Investor Sentiment

Confidence Confusion

By, 03/31/2008
New data shows consumers have the blues. Will stocks follow their wallowing? read more

Goldilocks Government

By, 03/28/2008
A "Goldilocks” government solution—just the right amount of government intervention and regulation—in economic markets is merely a more
Finance Theory

Not Quite to the Nines

By, 03/27/2008
Investors tend to justify beliefs by searching out patterns where there are none and assigning meaning to the more

Positively Ignored

By, 03/26/2008
Today's widespread focus on economic negatives and denial of positive global fundamentals is bullish for more

Don't Call It a Bailout

By, 03/25/2008
Recent Fed policies have been criticized as a government-sponsored bailout and possibly a sign of more intervention to come. We view such fears as misplaced. read more
Personal Finance

Making Heads and Tails of Stop-Losses

By, 03/20/2008
Testing fate with stop-losses is about as effective as flipping a more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

The Bill Gates Secret: How to Awaken a Sleepy US Economy

By, 03/19/2008
Bill Gates battles Congress on the scariest deficit you've never heard more

Ironman Investors

By, 03/19/2008
It's been over four months since the global stock market peaked. After a re-test of January's lows, investors are now both fearful and more
Investor Sentiment

Whoa-oh, Domino?

By, 03/18/2008
The sale of Bear Stearns marks an appropriate action from the Fed, not the beginning of the end for stocks. read more
Investor Sentiment

A Confidence Game

By, 03/17/2008
Today's market turbulence probably had more to do with market confidence (or lack thereof) than more
Market Risks

Trial by Fire

By, 03/14/2008
Treasury Secretary Paulson's new policy recommendations intended to strengthen financial markets could prove to be more bane than more

It’s a Materials World

By, 03/13/2008
Don't let higher Materials prices spook you. The price trend in Materials isn't a symptom of inflation but of growing global more
US Economy

Pawning Stocks

By, 03/12/2008
Stocks have been sold in the short-term to pay off debt. Said otherwise—certain financial institutions have been de-leveraging. It's kind of like pawning your guitar to pay the rent. read more

Mint Dollar Chip

By, 03/11/2008
The dollar hitting new lows isn't a symptom of economic or market more
US Economy

Going Once, Going Twice

By, 03/10/2008
The Fed's latest fix has markets in a huff. But just what is a Term Auction Facility anyway? read more
Media Hype/Myths

The Trouble with Carlyle

By, 03/07/2008
Investors fear Carlyle Capital's troubles signal larger problems surrounding agency mortgage securities, but Carlyle's woes aren't more

Oil on Canvas: Today’s Energy Landscape

By, 03/06/2008
High oil prices translate to great investment opportunities. read more
Market Cycles

Soldiers and Generals

By, 03/05/2008
A little-noticed change is taking place in market leadership. Small cap stocks are giving ground to large caps and the shift will likely continue. read more

Pick Your Poison

By, 03/04/2008
Whether you fear a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, you can rest easy. Either way, markets historically perform just more
Market Cycles

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

By, 03/03/2008
This market looks a lot like 1998—a great year for stocks! read more


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