Long Train Runnin’

By, 07/31/2008
Investors looking for anecdotal evidence miss some hard data, like transports, which remain strong--unlikely to happen during recession. read more
US Economy

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

By, 07/30/2008
Some folks fret lower oil and gas prices are a bad sign for Energy and the economy, but fundamentals still look nice. read more
Corporate Earnings

Earnings Expectations

By, 07/29/2008
Earnings season is proving to be a bumpy ride, but good news exists. read more
US Economy

Time to Go to the Bull Pen?

By, 07/28/2008
Sector weightings are one of the key drivers of portfolio performance. Knowing when to make adjustments is vital to performance over time. read more
Investor Sentiment

Fine for Me, But Not for Thee

By, 07/25/2008
Most Americans feel terrible about the US economy—but it's everyone else's economy they hate, not their own. read more
Monetary Policy

Mark It to Market?

By, 07/24/2008
Freddie and Fannie may be proxies for Financials woes in many ways, including in the distortions of mark-to-market accounting. read more

It’s All Relative

By, 07/23/2008
When it comes to future inflation, it's not current prices, but price movement, that counts. read more

What Now?

By, 07/22/2008
Investing based on how you wish you could have six months ago is typically a good way to make a larger more
US Economy

Your Mother Was a Hamster

By, 07/21/2008
With all the talk of economic woe and calls for accountability, a harsh regulatory response could become a risk. read more
US Economy

Pessimistic Prognosticators Aplenty

By, 07/18/2008
Those in the financial industry are overwhelmingly bearish. Is there legitimate reason for their pessimism, or do the current troubles within their industry skew their views? read more
Carolyn Feng
Capitalist Corner

An Open Letter to Bill Gates

By, 07/18/2008
Dear Mr. Gates, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in trouble. And you can help. read more

CPI : Rotten to the Core

By, 07/17/2008
While CPI has ticked up of late, rekindling inflation fears, global long-term interest rates, a better indication for the market's expectation of inflation, remain benign. read more

Demand or Speculate

By, 07/16/2008
Oil endured its second biggest drop on record Tuesday…and "blame” was finally attributed to supply and demand, not speculators. read more

Don’t Fear Failure

By, 07/15/2008
Investors fearing bank failures shouldn't—failures make way for progress. read more
US Economy

About Fannie and Freddie…

By, 07/14/2008
Markets were volatile again on Friday as fears over the health of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac resurfaced. read more
US Economy

Care to Dance?

By, 07/10/2008
Initial public offerings (IPOs) have dried up lately. Many view this as a bearish sign. But a dearth of IPOs means less stock supply—bullish for prices. read more
Investor Sentiment

Of Whipsaws and Rumors

By, 07/09/2008
Fears over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's failing health sent Financials and the broader market reeling, but a closer analysis shows rumors of pending regulation were greatly more
Developed Markets

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By, 07/08/2008
The annual Group of Eight summit will likely amount to little more than illusions. read more
Investor Sentiment


By, 07/07/2008
Market volatility continued in the second quarter. But volatility is normal, and shouldn't much matter to long-term investors—unless they more
US Economy

The Paradox of Pursuit

By, 07/03/2008
For this year's celebration of independence, it's time to ask why we feel so bad while the world keeps getting better. read more

Trade Liberalization Grudge Match, 2008

By, 07/02/2008
A showdown between Nicolas Sarkozy and Europe's trade commissioner threatens to turn world trade talks upside down. read more
Fisher Investments Editorial Staff
US Economy

Oxymoronic Growth

By, 07/01/2008
That so many want to classify the economy today as being in recession is probably more a function of dour sentiment than economic reality. read more


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