US Economy

In the Meantime

By, 07/31/2007
As the stock markets work through jitters about a credit crunch and subprime, recent aggregate economic news has been very more
Developed Markets

Is the LDP DOA?

By, 07/30/2007
Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party suffered a stunning defeat in the upper house election on Sunday, giving up control in the chamber to the opposition Democratic Party of Japan. What does it mean for global stocks?read more

Is the LDP DOA?

By, 07/30/2007
Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party suffered a stunning defeat in the upper house election on Sunday, giving up control in the chamber to the opposition Democratic Party of Japan. What does it mean for global stocks?read more
Media Hype/Myths

The (Credit) Party We Weren’t Invited To

By, 07/27/2007
For all of this week's hubbub about credit problems and their wider implications for the economy, a dearth of real facts have emerged to corroborate the notion. Corporate balance sheets are in great shape and liquidity remains more
Interest Rates

Debt Disambiguation

By, 07/26/2007

News of a faltering credit environment persists, but fundamentals still appear conducive to a robust cash-based M&A market. This week's equity sell-off is likely normal turbulence and not a harbinger of a credit crunch, or a new bear market.

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Doug Regner
Repeatable History

You Could Be a Part-Time Model

By, 07/26/2007
It's a bull market folks, and things could scarcely be better for stocks. Never mind this bull market actually began in 2003, now your portfolio is really gaining steam and you've finally taken more

Presidential Popularity Contest

By, 07/25/2007
How will President Bush's tanking popularity impact the stock market this year?read more
Behavioral Finance

High Comedy

By, 07/24/2007
All joking aside, a good sense of humor is vital for investing more

The MarketMinder Guide to MarketMinder

By, 07/23/2007
Ever wondered what you're supposed to do with stories you're supposed to ignore?read more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

The Paparazzi Economy

By, 07/20/2007
We Americans rightfully take a great deal of pride in our economic prowess, so it's understandable to feel a ping of jealousy reading the US's role in the global economy has diminished. read more

“Just Doing Our Job, Ma’am”

By, 07/20/2007
Investor confusion abounds over what's routine and what's truly a worry for the more
Behavioral Finance

Height Fright

By, 07/19/2007
New market highs trigger an instinctual, but potentially dangerous, reaction in investors—fear of more

Commercial Amnesia

By, 07/18/2007
Investors are predominantly focused on residential housing statistics, but many fail to realize commercial real estate is almost as big…and it's more
Media Hype/Myths

News Update

By, 07/17/2007

Meaningful bullish news emerged from just about all corners of the economy today. Remember talk just six months ago about a recession? Hard landings? Soft landings? Those stories seem to be a thing of the past.

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Media Hype/Myths

Wall of Worries

By, 07/16/2007
Markets climb a wall of worry, but how can investors tell worries to ignore from legitimate worries? read more

Crowd Deification

By, 07/13/2007
Markets are great! But let's not deify more

Credit Crisis Conundrum

By, 07/12/2007
Are we facing a coming credit crisis? Or is the real crisis a disappointing lack of working calculators in most major newsrooms?read more

Pricing Armed Conflict

By, 07/11/2007
International military conflicts and terrorism can sometimes have a big impact on stocks. But probably not exactly in the way you'd think. read more
Lara Hoffmans
Inconvenient Truths

An Army of Willing Dupes

By, 07/11/2007
Recently, while waiting to pay an exorbitant premium for organic tomatoes at Whole Foods, I had a revelation. No, it wasn't that the marketing term "organic” is simply the most impressive scam ever widely perpetrated on humanity—though it is. read more

Subsidy Soapbox

By, 07/10/2007
Why congressional meddling in free markets should leave you feeling more

The Only Dollar Story

By, 07/09/2007
You thought the dollar was going to tank this year, didn't you? Admit it. We're not going to name any names or single you out, but you know who you are. Dollar-doomsdayers and greenback-naysayers have been unusually mum so far this year, despite their fire and brimstone predictions at 2007's outset. read more
Behavioral Finance

Revisionist History

By, 07/06/2007
Russia's attempt at revisionist history is a classic example of a common investor more
Austin Fraser
Reality Check

Average Trickery

By, 07/05/2007
According to 2005 Census data, the average US family has 3.18 persons. Naturally, we know it's impossible for any family to have a fractional population (unless Dr. Moreau's practicing without our knowledge). read more
Behavioral Finance

Danger: the Only Safety

By, 07/05/2007
Stock market history features a litany of dangerous ideas and thinkers in the quest to know what others don' more

Free Trade Follies

By, 07/03/2007
No one wins in Congress's war on free more
Market Risks

Terror’s Toll

By, 07/02/2007
Global stocks just aren't shocked by terror more


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