Market Risks

A Political Punch

By, 05/31/2007
Yesterday's market commentary ("Timing Tortillas") reminded us of one compelling fundamental likely to drive great stock returns this more

Timing Tortillas

By, 05/30/2007
Apparently, the latest trend in Washington is more
Media Hype/Myths

Yen Carry What?

By, 05/29/2007
Remember Y2K? Or rather, remember the Y2K hysteria? Planes would fall out of the sky, ATMs stubbornly refuse to cough up cash, computers melt, and all of modern life's little conveniences suddenly implode in one, awesome, anarchy-inducing ball of over-digitized apocalyptic more

The Last Full Measure

By, 05/25/2007
What strength of resolve is it that impels a people to raise a value—a mere abstract concept—above life? Who can fathom the force of character necessary for ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom? Where can be found, deep in the gut, that ego-annihilating principle giving man the expedience and depth of heart to destroy the body in the name of ethereal liberty? What a rare and new thing is liberty in world history—the timeline of civilization is a tapestry of human more

Bizzaro Economic Policy

By, 05/24/2007
One of Superman's arch-enemies is more
Media Hype/Myths

Group Dynamics

By, 05/23/2007
Outlined against a blue-gray October sky .read more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

Economic Evolution

By, 05/23/2007
"If you want to make enemies, try to change more

The Boom Isn't Ending Today

By, 05/22/2007
We continually tout the power and potency of the merger and acquisition boom as a primary driver of the global bull market in more

Stating the Obvious

By, 05/21/2007
Sometimes the most obvious stuff is the least more
Behavioral Finance

Loopy Mind Models

By, 05/18/2007
Mind-bending doesn't begin to describe more

Hot Fuzz

By, 05/17/2007
Here come the more

Currency Pegging Pedantics

By, 05/16/2007
Just about everyday, in some form or another, we rant about the importance of free more
Investor Sentiment

The Inquiry Culture

By, 05/15/2007
When stocks go down, people start blaming each more
Corporate Earnings

Bean Counter Uprising!

By, 05/14/2007
We've written before in this space on the complexities and absurdities of today's accounting more
Media Hype/Myths

I Dream of China

By, 05/11/2007
Today, Chinese officials announced Chinese commercial banks will be allowed to make foreign stock more
Personal Finance

Dastardly Dividends

By, 05/10/2007
Dividend paying stocks are all the rage these more
Interest Rates

When You Get to the Fork in the Road…

By, 05/09/2007
Yogi Berra made this quote famous: "When you get to the fork in the road, take more
Market Cycles

Flying Off a Cliff

By, 05/08/2007
Just about every time the markets hit new highs the financial media dig up a veritable cornucopia of old stories from the last time it happened, change the numbers around a bit, and republish them almost more

Morning in France?

By, 05/07/2007
Some call him the Ronald Reagan of France; some call him the new Margaret more
Finance Theory

Unfathomable Miscellany

By, 05/04/2007
We like unfathomable things—they're the stuff good investments are made more
US Economy

Productive Ignorance

By, 05/03/2007 more

Labor's Punchline

By, 05/02/2007
Tony Blair is set to step down as Prime more
Behavioral Finance

Obsessing Over Black Swans

By, 05/01/2007
These days there just isn't a lot of big more


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