Gilliland, Theodore

Theodore is Executive Vice President of Private Client Acquisition at Fisher Investments. He co-authored Fisher Investments on Utilities, part of the Fisher Investments On series of sector guides from Fisher Investments Press. He has been with the firm since 2006.

If Europe Faces Recession, Can the US Economy Still Continue to Grow?


Troubles in Europe have raised the question, “If Europe faces a recession, can the US economy still continue to grow?” Recent data suggest it can.

A Global Overview of AAA-Rated Sovereign Debt Securities


As headlines debating the likelihood of a US debt downgrade mount, it’s worth examining whether a downgrade would materially impact demand for US Treasurys.

Oil Prices and the US Economy


Three charts help put rising oil prices into economic perspective.

Unconventional Drilling Techniques’ Impact on Energy Markets


The combination of two technologies and an old resource has created a US natural gas production boom.

Libyan Oil Disruption Duration


History provides some context for expectations regarding the duration of Libyan oil production’s interruption.

Q&A on QE2


QE2 is fueling rancorous debate over the policy's prudence. But what's heated rhetoric and what's reasonable analysis?

Does the Decline in M3 Signal Imminent Economic Peril?


Some folks think steeply dropping M3 is sign of economic trouble, but facts tell a different story.

Don’t Wait on Housing


A housing recovery would help, but we aren't lost without it.

How Strong Is Corporate America’s Balance Sheet?

Despite some claims to the contrary, the data show US corporations are liquid, well capitalized, and well positioned to fuel continued economic recovery.


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