US Economy

A Classic French Fold

By, 06/30/2008
Many touting economic stimulus checks as the economy's saving grace are talking out of both sides of their mouths. read more
Austin Fraser
Reality Check

Not a Doi Moi Contagion

By, 06/30/2008
Vietnam is in crisis, stirring up memories of the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis. But its problems are unlikely to give investors déjà vu. read more
Investor Sentiment

Market Volatility and You

By, 06/27/2008
Thursday's market delivered another drubbing to investors. A third test of recent market lows surely proves tried and true investment disciplines no longer work, right? Wrong! read more
US Economy

Don’t Fear the Fed

By, 06/26/2008
The Federal Reserve left rates unchanged yesterday, but hinted at a potential shift in policy in the months ahead. Regardless, incremental rate changes don't matter much to long-term investors. read more
Investor Sentiment

What’s the Deal?

By, 06/25/2008
Mergers and acquisitions activity remains strong these days, a sign things aren't as bad as some folks assume. read more
Investor Sentiment

Hanging Tough…Over and Out!

By, 06/24/2008
Many worry today's market volatility is because the world's more perilous than ever. Truth is, there's never a dull moment. Hang tough!read more
Behavioral Finance

Time for the Bloodletting!

By, 06/23/2008
What do you get when you combine the subprime mess with recent hedge fund debacles? An archetypal regret-shunning hootenanny! read more
David Eckerly
Into Perspective

Seven Reasons Stocks Are Still a Good Idea

By, 06/23/2008
Think stocks are too risky to hold as you contemplate retirement? Think again. Not holding stocks can turn out to be far more

The “Stabilitator” – Rise of the Knee-Jerks

By, 06/20/2008
The British government wants the BOE to be the "stabilizer” for the British financial system. Alas, the plan is merely another political knee-jerk reaction. read more

There’s More Offshore

By, 06/19/2008
Record oil prices have intensified calls to expand offshore drilling in the US. But even if legislation is passed to allow it, drilling won't impact oil prices anytime soon. read more

Who Killed the Zeitgeist?

By, 06/18/2008
A bilateral investment treaty between the US and China could help ease popular stigma about foreign investment. read more

Speculation Accusation

By, 06/17/2008
Speculation is being blamed for high oil prices, but it's largely a political more
Emerging Markets

Global Inflation Conflagration

By, 06/16/2008
Don't fret inflation shock stories—global inflation remains more

Orwell’s Words Proved Wise?

By, 06/13/2008
Uncertainty abounds as Irish voters head to the polls to decide the fate of the EU's Lisbon Treaty. read more
Behavioral Finance

Zigzags and Wild Polygons

By, 06/12/2008
Stocks have experienced some downward volatility of late. Times like these call for yogic breathing and maybe a little energy work. read more

Scrapping With Ben

By, 06/11/2008
Many believe a rising fed funds rate would be bad for stocks. Such a notion is hogwash. read more

Brave New World

By, 06/10/2008
Some folks think a slowing global economy means less demand for energy and, eventually, lower oil prices. But slow economic growth is still growth, and the world will demand more oil, not less. read more
Investor Sentiment

Freaky Friday

By, 06/09/2008
A pre-weekend panic sent stocks reeling, but the news that triggered the storm might not be so bad upon further inspection. read more
Investor Sentiment

What Wealth Effect?

By, 06/06/2008

Folks fearing the weak housing market will dampen consumer spending shouldn't worry—consumer spending tracks disposable income, not home equity.

read more

More Cookies for Us All

By, 06/05/2008
Increasing productivity is one of the best ways to tame inflation. read more

Cap and Trade, or Shuck and Jive?

By, 06/04/2008
Congress is set to vote on an economically treacherous cap-and-trade bill. As of now, it's all talk. Let's hope there's no action. read more

Cap and Trade, or Shuck and Jive?

By, 06/04/2008
Congress is set to vote on an economically treacherous cap-and-trade bill. As of now, it's all talk. Let's hope there's no action. read more

High (or low) Finance

By, 06/03/2008
Financial stocks have taken it on the chin lately, and whether they recover anytime soon is debatable. Regardless, the sector's fortunes don't necessarily dictate those of broader markets. read more


By, 06/02/2008
Investors panic over high oil, forgetting today's high oil is a symptom of a growing economy. read more


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