Investor Sentiment

Just Four Things

By, 01/31/2008
Ignore short-term market swings and investor fears and focus on what the market's likeliest to do going forward—only one of four possible more
Michael Hanson

You Gotta Believe

By, 01/31/2008
Human minds are built to act on beliefs and assumptions—a very dangerous thing for successful more

Still Growing

By, 01/30/2008
While some are swooning over the "worst economy in five years,” a sober analysis of preliminary US GDP figures released today shows an economy still on strong more
US Economy

Housing Humdrum

By, 01/29/2008
Though bad news from the residential housing sector continues making headlines, it won't have the long-term economic or market impact investors more
Behavioral Finance

A Question of Semantics

By, 01/28/2008
The question of "correction” vs. "bear” is really a question of more

Wag the Dog

By, 01/25/2008
Global stocks bounced around this week and fears emerged that problems in the US have finally spread to the rest of the world. But in the global economy, it's a mistake to assign too much power to any one country. read more
US Economy

Empty Calories

By, 01/24/2008
Today's announced "stimulus” package from the beltway is little more than empty calories for the economy. read more
US Economy

Debt Disbelief

By, 01/23/2008
A US bank liquidity crisis never materialized in 2007…and we've got the data to prove it!read more
Market Cycles

Fear and the Fed

By, 01/22/2008
Market action today isn't warning you to sell—rather, now is the time to remain disciplined and ride out market more
US Economy

The Circle of Life

By, 01/18/2008
Bond insurers are struggling to keep their heads above water as ratings agencies evaluate credit ratings. But new companies are entering the market and increased competition promises an improved industry over the coming more
US Economy

Inflation - It's Prices, not Price

By, 01/17/2008
Investors are worried about plenty today, but inflation shouldn't be on their short more
US Economy

America for Sale

By, 01/16/2008
Fears surrounding foreign governments' investments in US firms is unwarranted. Capital is capital—the freer it flows the more
US Economy

Nothing New

By, 01/15/2008
Stocks took a walloping today on widely expected news tied to Financials' health and mortgage-related asset more
US Economy

The Fed’s Show and Tell

By, 01/14/2008
The Fed plans on communicating more regularly with the American public, which is nice, but we believe won't ease volatility or make forecasting markets any less more
Corporate Earnings

Lenders on the Block

By, 01/11/2008
As two troubled Financials firms prepare to go on the auction block, note they are getting bought out by other Financials firms. The sector isn't as imperiled as it may more
US Economy

Market Noir

By, 01/10/2008
It's no wonder market volatility is high lately. Today's headlines reveal a lot of market misperceptions. More than ever, folks seem to be choosing an overly dour view in place of more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

Dollar Cost Averaging

By, 01/10/2008
A look at the popular method of dollar cost averaging: As we close the book on another year and start a new one, it's time to think about one of the most interesting periods of the calendar for individual investors. In the first few months of the year you may find yourself, like many investors, flush with cash. Maybe it's a year end bonus (lucky you), a tax refund (shame on you), or the harvest of capital losses (smart on you). read more
Investor Sentiment

Junk Bonds and Green Skies

By, 01/09/2008
Predictions about rising bond default rates seem too dour and highly unlikely. read more

Terza Rima

By, 01/08/2008
Today's investing environment isn't a new bear market, it's the poetry of more

January Ineffect

By, 01/07/2008
The common belief a bumpy start to January portends market trouble is statistically and fundamentally more
US Economy

Employment Drizzle

By, 01/04/2008
In light of today's dour employment news, we're rerunning a past story detailing the imperfect nature of employment more
David Eckerly
Into Perspective

Adjective Absurdity

By, 01/03/2008
When analysis is bolstered more by scary adjectives than data, it pays to see for yourself what's really going more

A Hundred Bucks a Barrel

By, 01/03/2008
Headlines are making much of oil's new milestone, but price milestones are meaningless and tell us nothing about the economy or market more

New Year, Old News

By, 01/02/2008
As markets opened for the New Year, folks dwelled on old more


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