Media Hype/Myths

Top Market Stories of 2007

By, 12/31/2007
A look back at the top market stories of more

Top Market Myths of 2007

By, 12/28/2007
2007 felt like a tumultuous year, but stocks worldwide held their ground and so did the economy. A recounting of the year's top worries that never more

MarketMinder’s Best of 2007

By, 12/27/2007
A look back at the best 2007 MarketMinder daily more
Austin Fraser
Reality Check

Reality Check: You Get What You Pay For

By, 12/26/2007
It's safe to say everyone likes a good deal, but government subsidies often turn out to be more than we bargained more

What Dollar Story?

By, 12/26/2007
2007 was a year of hand-wringing about the dollar's demise. With just a few days left in the year, it turns out the dollar wasn't so weak after more
US Economy

Recession Confusion

By, 12/24/2007
Headlines, polls, feelings—none of these are good indicators of a coming recession. Instead, you must look at the hard data to know if we're in more

Did Nothing

By, 12/21/2007
2007 was a year of political rhetoric in the US where virtually nothing got more
Emerging Markets

Propped Up

By, 12/20/2007
A burgeoning belief among investors that foreign countries are "propping up” US markets today is pure mythology. read more

Strength from Weakness

By, 12/19/2007
Where many interpret recent central bank and sovereign wealth fund action as ominous, we see signs of incredible strength, versatility, and durability in today's global more

Groundhog Day 2008

By, 12/18/2007
Many of the market gurus have made their 2008 stock market predictions. Before making your own, we'd advise some critical thinking and more
Investor Sentiment

You Call that Volatility?

By, 12/17/2007
There's nothing unusual or alarming about recent market volatility. Though we may not remember it this way, market volatility is normal and should be more
Investor Sentiment

Odds On

By, 12/14/2007
Those looking for the "odds” of a recession are barking up the wrong tree. Economies are not games of more
Investor Sentiment

The Willie Loman Effect

By, 12/13/2007
The newest rationale to be bearish is possibly the silliest yet: A vicious cycle-induced recession. read more
John Hulcher
Unconventional Wisdom

Technical Paralysis

By, 12/12/2007
Relying on technical indicators alone for market forecasting is potentially treacherous. There is no pure technical method proven to deliver practical long-term value as a primary driver in portfolio more
Investor Sentiment

But Wait, There’s More

By, 12/12/2007
America's and Europe's central banks have coordinated in an innovative way to make capital available to troubled banks, which highlights the variety of liquidity sources available today for more
US Economy

Feel the Flow

By, 12/11/2007
Investors dread decreasing home prices will translate to lower net worth and slower consumer spending. But the Federal Reserve's latest report on the US household reveals the largely unappreciated strength and vigor of the American more
US Economy

MarketMinder’s Letter to Santa

By, 12/10/2007
As 2007 draws to a close, we consider just a few of the market conditions that could help fuel a continued global equity bull more
US Economy


By, 12/07/2007
Pearl Harbor reminds us of the resiliency, strength, and versatility of the United States and its citizens. By comparison, today's perceived economic problems are mere more
US Economy

Recession Quiz

By, 12/06/2007
Folks seem to believe the US is headed for a recession. We'd bet most of those folks would fail our more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

In the Zone

By, 12/06/2007
Special Economic Zones are all the rage in the Emerging Markets. But do they help or hinder global economic development? read more

A BIG Year

By, 12/05/2007
2007 looks like a banner year for big cap stocks. But just because big caps are leading today doesn't mean betting on them looking ahead is a sure more
US Economy

A Million a Minute

By, 12/04/2007
Investors commonly fear the US government is over-indebted, particularly to foreigners, and this poses an economic threat. However, our government is largely indebted to Americans, and currently, our debt load isn't more
Media Hype/Myths

Super Ben, Part Deux

By, 12/03/2007
As the FOMC prepares to meet, the media predicts they'll drop rates again to help "save” the economy from a credit crunch. We continue to view credit crisis fears as overblown and largely more


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