Patel, Akash

Akash is a Relationship Manager in Fisher Investments' Institutional Group. He has been with the firm since 2005.

Heating Up—A Look at UK Housing


UK housing has seen rapid price increases recently. But before calling a bubble, consider: Could one area be skewing the average?

The Eurozone in Perspective


The recent highly publicized struggles of the euro notwithstanding, a euro collapse remains unlikely in the next two years.

PIIGS Yields Up, Maybe Permanently


PIIGS yields are currently elevated on renewed sovereign debt fears, but proposed restructuring legislation could lead to permanently higher yields.

European Debt Issues


Debt problems in the European periphery have some investors worried, but fears don't seem to match fundamentals.

IOUs That Shouldn’t Worry U or I

It's tough to go 15 minutes these days without hearing something about debt—consumer debt, sovereign debt, business debt, you name it.


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