Michel, Pete

Pete is a Portfolio Engineer at Fisher Investments Japan and has been with the firm since 2008.

About That High Yield Selloff


Recent volatility appears to be a short-term selloff, not the start of something worse.

Should Bond Holders Expect Poor Long-Term Returns?


What fixed income investors should weigh when considering rising interest rates.

Illusions of Bond ETF Illiquidity


Longstanding fears surrounding high-yield bond ETF liquidity are detached from the data.

Why Bond Market Liquidity Fears Don’t Hold Much Water


Bond market liquidity is a hot topic, but fears seem overblown.

A Closer Look at the Fiscal Cliff


Though oft-bemoaned in the media, the so-called fiscal cliff, when broken down, is likely a lot less worrisome than presented.

Resource Nationalism


Investors in the mining industry should be aware of increased risk of resource nationalism in some nations.


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