Investor Sentiment

Bye-Bye Bear Stearns

By, 05/30/2008
The approval of Bear Stearns' sale to JPMorgan turned out to be a snooze-fest, revealing the true shallowness of the so-called financial crisis. read more
Jason Dorrier
Into Perspective

Binary Smoke, Encoded Scotch

By, 05/29/2008
So-called dark liquidity pools are changing how we trade stocks, and bringing us a step closer to more efficient markets. read more

Yes, But…

By, 05/29/2008
Economic growth continues positive to the tune of overly dour expectations. read more

No Confidence in Consumer Confidence

By, 05/28/2008
The Consumer Confidence Index is often believed to portend economic and stock market direction. Put simply, it doesn't. read more

Born to Underachieve

By, 05/27/2008
Socialist sentiment in Europe doesn't bode well for long-term Continental prosperity. read more
John Hulcher
Unconventional Wisdom

Don’t Get So Defensive!

By, 05/27/2008
Defensive portfolio tactics are all the rage when stock markets hiccup. But they can get you into a lot of trouble. read more

Our Robin Hood Government

By, 05/23/2008
No one profits much from high corporate tax rates. read more
Investor Sentiment

Kicking the Habit

By, 05/22/2008
Headlines declaring a credit crisis and subprime fears are muted at present, and that's bullish. read more

Slow Road, No Inflation?

By, 05/21/2008
Economies will grow, and economies will contract—but their movement in either direction has no bearing on inflation. read more
Investor Sentiment


By, 05/20/2008
After a market drop, investors can be tempted to sell out when they reach a breakeven point. But this temptation is best ignored—sales strategies based on arbitrary points in time hinder investment returns. read more
Finance Theory

Passive Manipulation

By, 05/19/2008
The headlines are full of funky new "economic” indicators, but they can be just as misleading as old-fashioned more

Not So Green Acres

By, 05/16/2008
The 2008 farm bill passed the House and Senate. That's okay, because it amounts to little more than election year pandering. read more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

Barry Zito the Bum CEO

By, 05/16/2008
Why today's CEOs are just like sports star free more

Brainiacs Unite

By, 05/15/2008
Prediction markets are making use of efficient markets theory to forecast everything from basketball games to political contests. read more

Hedging What?

By, 05/14/2008
Investors fearing a falling dollar are increasingly turning to currency hedging. Is this necessary? read more

Getting Gassed

By, 05/13/2008
High gas prices aren't likely to go away anytime soon. But gasoline consumption is too small a percentage of overall spending for prices to have the impact folks fear. read more


By, 05/12/2008
From legislature to soccer fields, protectionism is creeping up. read more

Hello GMOs

By, 05/09/2008
Once foodstuff fodder, countries are suddenly turning to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) due to rising food prices more
Market Cycles

Resurrection in Rainbows

By, 05/08/2008
As old as myth and Mother Nature, creative destruction is essential to economic progress too. read more
Investor Sentiment

Over the Troubles and Out of the Woods?

By, 05/07/2008
Recent economic data and media analysis have folks asking, "Is the worst over, or is the next shoe about to drop?” read more

A Suckers’ Rally?

By, 05/06/2008
It's impossible to predict short-term market fluctuations, but the current crop of ills is widely known and unlikely to lead to a more prolonged downturn. read more
Emerging Markets

Oh! You Pretty Things

By, 05/05/2008
China is gearing up for her Olympic coming out party, but a labor shortage in India tells us more about China's real economic prospects. read more

Inconspicuous Consumption

By, 05/02/2008
Despite persistent fears to the contrary, consumers continue to spend. read more

Phantom Storms

By, 05/01/2008
The economy grew in the first quarter, but some still question whether the country is in a recession. read more


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