Wong, Christopher

Christopher is a Content Creation Specialist at Fisher Investments and has been with the firm since 2011.

Chart of the Day: When Real Estate Decided to Go Solo


How has Real Estate fared ever since it became the GICS’ 11th sector? 

All the News That’s Fit for Markets


Why doesn’t some news move markets? 

Chart of the Day: The Eurozone’s Journey From the Abyss


July PMI data show how far the eurozone has come since its recession’s end.  

The Greek Can Kick, Episode VII: Investors Awaken


This year’s Greek summertime movie is much tamer than past ones—investors have long since moved on.

Market Insights: GDP Doesn’t Predict Stocks


In this Market Insights video, we discuss the relationship between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and stocks. Or, more specifically, the lack thereof.

Chart(s) of the Day: Remember That Manufacturing Recession?


A look back at when manufacturing data spooked folks.

Chart of the Day: Which Indicator Is Actually at Now Now?


What should investors draw from the latest nowcasts? 

Smarts Won’t Save You


Anyone and everyone is prone to common investing mistakes. 

Are They Right About Recession?


The bevy of recent recession fears seems JUST a bit outside.

Stocks Dig the Long Game


Trust in stocks’ resiliency to benefit from their long-term gains.

Four Tips for Retirement Investing


Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be scary.

The Yes Man


“Yes” isn’t always the answer you should be hearing from your financial adviser.

I-P-O Doesn’t Spell E-Z M-O-N-E-Y


Investors looking to hit the jackpot with an IPO may end up disappointed.  


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