Grain’s Gains

By, 04/30/2008
As food prices soar, fear of a global calamity elevates. But are rising prices a harbinger of doom or simply another sign of increasing global prosperity? read more

M&M’s and M&A

By, 04/29/2008
With lots of cash and credit in the system, larger firms are looking for bargains. read more
Personal Finance

A Whole New Ballgame

By, 04/28/2008
Innovation is turning the "old ballgame” upside down, and the boys of summer can teach investors something about decision-making. read more

Profiting from Globalization

By, 04/25/2008
Globalization helps US firms profit from global economic strength. read more
Emerging Markets

A Seemingly Cruel Mistress

By, 04/24/2008
China's recently roaring returns have given way to a sharp correction—a lesson in the benefits of Emerging Markets diversification. read more

Analyzing Analysts’ Analysis

By, 04/23/2008
Analysts play an important role in capital markets' evolution. However, their end result—ratings, estimates and price targets—should be taken with a grain of salt. read more
Emerging Markets

Bare Necessities…Big Opportunities

By, 04/22/2008
We forget how good we've got it—the goods we consider bare necessities are seeing booming demand in developing regions. That makes for great investing opportunities abroad. read more
Monetary Policy

A Design for Life

By, 04/21/2008
The Bank of England is redecorating, and the US Fed is their interior designer of choice. What do the new curtains look like? read more
Corporate Earnings

Everyone’s a Critic

By, 04/18/2008
Take criticisms of current CEOs and Fed activity with a grain of salt—especially when coming from predecessors. read more
Michael Hanson

Bad Behaviorism

By, 04/18/2008
The once noble field of behavioral finance has taken a dire turn for the more

The World Can Buy Its Own Coke

By, 04/17/2008
The current bull market has been driven by growth outside the US. read more

Some Taxing Facts

By, 04/16/2008
April 15 is a day most Americans loathe—tax day. read more

Pass the Corn

By, 04/15/2008
Headlines are rife with suggestions to spur on the economy. Things have slowed down of late, but government remedies, like the decision to subsidize the production of ethanol, can cause more problems than they solve. read more

Socialist Serenade

By, 04/14/2008
From Venezuela to Northern Rock, nationalization is rearing its ugly head, though history teaches us it almost always ends badly. read more
Monetary Policy

Two Roads Diverged

By, 04/11/2008
Global central bank activity abounded yesterday. While worth noting, such small moves don't matter much. read more
Corporate Earnings

Bellwether Blues

By, 04/10/2008
Folks tend to base broad economic views on local circumstances and solitary storylines. This earnings season, be wary of assigning too much weight to the performance of a small set of traditional economic bellwethers—there's a wider world out there. read more
Finance Theory

Constructive Destruction

By, 04/09/2008
Stock buybacks hit a record in 2007 for S&P 500 companies, removing an enormous amount of share supply from the market. read more

Free Love

By, 04/08/2008

Free trade spurs global growth and helps keep prices in check—both good things. Congress should remember that as they debate a free trade act with Colombia.

read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

New Frontiers

By, 04/08/2008
Emerging Markets are emerging quickly as a popular investment choice. But what's the right way to get exposure without undue portfolio risk?read more

That ‘70s Show

By, 04/07/2008
Proposed solutions to today's high gas prices are a bit short-sighted. Do we really want to voluntarily relive the 1970s? read more
Developed Markets

The Industrials Evolution

By, 04/04/2008
Industrials are among the unsung heroes of today's global more
Media Hype/Myths

The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Bad

By, 04/03/2008
Ben Bernanke's congressional testimony on Wednesday seemingly supports calls for recession in 2008. Scaling the problems reveals slower growth, but a recession remains more
Finance Theory

Don’t Get High on Someone Else’s Supply

By, 04/02/2008
The law of supply and demand is Econ 101 basics. But few consider it when analyzing stock markets. read more

New Rules for the Street?

By, 04/01/2008
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced an "overhaul” plan for U.S. financial markets. But the plan, if it survives, will likely look very more


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