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Todd is the Content Group Manager at Fisher Investments and MarketMinder's Managing Editor. He has been with the firm since 2006 and has about 15 years' industry experience.

Minding the Fed’s (Possible) Unwinding


Fed balance sheet reduction doesn’t seem likely to materially impact stocks.

The ‘Passive Revolution’ That Quite Simply Isn’t


Before buying media claims that ETFs’ rising popularity suggests passive investing is taking over, consider what the “T” stands for.

What Investing Wisely Is—and Isn’t


In investing, wisdom is best demonstrated by behavior and decisions that match your goals and needs.

Is Globalization in Retreat?


Before we presume that half a century of building economic ties is unraveling, let’s consider what is talk and what is action.

More Reasons Than Usual to Doubt UK Consumer Confidence Data


British consumer confidence plunged post-Brexit, but you should approach these data skeptically.

More Reasons Than Usual to Doubt UK Consumer Confidence Data


British consumer confidence plunged post-Brexit, but you should approach these data skeptically.

Your Chief Enemy Today Is Likely Yourself


Volatile swings like those that followed Thursday night’s Brexit vote aren’t a call to action. They are a call for reason.

Brexit, and the Creative Art of Misinformation


In the heated debate over the UK's referendum on EU membership, the economic impact is commonly overstated.

See Through the Oily Haze Skewing Economic Data


Oil’s big drop since 2014 seems to have clouded investors’ view of the US economy.

Rational Thoughts for Irrational Times


Volatility can mess with your mind—always remember to focus on the big picture when things get rocky.

What Did JPMorgan’s Dimon Say About the US Economy?


Analyzing media for you to add in crucial missing context.

The Fruitless Folly of Forecasting the Fed


Forecasting Fed moves is an exercise in futility, as two financial writers illustrated Thursday.

Employer Stock, and the Risk in Buying What You Know


Holding a huge position in any individual stock is risky. Especially employer stock.

It’s the Slow Lane for TPP


So-called fast-track Trade-Promotion Authority legislation hit the skids Friday, when the House rejected a related bill, hampering US involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

3 Reasons the Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status Shouldn’t Worry You—in Charts!


Let’s reassess longstanding fears the dollar will lose its status as the world’s primary reserve currency.

What Does This Messy Chart Say About Rate Hike Fears?


Here is the history of market action pre- and post-initial rate hike, in a very messy line graph.

1,896 Days Ago, Greece Was a Mess


If Greece fears haven't derailed the bull market yet, the likelihood they do the enxt time they pop up is teensy. 

The Dismal Art


It’s unlikely you’d see many headlines touting the fact US GDP growth has been above average in three of the last four quarters. 

Passive Investing’s Primary Error: It’s (Mostly) Imaginary


The number of passive investment products vastly exceeds the ranks of actually passive investors.

When Do We Get to the Bearish One?


At what point do we reach the actually bearish all-time high?

America Gets All Austere


The Federal budget deficit is way down, and deficit fears should be too.

The Cost of Trying to Time Corrections


Opportunity cost is money lost.

How Passive Can Active Be?


Index construction is getting bizarrely active.

When Does Focusing on Dividends Actually Pay Dividends?


In the long run, stocks are stocks—there is no permanently “better” stock. And yes, that includes high-dividend stocks.

That (Wonderful) Wall of Worry


We’re not out of the woods yet, and that’s bullish.

Free to Fail


Markets have never been more democratic, for good and ill. 

This Is Your Brain on Markets


Your mind can play tricks on your portfolio—being aware of them early may be your best defense.

Five Reasons a Scary, Viral Chart Is Misleading—and One Reason It’s Bullish


A misleading chart concluding a 1929-style crash looms has gone viral—a sign there is likely much more bull market to come.

Strolling Down Maiden Lane


A news story you may have missed provides valuable evidence to counter the popular narrative of 2008’s financial crisis.

The Many Faces of Risk, Retirement Edition


Contrary to what many believe, risk has a much broader meaning than merely risk of loss.

Incentives, Interests and Investors


Basic economics teaches that rational individuals respond to incentives. What if your advisor’s incentives are at odds with your interests?

The Compass


The rule governing your advisor's actions is less important than the ethical compass that guides their actions.

Passive Investors and Other Endangered Species


Passive investing is fine in theory, but extremely difficult to apply in the real world.

Are Politicians Holding Your Financial Future Hostage?


Allowing Beltway rhetorical battles to drive investment decision making is a big risk to your financial future.       

An Open Letter to Janet Yellen


A quick reminder for Fed head nominee Janet Yellen: Simpler is often better.

Detonate Your Debt-Ceiling Fears


Some presume the debt ceiling is a huge risk looming in the near future, but there is ample evidence suggesting these fears are detached from reality.

The Government Shuts Down


The government shutdown that began midnight Tuesday helps add clarity to the potential market impact of both recent budget squabbling and the debt ceiling.  

Book Review: ‘Get Them to Blink In Sequence’—James Rickards' Currency Wars


James Rickards' Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis is ambitious but falls far short of adding material value for investors.

Nobody’s Fool


It’s a mistake to heavily weight hypothetical past returns when performing due diligence.

Thug Island Dreamin’


Historically, geopolitical tensions move stocks less than you might think.

Puffery: S&P’s Magical First Amendment Defense


Oddly, S&P’s defense against the Justice Department’s lawsuit seems to be their ratings amount to “puffery.”

Was That Cry “Wolf”?


If we extrapolate its growth forward, hyperbole is destined to crush common sense.

Greece’s Anything-But-Euro Crisis


The common currency tends to be a convenient scapegoat for all that ails Greece, but this seemingly gets the Greek situation entirely backwards.

Book Review: The Sarbanes-Oxley Debacle


A decade after SarbOx became law, a look back seems apt.

An Often Overlooked, Yet Obvious Point on UK Trade


As a source of export demand, the eurozone in aggregate is significant to the UK. But this total view doesn’t tell the full story.

The Not-So-Super Committee


We’re closing in on Thanksgiving, and political football over the deficit seems set to kickoff again.

That (Non-Existent) Giant Sucking Sound


Many suppose foreign trade reduces employment opportunities for American workers. But digging even slightly below the surface shows these theories lack factual support.

Debating the Yuan


The Senate began its annual exercise debating US-China trade policy Monday.

Conquering Volatility, Grandpa Dex Style


When financial markets get rocky, many investors don’t need a new investment strategy. They need one for controlling their nerves.

A Common Thread Between Horse Manure and Peak Oil


Many Peak Oil theorists’ bleak view of human creativity and lack of understanding of modern science are fatal fallacies.

The Ever-Evolving Economic Engine


Fearing change is human, but change is what makes capitalism great.

On Wheelbarrows and Flogging


Instead of planning for attention-grabbing hyperinflation, consider today's reality and what's more likely in store.

Don’t Bank on Deflation

A lot of ink has been spilled lately over deflation worries, but let's assess the past and present before considering it imminent.

Sometimes True

When does focusing on dividends really pay dividends?


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