’t mean prices are running away.

The Myth of Small Cap’s Superiority


Small cap’s historical long-term returns don’t tell the full story.

Robots, Marie Antoinette and You


Why are UK regulators saying, “Let them eat cake”?

All-Time-High Boredom


Stocks hit an all-time high on Friday—and the news met a rather curious reaction.

Book Review: Flash Boys


Michael Lewis’s latest is proof good guys still exist on Wall Street, but it doesn’t quite capture the complex reality of high frequency trading.

Values Rule


Would a uniform fiduciary standard for brokers and investment advisers reshape the financial services industry for the better? 

Too Big to Fail: Money Management Edition


Can mutual funds and money managers be too big to fail?

No Win, No Fee, No Free Lunch


Paying for performance isn’t as great as it sounds.

Grabbing the Third Rail: Income Inequality and Stocks


Is growing income inequality an economic and stock market risk, as some say?

You Get What You Pay For


Index funds have many fine features, but they can’t help investors fight the biggest stumbling block to long-term success: emotion.

Q(E) the Contagion? I Think Not


Did the Fed cause an Emerging Markets currency contagion?

Don’t Be a Statistic


How to avoid the same mistakes that caused a member of Congress to get conned out of $18 million by his advisor.

The Truth About Negative Deposit Rates


The internet is awash with rumors banks might charge for deposits. What’s a customer to do? 

The Misadventures of Bazooka Ben


Are the world’s central banks running out of ammo?

The Tale of the Dollar’s Demise


Has the dollar lost its status as the world’s reserve currency?

Investing Lessons From the Crimean Trade War


The biggest market risks are those few people notice.

Brewing Yet Another Debt Ceiling Debate


Is the debt ceiling a global economic issue?

The Debt Ceiling and China


Will the debt ceiling make China dump its US Treasury holdings?

34 Numbers to Make You Believe in Growth


Disappointed Q2 GDP wasn’t revised up in the final estimate? Here are 34 numbers demonstrating the US economy is stronger than headline growth rates suggest.

The Perils of Price Controls—A History Lesson for the UK


A prominent UK politico has pledged to freeze energy prices if his party wins the 2015 election—something history shows is dangerous for stocks.

Bizarro Diplomacy, Normal Bull Market


Recent foreign policy flubs shouldn’t hurt stocks—they’re just more fuel for the gridlock markets love.

Chart Fest 2013!


If a picture says 1,000 words, here are 44,000 bullish words.

Investing in the Age of Ages


How should you invest in the Age of Austerity/Stimulus/Uncertainty/Bernanke/Bubbles?

The Long-Term Investor’s Guide to Syria


Ongoing events in Syria are a human tragedy, but the longer-term impact on global stocks should be minimal.

62.5 Reasons to Be Bullish


Worried this bull market lacks fundamental support? Here are a few dozen reasons to breathe easy.

The Great Non-Rotation


This bull market should keep running, but not for the reason many seem to think.

What to Do About Mexico’s Energy Reforms


Energy firms likely benefit from Mexico’s proposed energy reforms in the long run, but for investors in the here and now, better opportunities likely lie in other sectors.

Forward Misguidance


Forward guidance is all the rage with central banks, but investors following bankers’ words alone tread a perilous path.

News Flash—Inside June’s Unemployment Report


Data show recent employment gains aren’t “too slow.”

The Truth About Gold and the Dollar


Pricey gold isn’t a sign of dollar devaluation.

Lessons from Bangladesh


What’s the best way to prevent another catastrophic factory collapse?

The UK’s Imaginary Growth Problem


If you’ve heard UK demand is forever tapped out, don’t believe it.

Now and Yen


Will the weakening yen cause a repeat of 1998’s Asian Contagion?

Monkeying About


What can investors glean from two studies making headlines in recent weeks?

On the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher


As the world mourns Margaret Thatcher, a look at her legacy and the lessons she taught the world.

Kim Jong Un—Warlord or Economic Reformer?


While we can’t know for sure why Kim Jong Un is talking tougher, evidence strongly suggests he’s building political cover for economic reforms.

A Historical Perspective of Cyprus’s Banking Sector


Once again, some eurozone officials seem set on forcing a member-state to surrender its competitive advantages.

What Cyprus Tells Us About Banking Regulations


Cyprus is in trouble because of two big banks’ bad trades—but that doesn’t make efforts to fix “too big to fail” or the Volcker rule any more sensible.

Free the Press!


The UK government’s latest regulatory plans threaten press freedom—the lifeblood of any well-functioning democratic, capitalist society.

Don’t Fret German Austerity


Germany’s deficit reduction plans are getting some backlash, but more German spending likely isn’t the solution to the eurozone’s troubles.

Can the EU Save Hungary?


Hungary's proto-fascist government has once again threatened the rule of law, but EU officials can help restore freedom.

Reconsidering Bailout Strategies


Bank of England Governor Mervyn King’s proposal for RBS is a non-starter—and about four and a half years too late. 

The Dark Side of Abenomics


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s aggressive monetary stimulus plans may have some unintended side effects.

Inside the UK’s Latest Banking Plan


The UK announced another new plan to kick-start bank lending. Will it work?

Missing the (Maker’s) Mark


Businesses trying to capitalize on rising Emerging Markets demand can learn from bourbon label Maker’s Mark’s recent misstep.

The EU’s Transaction Tax Follies


The EU’s new Financial Transactions Tax is a beast, but will it see the light of day?

Limited Prices, Limited Improvement


Once again, Argentina likely does much more harm than good in its battle against inflation.

On David Cameron’s Vision for Europe


In a landmark speech, UK Prime Minister David Cameron drew a blueprint for nations that like the EU’s single market but not its bureaucracy.

How Capitalism Saved Christmas


The story of how West German capitalism saved Germany's nutcracker industry during the Cold War.

The Tempest in Westminster


What does the UK government’s in-fighting over press regulation mean for UK markets?

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition


EU leaders may argue over whether Spain should request a bailout, but markets are the ultimate arbiter.

Greece’s North Korean Solution


Greece has finally found a sensible way to fix its economy—so why do some in Brussels object? 

A Spot of Monetary Trickery


The British government announced a new plan to boost bank lending and economic growth. Will it work?

Bonding Over Eurobonds?


Keeping with recent tradition, EU leaders’ latest summit didn’t amount to much.

Secret Weapon: Red Flag or Red Herring?


Were the events of 2008 a financial terrorist attack?

Infernal Affairs


An in-depth look at China’s political infighting.

Éirinn go Brách!


What to make of the pending Irish referendum on the EU’s new fiscal compact?

The Harm in Harmony


France and Germany claim they have a plan to fix the eurozone. Will it work?

Hungary’s Crossroads


Could Hungary’s bailout need save its people from proto-fascist authoritarianism?

In Defense of Britain


 An open letter to EU officials.  

Korean Kerfuffle


After a classic parliamentary brawl, South Korea’s National Assembly ratified the US-Korea free trade agreement.


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