Laboring Through Summer, Part 2

By, 08/31/2007
On the eve of Labor Day weekend, Part 2 of MarketMinder's look at the economics of labor.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

Exchange Traded Funds

By, 08/30/2007
What are ETFs and how are they used? Some answers to common ETF questions.read more

Laboring Through Summer, Part 1

By, 08/30/2007
As summer unofficially closes, it's a good time to remember the tenets of Capitalism and free market economics that helped make US labor one of the most versatile, productive, and wealthy workforces in the world.read more
US Economy

Partners in Debt

By, 08/29/2007
Think the US or UK has too much debt? Think again.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Grumpy Journos, Happy Market

By, 08/28/2007
When media headlines are uniformly dour, it's not proof of hard times ahead. Rather, it's likely just the opposite!read more
Investor Sentiment

They’d Rather Be in the Casket

By, 08/27/2007
A recent survey shows folks fear an impending credit crunch more than the specter of terrorism. Meanwhile, T-bill rates are climbing back toward the Fed Funds rate—both very bullish signals.read more
Investor Sentiment

Sentimental Silliness

By, 08/24/2007
Investors are too flaky to bank on short-term shifts in sentiment.read more
Glenn Downer
Across the Atlantic

Europe’s Unintended Brown Thumb

By, 08/24/2007
With ever-increasing global competition, environmental targets that are too expensive and difficult to achieve could drive more of Europe's manufacturing base to browner pastures—creating economic and ecological net losses in the process. read more
US Economy

Best Credit Crunch Ever!

By, 08/23/2007
Catcalls for a world economy in crisis on fears of the supposed credit crunch are getting sillier by the day as hard evidence of stability and strength piles on.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Jump the Shark

By, 08/22/2007
Has the market jumped the shark? Tune in to find out.read more
Market Cycles

Who Wants to be Normal?

By, 08/21/2007
When you were young, did you dream that one day you would grow up to be fairly normal? Maybe you really set your sights high and hoped to live an amazingly average life? No? We didn't think so.read more
Interest Rates

Are We There Yet?

By, 08/20/2007
What do corrections and family vacations have in common? Way too much.read more
Interest Rates

The Fed’s Talisman

By, 08/17/2007
Today's rate cut from the Fed is more symbolic than it is potent…but it may prove to be just the antidote for today's skittish investor sentiment.read more
Market Risks

Fed Focus

By, 08/16/2007
Will the Fed save the day? Better question, do they need to? read more
Media Hype/Myths

Market Efficiency and the Bard

By, 08/15/2007
Every so often, when financial headlines become particularly histrionic, it's good to revisit MarketMinder's principles for navigating the media.read more
Market Risks

Bearing with Bulls

By, 08/14/2007
Is there anything that could make us bearish right now? Sure, but none seem very likely at the moment.read more

Bad Conation

By, 08/13/2007
When investors get jittery, they tend to believe one issue, and one issue only, moves stocks. That's a classic sign of a bull market correction and not a new bear. read more
Investor Sentiment

Pray for Panic

By, 08/10/2007
Pray for more investor panic. Bigger panic leads to bigger bounces.read more
Interest Rates

Blood in the Alleys

By, 08/09/2007
The freak-outs continue. Dread that credit blood is flowing in the streets of the global economy received another seeming affirmation today. read more
Brendan Erne
The Global View

Let Free Trade Take its Course

By, 08/08/2007
MarketMinder is excited to present this week's guest columnist, Brendan Erne: For years, technology products have been a shining example of the power of free trade and globalization. Today new tariffs and protectionist measures are threatening that trend.read more
Market Risks

Free Trade Imperiled

By, 08/08/2007
Is Congress trying to make the media's baseless proclamations that the US economy is dead come true?read more

Summer Reading

By, 08/07/2007
With today's Fed's statement behind us and the market's nicely positive reaction, now's a good time to turn bibliophilic and get to that summer reading.read more

No Credit Messiah Necessary

By, 08/06/2007
The market is expecting a savior, but this week's Fed meeting likely won't provide much in the way of a credit messiah. That's ok because markets didn't need saving in the first place.read more
US Economy

Corrective Measures

By, 08/03/2007
Our daddies told us there'd be days like this. The S&P 500 took a whooping today, capping what's been a tumultuous couple weeks in the market. But don't let a few days' frightening downside volatility scare you away from stocks just yet.read more

Notes on an Energy Boom

By, 08/02/2007
The global boom in energy prices, profits, and stock appreciation isn't done yet.read more
David Eckerly
Into Perspective

A Passing Storm

By, 08/02/2007
Thousands of years after the Greek pantheon of gods was created, humans still haven't moved past the tendency to ascribe mythological causes to scary events we don't fully understand.read more

Free Markets...Anyone? Anyone?

By, 08/01/2007
Would Ferris Bueller approve of Chinese tariffs? We think not.read more
Brendan Erne
The Global View

Let Free Trade Take Its Course

By, 08/01/2007
For years, technology products have been a shining example of the power of free trade and globalization. Today new tariffs and protectionist measures are threatening that trend.read more


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