US Economy

Still In Flight

By, 01/31/2007
Back in November, we provided a list of worries keeping overall sentiment cautious about the economy (see our past commentary "Skyscraper of Worry" for the full list).read more
Doug Regner
Repeatable History

Wealth Misconceptions

By, 01/30/2007
Wealth disparity is accelerating in the United more
Media Hype/Myths

As Sure as the Sunrise

By, 01/30/2007
Some things you just don't question in more

Multiple Expansion

By, 01/30/2007
Stocks have gone up in each of the last four more

Self Reliance

By, 01/27/2007
- Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron more
Corporate Earnings

Consistently Too Low, Again

By, 01/26/2007
We've sounded like a broken record lately: the global economy is thriving, 2007 will be another good year for stocks, and so more

The Sweetest Year

By, 01/25/2007
We like anomalies, especially anomalies that few know more
Aaron Anderson
The Global View

Growing Pains

By, 01/24/2007
2006 was quite a more
Investor Sentiment

A Balance Sheet to Die For

By, 01/23/2007
Have a look at the balance sheet more

The Age of Conglomerates

By, 01/23/2007
Conglomerates were bigger than the Beatles in the more
Behavioral Finance

Hawkish Behavior

By, 01/20/2007
Nobel prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman is at it more
Media Hype/Myths

Ben's Doomsday Prediction

By, 01/18/2007
Dominating headlines today is our bearded buddy Bernanke's Congressional testimony about the dangers of a retiring baby boomer more

Where Money Flows Like Water

By, 01/18/2007
Chinese M2 money supply growth accelerated to more
Lara Hoffmans
Inconvenient Truths

The Annual Hoff Report

By, 01/17/2007
The Hoff report is an annual forecast, not of capital markets, but impending news more
US Economy

Casual Correlations

By, 01/16/2007
We've done a very bad more

Privatizing Profits

By, 01/13/2007
Finally, some more

Energy Depletion?

By, 01/11/2007
The Energy sector has been one of the best stock performers over the last several more


By, 01/11/2007
January is a stressful month for stock more

Housing Still Isn't Haunted

By, 01/10/2007
2006 is more
KC Ellis
The Advisor's Corner

Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too: Growth and Capital Preservation

By, 01/09/2007
In my business of investment advisery service, the first question we ask a new client is "What do you want to accomplish with your assets?" The vast majority of investors will respond with some variation of "I want to make as much money as possible, but I don't want to lose anything more

The Flying Economy

By, 01/08/2007
We've written before about how investors latch on to metaphors, often erroneous ones, in order to better understand economic and market more

Too Much Scotch?

By, 01/06/2007
2007 marks the 300-year anniversary of the Treaty of Union between England and more
Emerging Markets

From Russia With Love

By, 01/05/2007
As the New Year turned, Russia again showered its love upon one of its Eastern European more
Finance Theory

Go Global

By, 01/04/2007
If you're like most investors, you probably shy away from global investing, preferring to focus on the S&P 500 and US stocks and mutual more
Lara Hoffmans
Inconvenient Truths


By, 01/03/2007
Scanning recent news articles, one cannot help but wonder if the journalistic position de rigeur is the US is a crumbling empire, and the demise can't come soon enough to satisfy The New York more

Back to Parity

By, 01/03/2007
Global equities capped off another banner year in 2006, with the MSCI World Index returning 20% in dollar more


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