Metaxic Imbalance

By, 10/31/2007
It's been a great day for the US economy. Too bad few (including Fed officials) appreciate it.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

New (Time) Horizons

By, 10/31/2007
Time horizon is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood concepts pertaining to portfolio construction. Let's take a closer look at how to determine your time horizon and discuss why it has such a dramatic impact on determining an appropriate portfolio strategy.read more

Is Oil Finally Too High?

By, 10/30/2007
Are oil prices finally high enough to stifle the economy? In a word, no.read more

The Exorcist

By, 10/29/2007
Just in time for Halloween, Wall Street is once again exorcising the demons of credit crunches past.read more

Is Tech for Real?

By, 10/26/2007
Tech stocks have been on a tear. Is the rally for real, or just a post-correction countertrend?read more

Rangel Rouser

By, 10/25/2007
One of the most ridiculous tax bills in US history was proposed today. Good thing it has no chance of passing.read more
US Economy

Earnings Breather Not a Bear Harbinger

By, 10/24/2007
Reported US corporate earnings are weak so far in the third quarter, but a close look at the numbers and proper perspective reveals this doesn't signal a new bear market. read more

Futile Congressional Fixes

By, 10/23/2007
Congress is at it again. Their proposed fixes for troubled subprime borrowers are unlikely to solve anything, and most likely will have unintended, negative consequences.read more
Media Hype/Myths

The Real Credit Story

By, 10/22/2007
Long-term rates have been moving lower lately, a remarkable story almost entirely ignored by the media.read more

Flaming Kamikaze Squirrels! (And Other Anomalies)

By, 10/19/2007
This week's market volatility is being compared to Black Monday 20 years ago. In reality, the dissimilarities are many and stocks remain a great value.read more
Austin Fraser
Reality Check

Hyped Up on Hooch

By, 10/18/2007
Nearly three quarters of a century after the end of Prohibition, bootleggers are making a comeback. This time, though, they're turning that corn hooch into fuel, not moonshine. read more
Behavioral Finance

Proof of Theory

By, 10/18/2007
Investors would be wise to abandon theories and stick to the facts when making portfolio decisions.read more
Alternative Investments

Don’t Stifle the Prudent!

By, 10/17/2007
Pervasive misunderstanding of derivatives markets is fueling fears of financial instability. In fact, the role of derivatives is just the opposite.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Same Old Song and Dance

By, 10/16/2007
Two days of stock market weakness spawned resurgence in well-worn fears…and little more.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Ghost of October Past

By, 10/15/2007
Similarities between today and October 1987 abound. But for as many superficial similarities the media highlights, there are as many or more fundamental differences.read more

Leave it to The Mavericks

By, 10/12/2007
The M&A and share buyback boom is set to resume on the strength of market fundamentals and the leadership of "maverick” business leaders willing to re-set the trend.read more

Hail to the Tax Cuts

By, 10/11/2007
Big proposed tax changes and political turmoil in Britain may turn out to be a tempest in a teapot. A simpler tax system may be in the cards for Britain, but British politicians have a long time to foul up positive proposals.read more
David Eckerly
Into Perspective

From Tower of Greed to Wall of Worry

By, 10/10/2007
A child-simple tale for understanding the two stalwarts of investor sentiment. read more
Market Cycles

Happy Anniversary!

By, 10/10/2007
Yesterday the bull market celebrated its fifth anniversary. Hooray! Too bad few are noticing what a great run it's been. read more
Market Risks

The Real Risks

By, 10/09/2007
Sensational headlines about subprime woes, a weak dollar, the "credit crisis,” etc., distract investors from seeing legitimate market risks. But never fear—the risks we identify here are unlikely to develop into major market negatives at this point. read more

Global Politics Update

By, 10/08/2007
While the media focuses on the US 2008 presidential election, many forget the importance of politics on global stock returns. Today, an update and analysis on global politics.read more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

California Hates the Poor

By, 10/05/2007
Punitive and perverse tax structures are punishing California's lower income citizens, and driving precious tax revenue out of the state. read more
Media Hype/Myths

What a Week!

By, 10/05/2007
While headlines about Britney losing custody of her kids dominated front pages, few are taking note of stocks' stellar run. But it's not all good news—rising protectionist sentiment is also lurking in the background.read more

Veto Power

By, 10/04/2007
Politicians continue to hem and haw, but no legislation of consequence has passed in 2007—a great thing for stocks. Bush's veto of new healthcare legislation is the latest example. read more

A Good Bad Quarter

By, 10/03/2007
It felt like a summer of turmoil, but the third quarter of 2007 was much better for stocks than it seemed.read more
Personal Finance

Live Long and Prosper

By, 10/02/2007
By not assuming a long enough time horizon or trying to "get conservative,” many investors make critical investing errors seriously impacting their ability to meet long-term investing goals.read more
Market Risks

October Horrors

By, 10/01/2007
Is another Black Monday waiting for investors this October? Probably not, but expect to see endless headlines warning of coming trouble tied to the 20th anniversary. read more


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