Not All Destruction is Created Equal

By, 11/30/2006
We've written several times in this commentary on equity supply destruction and its ability to drive stock prices higher.read more

Free Trade Protectionists

By, 11/29/2006
What kind of an economy was the United States 150 years ago? Primarily agrarian.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

Approaching Retirement

By, 11/29/2006
Financing retirement is perhaps the biggest challenge facing investors.read more
Interest Rates

A Hawkish ECB

By, 11/28/2006
The European Central Bank (ECB) is a strange animal.read more
Investor Sentiment

Much to Be Thankful For

By, 11/25/2006
We're a little lethargic from all the turkey and fixings yesterday.read more

Proud to be Liberal

By, 11/23/2006
Milton Friedman, the recently deceased economist and Nobel Laureate, once asked the public this simple question: "How do you make a pencil?" By appearance it's a simple object.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Bamboozled by Bogus Bubbles

By, 11/22/2006
What's a bubble? A small globule, typically hollow and light? A small body of gas within a liquid? Well, technically yes.read more
Alternative Investments

Free to Give

By, 11/21/2006
To kick off the holiday week, we're taking a look at the "New Philanthropy".read more

Inflating Wages

By, 11/18/2006
One of our favorite pastimes is delivering bad news to the bears in times we believe it's a bull market (like now).read more

Capitalism and Freedom's Stalwart Defender

By, 11/17/2006
Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman has died today at the age of 94.read more
Alternative Investments

Deriving Stable Markets

By, 11/16/2006
We hear a lot of irrational worries about the derivatives market.read more
Corporate Earnings

Domestic Growth Abroad

By, 11/15/2006
It's been one of the best periods for US corporate earnings since World War II.read more
Personal Finance

More Freedom; More Money

By, 11/14/2006
Less regulation actually increases government tax receipts.read more
Personal Finance

Are You Optimal?

By, 11/11/2006
Finance geeks already know what an "optimal capital structure" is.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

The Dodgy Dow

By, 11/11/2006
Client: I recently read that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is nearing its all-time high? What does this mean to me? The easy answer is "not much.read more
US Economy

Too Busy Working

By, 11/10/2006
United States unemployment stands today at a 5-year low of 4.read more

Little Surprise Power for the Donkeys and Elephants

By, 11/09/2006
The media blitz is on.read more
Corporate Earnings

Ho Hum - Another Stellar Earnings Season

By, 11/08/2006
Yawn…another quarter, another double-digit rise in corporate earnings.read more

Thoughts on Election Eve

By, 11/07/2006
With the media giddily anticipating tomorrow's mid-term elections, headlines are dominated by breathless commentaries, wild predictions, and 11th hour campaigning.read more
Behavioral Finance

Reckless Teen Investors

By, 11/04/2006
Sharon Begley's science column in today's Wall Street Journal is an insightful look into the psychological underpinnings of reckless teen behavior.read more
Media Hype/Myths

No News is Good News

By, 11/03/2006
Here's a smattering of today's mass-media, front-page headlines:"Study: Ocean's edible species fading," USA Today"Wildfire Murder Charges Filed," cnn.read more
US Economy

The Savings Rate Myth

By, 11/02/2006
We're a bit tired of hearing of the over-extended consumer.read more
Emerging Markets

Caveat Emptor

By, 11/01/2006
The siren song of Chinese equities has proved too hard to resist.read more


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