Blunder Now Alliance

By, 11/30/2007
A new proposal to aid those in mortgage default danger is bad economics and bad public policy.read more
Investor Sentiment

The Exclusionary Economy (Everyone but Me!)

By, 11/29/2007
As sentiment plunges toward multi-year lows, positive economic news continues to flow in—a uniquely bullish scenario for stocks.read more

Earnings Dilemma

By, 11/28/2007
The first negative quarter for earnings growth in over five years has many investors running for the hills, but a close look at the data reveals bullish conclusions for stocks.read more

Dopey Dow Theory

By, 11/27/2007
A time-tested concept says a new bear market's at hand—but there are good reasons to distrust the Dow Theory.read more
Developed Markets

Outback Ouster

By, 11/26/2007
Australia's new leader, Kevin Rudd, talks a big game of change and reform, but when the political dust settles, expect the status quo.read more

Imagine: The Gaia Economy

By, 11/23/2007
Globalization has made iconic baby-boomer utopian images of world unity closer to reality than ever.read more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

Thanks, Ayn

By, 11/21/2007
On the 50th anniversary of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, we should give thanks for our individual liberties.read more

The Greatest Prosperity

By, 11/21/2007
Free market economies are the alchemical conduits of progress and wealth for individuals and societies alike.read more

Freddie Fretting

By, 11/20/2007
The trend of overblown fears tied to a credit crisis continued today with Freddie Mac's $2 billion loss announcement.read more

Six Degrees of Tax Policy

By, 11/19/2007
Contrary to popular opinion, a Democrat President and Congress doesn't guarantee a tax hike. Rather, it's conceivable the Democrats maintain the tax cuts for political leverage.read more


By, 11/16/2007
Breakthroughs in neuroscience are spawning powerful insights for approaches to economics and investing. But like any new tool, it can easily cause as much damage as good. Tread lightly.read more

All in Thain

By, 11/15/2007
The continued trend of risk averse, wet blanket CEOs is an indication of today's dour market sentiment, not economic peril. Merrill Lynch's hiring of John Thain is the latest example.read more

So Goes Jay-Z

By, 11/14/2007
No one's immune from weak dollar fears—but fears don't translate into fundamental trouble for markets or economies. Weak or strong, the dollar doesn't dictate stock market direction.read more

Writing-Off Write-Downs

By, 11/13/2007
Maybe today ended the recent spate of negative market volatility, maybe not. Either way, investors will eventually wake up to the fact so-called "toxic” debt assets are worth far more than currently perceived.read more

A Capital Gainsay

By, 11/12/2007
Many fear higher tax rates after the 2008 election. But no matter the outcome, the benefits of compounding interest are too great to attempt short-term market timing to avoid a potential, future tax hike.read more
Developed Markets

A Government Sponsored Bank Run?

By, 11/09/2007
In a bizarre twist of irony, the British government exacerbated credit problems by blocking a merger between banks earlier this year. The episode underscores both the perils of government intervention and the gross misunderstanding of today's so-called "credit crunch.”read more
US Economy

The Secret Testimony of Big Ben

By, 11/08/2007
Bernanke's testimony to Congress today depicted a resilient economy with plenty of capital markets-based mechanisms to ballast the soft housing market. Too bad many chose to hear a different message.read more
Market Risks

Dour as It Gets

By, 11/07/2007
Stocks took a walloping today as media coverage of the economy reached its most dour levels of the year. But volatile markets and grim headlines are nothing new for this bull market.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Credit Crunch II: A Box Office Flop!

By, 11/06/2007
A new narrative has emerged from the media hype machine: Credit Crunch Part II. Like all bad sequels, this one has even less substance than the original.read more

China's Fabulous Moolah

By, 11/05/2007
China's historic bull market run-up probably has further to climb, but investors should use extreme caution before making a foray into Chinese equities. read more

Guilty by Association

By, 11/02/2007
Individual stocks are highly correlated with their sectors, countries, and the market. Thus, investors must take a broader view than simply studying specific companies. Today's Capital Markets stocks are a great example.read more

Bumpy, Lumpy Bulls

By, 11/01/2007
Stock market volatility is perfectly normal—up and down. Allowing market choppiness to predicate investment decisions is simply wrong.read more


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