Media Hype/Myths

Never A Dull Moment

By, 02/29/2008
A dead cat bounce or a renewed bull? Whatever it is, investors will never escape more

Let the Market Do Its Thing

By, 02/28/2008
Hidden in the credit crisis clamor, a little noticed development makes us smile—no sweeping legislative or regulatory change has taken more
US Economy

Not in Our House!

By, 02/27/2008
Reported January foreclosure rates are up 57% from last year—a closer look at the data shows the accompanying fears are overblown. read more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

Bernanke and the Bandit

By, 02/26/2008
A Burt Reynolds film classic and the Fed? They've got more in common than you might more
US Economy

Open for Business

By, 02/25/2008
Behind the turmoil, markets continue to function normally. read more

Disco, Stagflation, and Other ‘70s Horrors

By, 02/22/2008
Journalists have reawakened the specter of stagflation. But comparing today's economy to the disco heyday is flat more
Media Hype/Myths

Conspiracy Theories

By, 02/21/2008
Today's economic headlines contain all sorts of conspiracy theories and superstitions, but don't use them to make investment more

Political Turnover

By, 02/20/2008
Political changes are afoot. While noteworthy developments, they don't amount to a hill of beans for the global economy and financial more
Interest Rates

Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just About Right?

By, 02/19/2008
Folks generally associate steep yield curves with inflation—should they? read more
US Economy

Municipal Bondage

By, 02/15/2008
Recent failed muni bond auctions have sparked new fears Wall Street's in credit bondage. But a closer look reveals just another overhyped worry of the liquidity crisis. read more

America’s Love Affair

By, 02/14/2008
America loves its position as a global economic leader, so is the recent slowing of the US economy a cause for heartbreak?read more
Glenn Downer
Across the Atlantic

Decouple from Decoupling

By, 02/13/2008
Like King Canute and with global investors as witnesses, the American economy will prove it is neither almighty nor does it have the ability to single-handedly stem the tide of global economic more
US Economy

Pass the Banjo

By, 02/13/2008
The US consumer isn't dead yet! January sales growth beat expectations and is tempering fears of an impending recession. read more
US Economy

Emotional Rescue

By, 02/12/2008
Is the Sage of Omaha really trying to bail out bond insurers, or merely conducting business as usual?read more
Emerging Markets

Hugo’s Gambit

By, 02/11/2008
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is boasting of checkmating the US by cutting off oil trade, but his strategy is flawed from the more
US Economy

Credit Zombies

By, 02/08/2008
Do higher credit card delinquency rates mean American consumers are finally dead? No—in fact, delinquency rates are still below average. But even higher rates haven't spelled doomed historicallyread more

Don’t Fear Change

By, 02/07/2008
Those fearful of a candidate from either of the two major parties ascending to the White House next year can breathe a bit easier. Democrat or Republican, historically markets have performed more
Interest Rates

Surveying Lending

By, 02/06/2008
The recent Loan Officer Survey paints a dour picture on lending, but a closer look reveals far different more
US Economy

Can We Get Some Service Here?

By, 02/05/2008
Market reaction to today's ISM service industry report is overwrought and near hysterical—not an uncommon reaction to economic news of more

Deficient Thinking

By, 02/04/2008
The common fear big budget deficits are bad for stocks is wrong. In fact—the reverse is true!read more
US Economy

More Mergers!

By, 02/01/2008
Acquisition and share buyback activity march onward amid the tumult—an indication economic and market fundamentals are much stronger than today's pervasively dour more


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