Downer, Glenn

Glenn is the Vice President of European Client Services at Fisher Investments in its Global Division, and has been with the firm since 2004.

Decouple from Decoupling

Like King Canute and with global investors as witnesses, the American economy will prove it is neither almighty nor does it have the ability to single-handedly stem the tide of global economic expansion.

Europe’s Unintended Brown Thumb

With ever-increasing global competition, environmental targets that are too expensive and difficult to achieve could drive more of Europe's manufacturing base to browner pastures—creating economic and ecological net losses in the process.

Globalization Is Friend, Not Foe

The recent metaphor and rock-hurling exhibitions in Germany during the G8 Summit highlight a surge in anti-globalization campaigning. Globalization is becoming an increasingly popular scapegoat for everything from poverty to numerous social ills to Paris Hilton's recall to jail. Personally, I don't buy the last one. Come to think of it, blaming the other two on globalization isn't very sensible either.


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