Schluter, Timothy

Timothy is a Research Analyst at Fisher Investments and has been with the firm since 2004.

The Bank of Neverland


The Bank of Japan’s latest attempt at stimulus probably won’t do much.

The Unexpected China Offset


Slowing Chinese economic growth is being offset by an ignored-but-accelerating eurozone.

The Definition of Surprise Power


Because US involvement in Syria is being weighed publicly the world over, it is unlikely to carry enough shock or surprise power to materially affect stocks.

May 2013 Japanese Trade Update


An increase in Japanese export values doesn’t mean Japan’s quantitative easing program (QE) is working.  

March 2013 Japanese Trade Update


Perhaps the weakened yen’s stimulative impact is pending, but there are few signs of it in March trade data.

A Look at Japan’s Energy Reforms


Yen weakness and expensive energy imports may be the catalyst for energy market deregulation in Japan—an important step to regaining economic competitiveness.

Industry Watch: The Growing Diabetes Risk


Firms that can meet a growing global health risk are poised to benefit.

Japan: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


America isn’t the only nation that makes political hay over budgetary stalemates.

Elastic Health Care Demand?


In the past few years, it seems many patients deferred procedures as a result of economic hardship. Improving macroeconomic conditions should drive patient utilization rates higher.

Sector Flash: Pharmaceuticals


Looming patent expirations, legislative uncertainty and disappointing R&D results have long weighed on Pharmaceuticals stocks. But while those fears help explain the past, focusing on them exclusively can blind your view of the future.

Weighing Two Drivers for Pharmaceutical Stocks


Weighing two important drivers for Pharmaceutical stocks shows one widely known negative and one widely underappreciated positive.

Bank of Japan Beefs Up Policy With Three More Letters


The Bank of Japan’s latest monetary gimmick doesn’t change much.


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