Hulcher, John

John is the Group Vice President of Global Portfolio Evaluation at Fisher Investments and has been with the firm since 2006.

Market Insights: Earnings Growth


In this Market Insights video, Group Vice President of Global Portfolio Evaluation John Hulcher discusses earnings growth and what it means for stocks moving forward.

Yet More Bull—Mega Style


With technical analysis, a unique interpretation is essential to gain advantage—and fundamentals are essential to that unique interpretation.

This Mr. Smith Didn’t Go To Washington

As the US financial overhaul bill takes flight, I remember Adam Smith.

Derivatives 101

Derivatives are getting a bad rap these days. But they're merely investment tools—not inherently good or bad—and often quite useful.

Don’t Go With the (Fund) Flow

Sticking with a long-term investment strategy can be tough during heightened volatility, but disciplined investors generally experience better returns in the long run.

Doubting Thomas Versus The Proverb

Assuming you agree March 9th marked the bear's bottom, we're eight months into a new bull and the S&P 500 is up roughly +60%—yet skepticism abounds.

A Sham for the Ages

Should something as important as your investment allocation be determined by age alone? If only investing were so simple.

Another Type of Bull

What do candlesticks, oscillators, and Elliot waves have in common? Give up? They're technical indicators—charting analysis recording past market activity used by some to predict future market direction. Rather than balance sheets and economic data, technical analysts use price, volume, and open interest as information sources.

Don’t Get So Defensive!

Defensive portfolio tactics are all the rage when stock markets hiccup. But they can get you into a lot of trouble.

Technical Paralysis

Relying on technical indicators alone for market forecasting is potentially treacherous. There is no pure technical method proven to deliver practical long-term value as a primary driver in portfolio management.


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