Don’t Miss the Horizon for the (Choppy) Seas


Investing is rife with bias, myth and oversight—among them, an under-appreciation of time horizon’s importance.

Part-Time Employment Part Deux: The Affordable Care Act


Many fear the ACA will contribute to turning the US into a part-time nation—but is this more media hype, or is it a trend to contend with?

Big League Capitalism


Turns out Hugo Chavez and many Venezuelans are huge baseball fans. If only the country could leverage that love in the name of freer markets and private property protection.

It’s Tough to Be a Bear


Lessons for stock market investors from one college football fan’s perspective.

A Month of Anniversaries


Monday, Occupy Wall Street celebrated its first birthday—but September is actually chock full of anniversaries, several of which are arguably far more important.

Government Chicken or Private-Sector Egg?


There seems to be much confusion surrounding the origin of economic activity. But it seems pretty clear, to me.

A Hypothetical Housing Win–Win


The housing market’s been hard-hit the last couple years—and odd as it may seem, the Supreme Court recently passed up a chance to incrementally help it out.

Fisher Investments View: The Greek Jitterbug


Markets were jittery again Wednesday tied likely to Greek news—even though it wasn’t particularly new news.

What’s In a Name?


The common media chorus has been “austerity” is dooming Europe to its fiscal woes, whereas if they’d only adopt “growth” measures, they’d recover sooner. But taking that at face value requires a number of assumptions less commonly discussed. 

Fiat Lux


Things look a little brighter for consumers and free markets this holiday season since government gave them an early present in the form of a reprieve.

Zuccotti Park’s Modern-Day Pilgrims


Though Occupy Wall Street was recently evicted from Zuccotti Park, there are still important lessons to be learned—and they’re particularly relevant at Thanksgiving. 

Supply-Side Schooling from Shale


Some recent developments in shale gas production speak powerfully to the invisible hand’s ability to solve even some of what seem to be the trickiest problems.

The Trouble With Taxes


As election season heats up, a plethora of pundits and politicians—both incumbents and candidates—are resurrecting the ever-popular debate over taxes. But what are investors to make of the hoopla and hyperbole?

It’s (Not Really Much) Different This Time


As election season kicks off, cries it’s different this time are increasingly heard—but is it really all that different?

Government’s Very Un-Invisible Hand


On average, government subsidies don’t yield the intended results—and maybe even have completely the opposite impact. What would yield results? Freer markets.


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