Alternative Investments

Markets Do Just Fine Regulating Markets

By, 10/31/2006
We've been listening to the media get it wrong for so long, we almost missed it when someone actually got it more

Have a Market Mentality

By, 10/27/2006
Capital markets are all about innovation, technology, dynamic change, and the flow of more

Stocks Don't Look Back to the Future

By, 10/27/2006
It's official: US GDP growth slowed in the third more

Even More Destruction

By, 10/26/2006
Lately we've been lauding the virtues of more

Three's a Charm

By, 10/24/2006
P/E ratios are fickle more
Investor Sentiment

Fears for Facts… Blowout Sale!

By, 10/24/2006
We're trading fears for facts! Come on down and trade in some of those jalopy-like worries you've been holding on to and drive a spanking new piece of data off the lot today! Fear of a recession? Trade it in for positive GDP data for no money down! Inflation fears? We've got a low headline inflation rate just waiting for you! We're so sure you'll love these facts once you've taken them for a test drive, you'll trade in your fears for good!
  • Global GDP continues to outpace analyst forecasts and remains above average levels.
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The Financials Revolution

By, 10/21/2006
How can it be that an industry that creates no tangible products is worth about 25% of the value of all equities, and represents an even higher proportion of profits? It's a time of great innovation and development throughout the Financials more

When Destruction is Good

By, 10/20/2006
Media empires are crumbling! Thousands of electronic products face obsolescence yearly! Large, well-established companies are being exterminated by leaner, more innovative competitors! How can the economy possibly survive amid continual danger to its products? Believe it or not, all this turmoil is more
Corporate Earnings

Consistently Too Low

By, 10/19/2006
Already third quarter earnings are coming in well ahead of more
Investor Sentiment

What, Me Worry?

By, 10/18/2006

Here are three facts:1. The German economy is growing at its fastest rate since 2000.2. German investor confidence is at its lowest level in more than 13 years, according to the ZEW survey.3. The German DAX stock index is up over 19% this year (in USD).

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Shocking Returns!

By, 10/17/2006
Returns on Utilities stocks are truly electrifying this more

Flip it to See Stocks' Value

By, 10/14/2006
We think price-to-earnings ratios are pretty more

Trade Deficits Pop Quiz

By, 10/13/2006
Pop-quiz time! (Don't worry, this won't go on your permanent more

School's Out for the Congressmen!

By, 10/12/2006
Throw your pencils and notebooks in the air! The 109th Congress is out for the year and they've all gone more
Behavioral Finance

North Korea Can't Nuke Stocks

By, 10/11/2006
Fears are rising around the world over the purported testing of a nuclear weapon in North more
Investor Sentiment

Industrials Revolution?

By, 10/10/2006
We've noticed a lot of press lauding recent all-time highs of the Dow Jones Industrial more

Get Some Sleep on November 7th

By, 10/07/2006
While pundits, the press, and pollsters pine away for results of the US mid-term elections deep into the night on November 7th, we'll be tucked in for a long autumn more
Emerging Markets

Re-Emerging Emerging Markets

By, 10/06/2006
Perma-bears lauded the seeming implosion of Emerging Markets stocks when the market correction began in the more
US Economy

Guess What? The US is Bigger than Ever.

By, 10/05/2006
Hopefully you said "That's Great!" after reading the more

A Tale of Two Charts

By, 10/04/2006
What's really going on in the commodity markets? You'd be hard pressed to find a positive story on commodities lately, with pundits citing oil's decline, the lack of hurricane disaster, and calming tensions in Iran as reasons to turn more

In Defense of Global Capitalism

By, 10/03/2006
It's amazing to us, given the results of the 20th century, that capitalism still needs a staunch defense now and more


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