Emerging Markets

Triangulation Reformation

By, 04/30/2007
Economics and free market efficiency are universal.read more
Behavioral Finance

A Perverse Fantasy Life

By, 04/27/2007
Most of life is fantasy.read more

Cellulose Between the Ears

By, 04/26/2007
As the alternative energy craze continues, we'd like to interject a little commonsense into the debate.read more
Emerging Markets

Comrade Yeltsin

By, 04/25/2007
Even recent history suffers from rewrites.read more

Smart, Smarter, Smartest

By, 04/24/2007
Pretend you are an average CEO of an average S&P 500 company.read more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

Always and Everywhere

By, 04/24/2007
Open the business section of any newspaper and you'll undoubtedly find a headline about inflation.read more
Behavioral Finance

Stay in May

By, 04/23/2007
Here it comes.read more
Behavioral Finance

Demand? No Such Thing.

By, 04/20/2007
Equity prices are ultimately determined by basic supply and demand.read more


By, 04/19/2007
Gold is the great inflationary predictor, and holding gold is a superb hedge against rising prices, recession, and bear markets.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Dead Horse. Stick.

By, 04/18/2007
Remember the kerfuffle over the pesticide DDT? Turns out, DDT doesn't hurt you, your pets, or anything at all, except mosquitos.read more

Pound of Flesh

By, 04/17/2007
Tough luck for any American planning a visit to Ye Olde England—as of today, one pound sterling costs two American dollars.read more
Market Risks

Soak the Rich

By, 04/16/2007
Ah, Tax Day! The one day Americans stand united in their utter contempt of their state and federal government.read more

Indra's Net

By, 04/13/2007
One of the great mythic images of the near eastern traditions is Indra's Net.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Stagflation and Lava Lamps

By, 04/12/2007
Stagflation.read more
Developed Markets

Going Postal

By, 04/11/2007
SAT analogy question pop quiz: Postal Service is to Japan as _________ is to the United States.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

Across the Universe

By, 04/10/2007
When I meet with new/prospective clients, one of the first things I do is take a look at their current portfolio.read more
Behavioral Finance

Anchors Away

By, 04/10/2007
The streak is over.read more

Foreign Investment Boondoggle

By, 04/09/2007
So many protectionists out there these days.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Jelly Bean Investing

By, 04/05/2007

"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!" says Homer Simpson, one of our favorite sages. Rarely has such wisdom come from one so yellow and two-dimensional.

read more
Market Risks

Do-Nothing Market Heroes

By, 04/04/2007
Our politicians are on a roll with a rash of ill-considered legislation.read more

No Impact? No Thanks.

By, 04/03/2007
We like pretty much everything about Daylight Savings Time.read more
Media Hype/Myths

A Pandemic of Fear

By, 04/02/2007
In 1918, a few cases of the flu meandered out of a Kansas army camp, ended a war, paralyzed commerce, and slaughtered tens of millions.read more


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