Pyles, Brad

Brad is a Research Team Leader at Fisher Investments and co-authored Fisher Investments on Materials, part of the Fisher Investments On series of sector guides from Fisher Investments Press. He frequently presents at Fisher Investments' client seminars nationally. He has been with the firm since 2001.

Why This Bull Market Has Room to Run


Widening yield spreads are a good predictor this bull market likely has plenty more gas in the tank.

Deflating Chinese Housing Bubble Fears


Chinese housing bubble fears have seemingly surfaced again. However, such fears fail to recognize the unique characteristics of the Chinese property market, make too-direct comparisons to US housing and underestimate the Communist government’s resolve to prevent a housing market bubble from bursting.

A Look at Iron Ore Prices


A look at what iron ore prices can tell us about the economy.

Don’t Be Tempted By India


India’s a temptress (capital markets-wise). Don’t be seduced—at least not for the balance of 2011.

Country Flash: Tension in Turkey


A look at the political changes Turkish stocks are contending with.

China’s Election Cycle - Planning for 2012


Over half way through 2011, China looks unlikely to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. However, 2012 may be a different story.

Fisher Investments Research: Why You Should Be Thankful China’s Currency Isn’t Rising


Many decry China’s yuan as artificially undervalued—but China’s currency rising radically would pose far more problems than it would solve.

China: Bank Bailout Rumor


A recent report suggests China may recapitalize its banking system. While the report is unverified, it also wouldn’t be an unprecedented act.

A Q&A on China's (Semi-) Command Economy


China isn’t likely to sacrifice growth in the name of inflation fighting. Here’s why.

Europe’s Great Policy Mistake


European tax hikes amount to repetition of a decades old error, potentially stirring unrest and extremism.

Inside Increasing Global Grain Prices


A look at what's driven global grain prices higher recently.

An Overview of Gold


Gold ETFs drove gold's outperformance in the last bull market. But with no such force this time around, gold appears back to its usual bull market underperformance.

An Overview of Rare Earth Metals


Rare earth metals aren't rare. We've got 1,300 years of reserves in the US alone!

Understanding the Potential for Deflation


If you're looking for a major bout of deflation, you'd better be hoping for a monetary policy mistake.

Ghosts of Panics Past

If you're worried a collapse of China's real estate market will fuel the next global catastrophe, you're barking up the wrong tree.

The Inevitability of the Next Bull

History and a belief in capitalism tell us the most probable event following a bear market is a bull market.


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