Bang the Doldrums (of Protectionism)

By, 03/30/2007
Our federal government has banged its booming drum today, delivering a baffling decree heading into what's an otherwise blissful spring weekend.read more
US Economy

Dying of Old Age

By, 03/29/2007
Economies aren't like people.read more

Flesh Eating Solutions

By, 03/28/2007
Giant, poisonous toads capable of killing crocodiles are bedeviling Australian farmers (as we reported yesterday).read more

Pass on the Patch

By, 03/27/2007

Ah . . . Spring. That magical time when crocuses poke their timid heads out to greet longer days, tender shoots of green remake the world anew, everything smells fresh and clean, and you discover you owe the U.S. government another 8 grand because you got nailed by the @#$%-ing AMT.

read more
Media Hype/Myths

A Conspiracy of Hammers

By, 03/26/2007
We're not much for conspiracy theories.read more
Finance Theory

Foxy Investing

By, 03/23/2007
Many centuries ago, the Greek poet Archilochus wrote: "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.read more
Behavioral Finance

This Ain't a Scene…it's a (Cognitive) Arms Race

By, 03/22/2007
Why are free market-based systems the optimal framework for an economy? One way to understand it is through the brain's evolutionary composition.read more
Fisher Investments Editorial Staff
Inconvenient Truths

Gap Schmap

By, 03/21/2007

"Income inequality" is the story that refuses to die, and is likely to persist throughout 2007.

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Interest Rates

Critical Invasion

By, 03/21/2007
The scramble has begun! More art than science, more augury than empiricism, the pundits and pinheads are dissecting the Fed's newest statement, fresh off the presses.read more
Media Hype/Myths

Retired Presidents Society

By, 03/20/2007
As one of the financial community's most prominent retirees, Alan Greenspan can't seem to let the spotlight go.read more

Poison Pill Protectionists

By, 03/19/2007
According to Investopedia, a Poison Pill is: "A strategy used by corporations to discourage a hostile takeover by another company.read more

Political Bracketology

By, 03/16/2007

March Madness is in the air. Everybody's got their favorite to win the men's collegiate basketball championships, and the odds-makers in Vegas are hard at work determining the appropriate lines for each game. In honor of the NCAA tournament, we're breaking down the state of the current US Presidential race, bracket style.

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Finance Theory

OMG! Big Telecom Returns

By, 03/15/2007
Editor's Note: Today's commentary is written in half English, half Texting language.read more
Michael Hanson

Data Idolatry

By, 03/15/2007
Most of the struggle of investing is the struggle to surmount the natural workings of the brain.read more

Spread the Risk; Spread the Love

By, 03/14/2007
We'd bet you love your neighbor a lot more than you think.read more
US Economy

No Canary in the Coal Mine

By, 03/13/2007
Markets were pounded today in what could be the beginning of the second down leg of the correction.read more
Behavioral Finance

New Century, Old Worries

By, 03/12/2007
Have you noticed how quickly theories about the current market correction are being spawned then subsequently abandoned? We went from China, to the carry trade, to hedge funds, to the new "Daylight Savings Y2K", to subprime lending all in about two weeks.read more
US Economy

Death and Taxes…and Economic Growth

By, 03/09/2007
Ben Franklin said: "Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.read more
US Economy

Idle Thoughts

By, 03/08/2007
Our minds are wandering.read more
US Economy

Whoop Whoop Whoop

By, 03/07/2007
The incompetence of government-run systems cannot be overstated, and we cannot belabor that point enough.read more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

The Difference between Dogs that Bark and Dogs that Bite

By, 03/06/2007
You have a portfolio full of stocks – some are doing well while others are struggling.read more

Carry Trading Tirade

By, 03/06/2007
Today we discuss the reason du jour for the recent stock market weakness: The Big Bet That Could Melt Wall Street: A look at the 'Yen Carry Trade' and Why so Many Investors Are Starting to Worry it Might UnravelBy Grace Wong, CNNMoneyread more

A Gore-y Correction Correlation

By, 03/05/2007

Congratulations are in order to Mr. Al Gore, inventor of the internet and former Vice President, for winning an Oscar in the "best documentary" category for his film denouncing humanity for it's carbon burning ways in "An Inconvenient Truth".

read more
Finance Theory

To Seek The Grail

By, 03/02/2007
"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England.read more
Market Risks

Separating the Muck from the Mire

By, 03/01/2007
A couple bad days of trading and—literally—people are starting to lose it.read more


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