Kriz, Jarred

Jarred is a Vice President in Fisher Investments' Institutional Group and co-authored Fisher Investments on Financials, part of the "Fisher Investments on" series of sector guides from Fisher Investments Press. He has been with the firm since 2005.

Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results


Investors’ would be well-served to focus on the future rather than drive by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Volatility and Mind Tricks


Don’t let your short term memory impact your perception of volatility.

Flash Update: October Japanese Data


Economic releases over the last few days showed broad improvements in Japan’s economy in October.

Japan Enters Trans-Pacific Partnership Conversations


Japan takes a step toward joining the Pacific Rim free trade zone.  

Research Flash: European Bank Funding Markets


For several months, many have said European banks are having issues with US dollar-based funding. And to an extent, they’ve been right, but that’s not the whole story.

A Discussion on Consumer Credit Trends


The US consumer is in better shape than many believe.

Greek Exposure in the US Banking System


Scaled properly, the US banking system's direct exposure to Greek debt is far smaller than some fear.

Sector Flash: Financials—US Bank Health Continues Improving


Banks are much healthier than they were just a few years ago and shouldn’t pose a serious threat to economic growth moving forward.

Through Failure, We Grow Stronger

The credit cycle can be hazardous if not properly navigated. Those strong enough to endure the downside will be even stronger as the cycle turns—and it is starting to turn.


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