US Economy

Mind the Gap

By, 09/28/2007
Politicians have it backwards. Debt is not a societal negative. It's a vital economic driver, and having access to credit makes society wealthier more
US Economy

Vector Investing

By, 09/27/2007
Large and diverse economies (such as the US) require huge dislocations to impede economic growth—most concerns like subprime and new housing supply simply aren't big enough to more

Dollar Doldrums Don’t Mean Diddly for Stocks

By, 09/26/2007
Headlines fretting over the falling dollar are both overblown and lack power to curtail the bull market in more
Media Hype/Myths

Ask the Question

By, 09/25/2007
Questioning common media storylines can prevent some potentially costly investing errors. Frequently, news stories are built on hype and conjecture, not historically valid more

Chinese Inflation

By, 09/24/2007
China's inflation rate is soaring. While that's unlikely to derail China's economy in the near term or infect the global economy with higher prices, the problem underscores a still fragile and developing nation fraught with peril for more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

Basel II: The Rise of Risk Assessment

By, 09/21/2007
While it's true most movie sequels flop at the box office, Basel II, the international banking standard follow-up, will have a better more
Media Hype/Myths

Hug a Journalist

By, 09/21/2007
The media's sentiment hasn't improved, which is good news for a market driven by strong positive more
Media Hype/Myths

The Could Headlines

By, 09/20/2007
With the faux credit crisis quickly becoming yesterday's news, the financial press is scrambling to find the next great fear-mongering and speculative story. read more
US Economy

Ben to the Fake Rescue!

By, 09/19/2007
Yesterday's Fed action won't have much impact, which is good news, since our healthy economy requires no rescuing. read more
Interest Rates

Saving the Day (And Not Much Else)

By, 09/18/2007
Today's semi-surprise rate cut of 0.5% by the Federal Reserve featured some bewildering messages, but on balance the move will probably do little to bolster or hinder the economy other than provide a short-term psychological more
Developed Markets

Britain Rocked

By, 09/17/2007
Troubled British lender Northern Rock isn't evidence of systemic woes in Britain or elsewhere. read more
Interest Rates

Small Cuts Don’t Much Matter

By, 09/14/2007
Expectations for a Fed interest rate cut to "save” the economy next week are overblown. Cut or no cut, it makes little economic difference—today's fervor over Fed meetings is more about psychology than reality. read more

The Bigger the Better

By, 09/13/2007
A big trade deficit isn't an economic negative requiring a government fix. Rather, it can be symptomatic of dynamic economic health. Developed nations running trade deficits have had better economic growth than surplus more

Japan’s Benny Hill

By, 09/12/2007
Fraught with scandal, gaffes, and general embarrassment, the end of Japanese Prime Minister Abe's reign was closer akin to watching Benny Hill shuffle around the stage than a dignified exit. Antics aside, this doesn't appear to be a crippling event for stock markets or the Japanese more
Michael Hanson

The Myth of One

By, 09/12/2007
The human brain likes to simplify problems and make clear distinctions. That's a problem for investors in a world where many factors more
Behavioral Finance


By, 09/11/2007
Acts of terrorism are vile, tragic and significant. But they've accomplished little in the way of decimating the free-market capitalist economies of the west, which today thrive at a near unprecedented pace six years after 9/ more
Media Hype/Myths

Main Street, Bling Street?

By, 09/10/2007
The media's contradictory views are driven more by fear than fundamentals. Investors are better served by focusing on fundamentals over the long more
US Economy

Belaboring Labor

By, 09/07/2007
Today's jobs report was indeed negative, but when the hype is cleared away it doesn't amount to more
US Economy

Our Callous Economy

By, 09/06/2007
News about increasing foreclosures may not be as bad as you think because weakness in the housing sector isn't enough to materially hamper America's more
Media Hype/Myths

Peeling the Onion

By, 09/05/2007
When media gloom disengages from positive economic reality (like today), it's usually a great time to buy more
Media Hype/Myths

Recession Risks? Inconceivable!

By, 09/04/2007
No matter what the media claims, recession is not in the eye of the more


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